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Smart Classroom Equipment. Instructions For Use. Contents. Which classrooms are Smart Classrooms ? What Equipment does a Smart Classroom Have? Getting ready to use the equipment Logging onto Thiel network drives Starting the projector Selecting the players When you’ve finished

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Smart Classroom Equipment

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Smart classroom equipment l.jpg

Smart Classroom Equipment

Instructions For Use

Contents l.jpg


  • Which classrooms are Smart Classrooms?

  • What Equipment does a Smart Classroom Have?

  • Getting ready to use the equipment

    • Logging onto Thiel network drives

  • Starting the projector

  • Selecting the players

  • When you’ve finished

  • Plugging in other devices (details)

  • FAQs and Troubleshooting

  • Recommendations for class use

The following 13 rooms are smart classrooms l.jpg

The following 13 rooms are Smart Classrooms

  • AC-04, AC-13, AC-34

  • AC-108, AC-129, AC-137

  • AC-209, AC-233

  • G-101

  • PC-100

  • S-100

  • S-200, S-210

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The equipment is basically the same in all rooms l.jpg

The Equipment is Basically the Same in All Rooms

  • A Podium with computer, monitor, DVD player, VCR, amplifier, extra jacks and cables to attach other equipment

  • A multimedia projector

  • Ceiling mounted speakers

S 100 s 200 have additional equipment l.jpg

S-100 & S-200 have Additional Equipment

  • mechanically operated projection screens

  • wireless microphones

  • S-200 also has a document camera

Pc 100 has additional equipment l.jpg

PC-100 has additional equipment

  • wireless microphone

  • a SmartBoard

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Getting ready to use the equipment l.jpg

Getting Ready to Use the Equipment ….

Before Starting the Projector

If you have media a cd videotape or dvd to play or want to connect a camcorder unlock the cabinet l.jpg

If you have media (a CD, videotape or DVD) to play or want to connect a camcorder:Unlock the Cabinet

The keys l.jpg

The Keys

Insert with the cut side of the key facing DOWN

Connect any additional equipment needed l.jpg

Connect Any Additional Equipment Needed

  • Laptop computer

  • Camcorder

  • Document camera

  • Jump drive

The power jacks computer and audio cables are here l.jpg

The Power Jacks, Computer and Audio Cables Are Here

You can connect a vcr or camcorder here l.jpg

You can connect a VCR or camcorder here

You can plug in a usb jump drive or other device here l.jpg

You can plug in a USB jump drive or other device here

The computer should be on l.jpg

The Computer Should Be on;

  • if you see the Windows logo, the computer is on…

It could be on l.jpg

It could be on..

Even though the screen may look like this

Jiggle the mouse or press the caps lock keys to check l.jpg

Jiggle the Mouse, or Press the Caps Lock Keys to Check

If the computer is turned on, the monitor should light up…

Slide17 l.jpg

or a green light will appear on the keyboard if the Caps lock or Num lock is turned on…

Slide18 l.jpg

If it has been turned off, turn it on here.

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If you want to log on to access your j drive l.jpg

If You Want to Log on to Access your “J” Drive…

  • Doubleclick on the Thiel College Network Login icon.

Log on here as usual l.jpg

Log on here as usual..

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Starting the projector l.jpg

Starting the Projector….

When the desktop screen appears double click on the projection icon l.jpg

When the Desktop Screen Appears, Double Click on the Projection Icon

In this window enter the projection log in l.jpg

In This Window, Enter the Projection Log-in

User name l.jpg

User name:

  • BLDG code in caps (no space) room #

    • Academic Center: AC AC233

    • Greenville Hall: GV GV109

    • Science Wing: SC SC200

    • Phillips Center: PC PC100

Password l.jpg


  • Small letters

  • No spaces

  • xxxxxxxx

When this screen appears click the start projection system button l.jpg

When This Screen Appears, Click the Start projection system Button

Wait while the projection lamp comes on l.jpg

WaitWhile the Projection Lamp Comes on

You will see PLEASE WAIT in the message area below the Start button

S 100 and s 200 have mechanical screens l.jpg

S-100 and S-200 Have Mechanical Screens

  • The screen should begin to descend when you log onto the projection system

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Selecting players l.jpg

Selecting Players….

