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World Class Technologies for Manufacturing. World Class Technologies for Manufacturing. Patrick J. Delaney, CFPIM, CIRM, CPM. National Manufacturing Week. Chicago McCormick Place February 23-26, 2004 Manufacturing Enterprise Automation Manufacturing Process Automation

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World class technologies for manufacturing l.jpg
World Class Technologies for Manufacturing

World Class Technologies for Manufacturing

Patrick J. Delaney, CFPIM, CIRM, CPM

National manufacturing week l.jpg
National Manufacturing Week


McCormick Place

February 23-26, 2004

  • Manufacturing Enterprise Automation

  • Manufacturing Process Automation

  • Product Design Automation

  • Facility Security & Automation

  • Data Capture and Data Tracking Automation

Computer integrated manufacturing l.jpg
Computer-Integrated Manufacturing

Rehg & Kraebber, Prentice Hall, 3rd Ed. 2004

  • Purdue University

  • 30 Engineering Schools

  • Manufacturing Technology Program

World class technologies for manufacturing6 l.jpg
World Class Technologiesfor Manufacturing

  • Electronic Commerce []

  • Internet Supply Chain Systems Suite

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling Systems

  • Integrated ERP/CRM/SRM

  • Wireless WANs [over 30 miles]

  • RFID Tracking Technology

  • Global Tracking Systems

  • Internet B2B Server Applications

  • Sales & Field Force Automation [SFA]

  • Mobile Connectivity [MC]

  • Computer Aided Design CAD/PLM

  • Computer Aided Manufacturing [CAM]

  • Manufacturing Automation Controllers

  • Device and cell controllers

Dupont innovation l.jpg
DuPont Innovation

  • Automotive Coatings Technology

  • Wet on Wet Paint Systems

    • Rust coating

    • Primer coat

    • Color coat

    • Clear coat

  • Final stage oven dry

Robotic evolution l.jpg
Robotic Evolution

  • Hydraulic in early 1980s

  • Electric/electronic today

  • Newer vision systems

  • Higher accuracy & repeatability

  • Proprietary controllers [Motorola]

  • Advanced CAD/CAM

  • Simulation

  • Greater path accuracy [0.05mm]

  • Dual robotic cells

  • Jig-less manufacturing

Betty Boop

Manufacturing software development path l.jpg
Manufacturing Software Development Path










Order Entry





Supply chain event managers scem l.jpg
Supply Chain Event Managers [SCEM]

i2 Global Logistics Monitor

  • Monitor all E-commerce transactions

  • Business rule based

  • Create action messages and flags

  • Check each event for validity and accuracy

  • Accommodates all trading partners

  • Order status, shipping, inventory, billing, etc.

Computer Associates BizWorks

Ford case l.jpg
Ford Case

Internet CAD

  • E-commerce graphics application

  • Internet transfer of engineering documents & graphics

  • Utilizing a translation software to interface with incompatible supplier applications

Daimler chrysler case l.jpg
Daimler-Chrysler Case

  • Laser based 100% inspection

  • Automatic collection of SPC data

  • Line stopping feedback

  • Machine analysis and preventive maintenance warnings

  • Bi-lingual inspection instructions

  • Automated display of ISO 9000 procedures

  • Intranet sharing of QA data across plant sites

Honda supplier l.jpg
Honda Supplier

  • Inbound items are bar-coded

  • Outbound items are bar-coded

  • WIP isn’t bar-coded

  • Warehouse isn’t bar-coded

  • Cycle counts daily

  • Physical inventory every 30 days

Old rand mcnally publishing co case l.jpg
Old Rand-McNally Publishing Co. Case

Cycle Counting Approach

  • Largest printing plant in the U. S.

  • Very large warehouses

  • F.G. Four racks high

  • Lose signatures

  • Cycle counters

    • Flashlights

    • Binoculars

    • Computer print out

Data capture devices l.jpg
Data Capture Devices

  • Hand held devices

  • Pen based devices

  • Scanner/data input devices

  • RFID tracking

  • ERP integrated

  • Windows CE - OS

  • Finger size point & scan

  • Micro-chip theft control

  • Electronic asset tracking [EAT]

  • Rackrunners

  • MicroStamp RFID Technology

Voice recognition technology l.jpg
Voice Recognition Technology

InfoWorld 100

Technology Winner 2003

  • Warehouse picking application

  • Headset communications

  • Belt clip display system

  • Two-way communications

  • Improved pick accuracy to one error in 3,000 picks

Technology assessment team l.jpg
Technology Assessment Team

  • Technology Assessment

  • Investment priorities

  • Integration issues

  • Benchmarking study

  • New employee profiles

  • Technology training

  • Payback measurements

  • University relationships

  • Technology Vision

Today s typical systems environment l.jpg
Today’s Typical Systems Environment

  • Most technologies are only partially implemented or interfaced

  • Budget constraints constantly cut back deployments

  • Acquisitions & divestments force major steps backward

  • E-commerce skill sets are weak

  • Short term needs interfere with obtaining quality deliverables

  • End to end supply chain initiatives have overwhelmed the development queue

  • Outsourcing has built more islands of automation

World class technologies assessment l.jpg
World Class Technologies Assessment







Today s purdue graduates l.jpg
Today’s Purdue Graduates

  • Database structuring and administration [Quick BASIC, C+]

  • Design techniques of Expert Systems [PC Easy & EXSYS]

  • PC based ERP

  • Distributed system design & networking

  • Hands-on PLC programming [programmable controllers]

  • Apply CAD and CAE software tools

  • Work in a $10 million CIM laboratory

    • CIM software

    • CNC workstations

    • automated materials handling with robots

    • automated data capture [RFID]

    • vision systems

Ppr hub l.jpg

Process Planning


Production System







Cost Analysis


Scheduling & Control

Factory Flow Simulation

System Integrators: Rockwell/ IBM/ Dassault/ ABB/ EDS/ MIT

National manufacturing week23 l.jpg
National Manufacturing Week

Chicago McCormick Place

February 23-26, 2004

  • What industries are using your product?

  • What new features have been added to your product since last year?

  • What are the integration features of your product?

Speaker contact data l.jpg
Speaker Contact Data

  • Patrick J. Delaney

    NWU Research Park

  • E:mail: [email protected]

  • Phone: