How to get a job
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How to get a job. The Interview Process. 7 Interview Tips. Preparation Watch Get Ready Be On Time Stay Calm Show What You Know Follow Up. Goals, mission statement and concerns of the organization Job description Skills/responsibilities required Key elements of advertisement

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How to get a job l.jpg

How to get a job

The Interview Process

How to find a job

7 interview tips l.jpg
7 Interview Tips

  • Preparation

  • Watch

  • Get Ready

  • Be On Time

  • Stay Calm

  • Show What You Know

  • Follow Up

How to find a job

Preparation l.jpg


If you are properly prepared, you will appear more CONFIDENTand COMFORTABLE during the interview.

How to find a job

Watch l.jpg

Use the following links to help you prepare for your interview:





  • Teen Interview Video


View some online VIDEO clips of interviews to ensure you’ll DAZZLE potential employers.

How to find a job

Get ready l.jpg

  • Neat interview:

  • Tidy

  • Appropriate

  • Portfolio (resume, references, other)

  • Pen

Get ready


How to find a job

Be on time l.jpg

Be on time

Get to the interview ON TIME.

How to find a job

Stay calm l.jpg

  • Find ways to calm yourself interview:

  • Use arrival time to prepare yourself mentally for the interview

  • Eye contact

  • Listen to questions, think before you speak

  • Watch your body movements (avoid fidgeting)

Stay calm

If it is to be, it is up to me.

How to find a job

Show what you know l.jpg

Show what you know

There are no WRONG answers, there are only RIGHT MATCHES for both you and the employer.

How to find a job

Follow up l.jpg


It’s not over yet!

How to find a job

Three stages l.jpg
Three stages: interview:

The Arrival

The Interview

The Finale

How to find a job

The arrival l.jpg
The Arrival interview:

  • 10-15 minutes early

  • Dressed to impress

  • Courteous to everyone

  • Use time to relax and think about the position

  • Firm handshake, eye contact, smile

  • Present a positive, confident and enthusiastic attitude

How to find a job

The interview l.jpg
The Interview interview:

  • Listen to questions carefully

  • Responses clear and concise

  • Focus on benefits YOU BRING to the position

  • Flexibility, willingness to learn and take responsibility

  • Stick to topic

  • Watch your body language

  • Ask only pertinent questions

  • Thank the interviewer by name for their time

How to find a job

The finale l.jpg
The Finale interview:

  • Follow-up with a thank you letter

  • Review questions and responses – learn from the experience

  • Personal evaluation will strengthen your chances for future success

How to find a job

Just a few more things l.jpg
Just a few more things… interview:

  • Bring to your interview:

    • Several copies of your resume

    • A copy of the job posting/advertisement

    • Company information

    • List of references/letters of reference

    • Relevant certificates/accreditations


How to find a job

Common interview questions l.jpg
Common Interview Questions interview:

How to find a job

Sample questions l.jpg
Sample Questions interview:

  • In your notes, prepare answers for the sample questions discussed in class

How to find a job

Questions to ask at an interview l.jpg
Questions to ask at an Interview interview:

  • What are some questions that you can (and should) ask during an interview?

How to find a job