When the projector is ready this selection box will appear l.jpg

When the Projector Is Ready, This Selection Box Will Appear

Click on your choice l.jpg

Click on Your Choice

The computer was chosen here l.jpg

(the computer was chosen here)

When using the computer click the box to minimize the projection window l.jpg

When Using the Computer, Click the Box to Minimize the Projection Window


Do not close it!

To show a video l.jpg

To Show a Video

Insert the media into the drive l.jpg

Insert the Media Into the Drive

DVD player


Select the player l.jpg

Select the Player

DVD Controls

VCR Controls

And use the controls l.jpg

And Use the Controls

DVD controls

VCR Controls

To adjust the volume click return l.jpg

To Adjust the Volume, Click Return

DVD controls

VCR Controls

Adjust the volume here l.jpg

Adjust the Volume Here

Then return to the player control screen l.jpg

Then Return to the Player Control Screen

You can alternate between any or all players l.jpg

You Can Alternate Between Any or All Players

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When you have finished l.jpg

When you have finished….

Slide43 l.jpg

If You Have Minimized the Projection Window, Click on the Titles in the Bottom Toolbar to Maximize Them

Click the shut down button l.jpg

Click the Shut Down Button

Or if you are in the projection control screen l.jpg

Or If You Are in the Projection Control Screen,

Click on the projector off button l.jpg

Click on the Projector Off Button

Wait while the message box says l.jpg

Wait While the Message box says


Please note l.jpg


Do not close the window or log off until the cool down period has ended! If you do, the projector will not shut down.

In s 100 and s 200 l.jpg

In S-100 and S-200

  • As the projector turns off, the mechanical screen should retract

Once system off appears you may close the projection window l.jpg

Once SYSTEM OFF Appears, You May Close the Projection Window…

Message indicating that the SYSTEM is OFF

Close this projection window l.jpg

Close This Projection Window

Slide52 l.jpg


Do not close the window or log off before the projection shut down phase has ended !

If you do l.jpg

If you do:

  • The projection lamp continues to burn…

  • Someone has to log on, restart the projection system, and shut it down!

Remove all your media l.jpg

Remove all your media

Do not turn off any podium equipment l.jpg

Do NOT turn off any podium equipment

Lock the cabinet l.jpg

Lock the Cabinet

Insert the keys with the cut side up to lock the cabinet l.jpg

Insert the keys with the cut side UPto lock the cabinet.

You may now leave the smart classroom l.jpg

You May Now Leave the Smart Classroom

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Adding other equipment l.jpg

Adding other equipment….

Laptops l.jpg


  • Make sure one end of the computer cable is plugged into the laptop jack on the podium

  • Plug the other end into the laptop

Laptops61 l.jpg


  • Connect one end of the mini audio cable to the (green) laptop jack

  • Plug the other end into the AUDIO jack on the podium

  • Connect the laptop’s power adapter to the laptop and then to the power strip

Document cameras l.jpg

Document Cameras

  • Thiel does not currently own the kind that uses the XGA computer port on top of the podium

We have one portable document camera to loan l.jpg

We Have One Portable Document Camera to loan

  • An older model, it does not have an XGA port

Slide64 l.jpg

  • You connect this document camera using RCA cables via the front audio & video input jacks

  • Change the VCR channel to line 2 if the image does not appear

Camcorders l.jpg


  • You plug them in via the Audio and Video RCA jacks on the front of the VCR

  • Change the VCR channel to Line 2 if the image does not appear

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Faq s troubleshooting l.jpg


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Slide67 l.jpg

  • Audio: volume on a DVD or videotape is not good

  • Audio: no sound

  • Audio: volume will not adjust

  • Audio: playing an audio CD

  • DVD’s: Can I play a DVD in the computer?

  • Laptop: image won’t show on the projector

  • Laptop audio: sound from my laptop isn’t going through the speakers in the classroom

  • “Please Clean Filter”

  • Power: monitor does not light up

  • Screen: has no cord

  • Smart Board

  • Emergency Response

  • Unanswered questions or training

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There is no sound i even tried adjusting the audio controls inside the cabinet l.jpg

There Is No Sound! I Even Tried Adjusting the Audio Controls (Inside the Cabinet).

  • Check the MUTE button on the face of the amp. If you see a red light, someone has muted the audio. Press the button to remove the mute command

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Can i play an audio cd without using the projector l.jpg

Can I Play an Audio CD Without Using the Projector?

