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OUR HOLY WEEK. 5th B PUPILS Group: Nazarenos. The main festival in our city during the spring is the Holy Week. It´s a special time in Andalucia, our towns and villages change these seven days.

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Group: Nazarenos

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The Holy Week is for us a way to be with Ghost. We make many parades and we remember the reason because the son of Lord was killed. It could seem hard, but, in fact, the best moment for Chistians is the resurrection at the end of this period of time.

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This festival is in March or April, it depends on the moon. Many people participate in these paredes called processions, they are penitents, but we use the word “nazarenos” because Christ was born in Nazaret.

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The figures of Christ and the Virgin are taken on thrones by a big group of men; these thrones are covered with plays religious music after the thrones and people, who want to thank something to Christ or Virgin or ask them for a special favour, follow them.

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Children like these processions because many of them dress up as penitents and others make big balls with the wax that falls from the candles.

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There are different ways of living Holy Week and, in fact, some people are not Christians, but they like it because they can see Art in our streets.