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g lobalisation and tradition in Moroccan Anti-Atlas children’s toy s and play Jean-Pierre Rossie Map of Morocco. mountain village near the Atlantic Ocean. mountain village near the Atlantic Ocean. a village in an Anti-Atlas valley.

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Slide1 l.jpg
globalisation and tradition inMoroccan Anti-Atlas children’s toys and playJean-Pierre

Map of morocco l.jpg
Mapof Morocco

Mountain village near the atlantic ocean l.jpg

mountain village near the Atlantic Ocean

mountain village near the Atlantic Ocean

Local diversity and global uniformity child made or industrially made toys l.jpg

local diversity and global uniformitychild made or industrially made toys

water spraying toys


car and truck toys


Re contextualising imported toys l.jpg
re-contextualisingimported toys

  • Barbie-like dolls

  • Teddy bears

Teddy bears l.jpg
Teddy bears

In the local hospital l.jpg
in the local hospital

Wounded imported dolls saved by local toy making techniques l.jpg
wounded imported dolls saved bylocal toy-making techniques

T he tiznit masquerade from tradition to entertainment l.jpg
the Tiznitmasqueradefrom tradition toentertainment

I nfluence of tourism on toys and play l.jpg
influence of tourism on toys and play

  • summer beach tourism in

    village girls’ pretend play

  • toy gifts from visiting emigrants

Being a tourist at the atlantic coast l.jpg
being a touristat the Atlantic coast

C hanging values and attitudes in civil society as represented in play and toys l.jpg

changing values and attitudes in civil society as represented in play and toys

pretend play in relation to a home for unmarried pregnant women and handicapped children created

in Tiznit in July 2007

Toys inspired by high tech l.jpg

toys inspired by high-tech

the Internet shop as play area

the toy mobile phone

Industrially made toys in morocco an advantage or a problem l.jpg

industrially made toys in Moroccoan advantage or a problem

massive import from China

second-hand toys

quality and safety problem

Slide43 l.jpg

Maroc : pour l’Achoura

contrôle renforcé sur les jouets chinois

le ministère du Commerce et de l’Industrie

traque les défauts de conception

New publications published on cd l.jpg

new publications published on CD

Jean-Pierre Rossie 2008

collection Saharan and North African Toy and Play Cultures

Domestic life in play, games and toys, foreword G. Brougère, 438 p, 410 ill

Commented bibliography on play, games and toys, 64 p.

collection Cultures Ludiques Sahariennes et Nord-Africaines

La vie domestique dans les jeux et jouets, préface G. Brougère, 449 p, 410 ill

Bibliographie commentée des jeux et jouets, 64 p.