  • No; you must log onto the projector to play sound through the speakers in the classroom

  • insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive of your computer

  • Wait for the automatic window to ask what you want to do or Open Windows Media Player

Slide70 l.jpg

  • Or you can use the DVD player: Insert the CD into the DVD player

  • Select DVD on the projection control panel

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How do i adjust the volume on a videotape or dvd once it is playing l.jpg

How Do I Adjust the Volume on a Videotape (or DVD) Once it is Playing?

  • Click on the Return button on the player’s control

  • Adjust the Volume

  • Click the VCR (or DVD) button to return to the player control screen

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The volume does not change when i adjust the volume control l.jpg

The Volume Does Not Change When I Adjust the Volume Control

  • If someone has tried to use the controls that are on the face of the amp, (inside the cabinet), the projection (audio) controls are disabled

  • To enable them, double click on the volume button

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How do i get sound to play from my laptop so the class or group can hear it l.jpg

How Do I Get Sound to Play From My Laptop So the Class or Group Can Hear It?

  • Plug one end of the stereo mini cable (provided) into the headphone jack on your PC and the other end into the Laptop Audio jack on the top of the cabinet

  • Adjust the volume on your PC (with the manual control and/or the multimedia panel)

  • Adjust the volume on the Projection Control Panel

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The monitor does not light up i ve jiggled the mouse l.jpg

The Monitor Does not Light up(I’ve Jiggled the Mouse)

  • Check the CPU, housed on the bottom shelf of the left side of the podium cabinet.

  • If there is no sign of power (light around power button), press the power button.

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Can i play a dvd in the computer l.jpg

Can I Play a DVD in the Computer?

  • These computers are equipped with CD-ROM drives

  • They will not play DVD’s

  • Use the DVD player housed above the CPU in the cabinet

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How do i get my laptop s image onto the projection screen l.jpg

How Do I Get My Laptop’s Image Onto the Projection Screen?

  • Be sure the computer cable is plugged in correctly

  • Be sure that Laptop is selected on the Projector Control Panel

  • Be sure you’ve selected the projector option on your laptop:

Slide77 l.jpg

  • Most laptops use the Fn button plus one of the F keys.

    (□ | )

  • You press them simultaneously, and toggle through the following settings in some order:

    • Image on laptop only

    • Image on projection screen only

    • Image on neither screen

    • Image on both screens

Slide78 l.jpg

  • On your IBM ThinkPad, hold down the “Fn” key and press

    “F7” (□ | )

  • Select one of the Presentation on Projector and ThinkPad options

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The screen in this classroom does not have a cord or handle how do i get it down l.jpg

The Screen in This Classroom Does Not Have a Cord or Handle; How Do I Get It Down?

  • On the Projection Control Panel, select Projector Control

  • On the Projector Control Screen, Select the Screen Down button

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You see a message that says please clean filter l.jpg

You See a Message That Says “Please Clean Filter”

  • A dirty filter inhibits proper cooling of the projection lamp. The projector should be serviced.

  • You may go ahead and use it for this class period, but PLEASE PHONE 2058 AND REPORT THAT IT NEEDS TOBE SERVICED immediately after class.

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What is a smart board l.jpg

What Is a Smart Board?

  • It is a solid white screen or board that works interactively with computer applications

  • It enables you to import and save information that was hand written on the board

Example l.jpg


  • You have created a story problem in Word, and the formulas have to be added

  • During class, students attempt to solve the problem, writing their solutions onto the smart board

  • You import the solutions into your computer document, using notebook software

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Your question has not been answered l.jpg

Your Question Has Not Been Answered…

Schedule an individual training session through

  • the AV Help Desk (2058)

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It s an emergency class is about to begin and it won t work l.jpg

It’s an Emergency…Class is About to Begin and it Won’t Work…

In an emergency, phone

  • the A-V help desk (2058) or

  • the IT Hotline (4000)

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Recommendations l.jpg


Where should students save their presentations l.jpg

Where Should Students Save Their Presentations?

  • If several students bring their own laptops, time will be wasted while each student connects and disconnects his laptop

Slide87 l.jpg

  • If they want to use the Smart Classroom computer to reach their “j” drives, time will be wasted while each logs on and off of the computer

  • If they’ve included many images, or some sound or video clips, their presentations will not fit on their “j” drives

Two better options l.jpg

Two Better Options

  • They have CD burners on their laptops, so have them bring their presentations on CD-ROM disks

  • If they have USB jump drives, they may insert them into the USB port on top of the podium


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The end l.jpg

The End

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