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Flora Dungan Humanities Building “Home of the UNLV Graduate College”

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Flora Dungan Humanities Building “Home of the UNLV Graduate College”. Fall 2010 New Graduate Student Orientation Wednesday, August 18, 2010. Master of Ceremonies Dr. Frederick Krauss Director of Graduate Outreach. The Graduate College Main office Room 352.

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Presentation Transcript

Flora Dungan Humanities Building

“Home of the UNLV Graduate College”

Fall 2010

New Graduate

Student Orientation

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Master of Ceremonies

Dr. Frederick Krauss

Director of Graduate Outreach


The Graduate College

Main office

Room 352

Welcome to the Graduate College

Mr. Antonio Gutierrez

2010 – 2011 Graduate & Professional

Student Association Vice Chair

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Educational Psychology

Dr. Michelle Chino

2010 – 2011 Graduate Council Chair

Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator

Department of Environmental & Occupational Health School of Community Health Sciences


Inventing the Future…

Creating the Opportunity

Dr. Ron Smith

Vice President for Research & Graduate Dean

the purpose of graduate education
The Purpose of Graduate Education

To ensure the vitality of intellectual discovery

and promote an environment

that cultivates rigorous scholarship

Debra Stewart, President

Council of Graduate Schools


New Initiatives, New Momentum

  • UNLV is a place of opportunity
  • For students, we’ve seized opportunities to create innovative degree programs and options that will lead to good careers
  • For our faculty, we’re creating exciting opportunities to advance new knowledge in:
      • Hard Infrastructure: Transportation, Water, Energy, Land Use
      • Human Capital: Health, Education, Immigration, Social Systems
      • Entrepreneurship: Business, Hotel, Engineering, Fine Arts
  • And through the students we graduate and the research we conduct, we are providing this community and state with opportunities for economic development
unlv graduate programs
UNLV Graduate Programs

Centers of the Highest Learning

Based upon Research, Scholarly Activities: Learning, Foundations, Creating New Knowledge

Applications that Have an Impact


Introduction & Welcome

to the Graduate College

Dr. Kate Korgan

Senior Associate Dean, Graduate College

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology


The Graduate College Staff

Ron Smith, Ph.D., Vice President for Research & Graduate Dean

Kate Korgan, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean

Harriet E. Barlow, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Retention & Professional Development

Cynthia Chavez, Administrative Assistant IV

Robin Toles, Executive Director for Business


Graduate Student Financial Services

Eric Lee, Director

Shelbie Toyama, Administrative Assistant I

Graduate Outreach

Frederick Krauss, Ph.D., Director

Graduate & Professional Student Association

Carin Wallace, Business Manager


Graduate College Admission & Records

      • Rob Sheinkopf, Director
      • Cathy Dyer, Associate Director, Graduate Admissions
      • Dee-dee Severin, Associate Director, Graduate Admissions
      • Kara Takekawa, Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions & Data Coordinator
      • Elizabeth Gil, Admissions & Records Evaluator
      • Hoku Correa, Admissions & Records Evaluator
      • Carlena Pablo, Admissions & Records Evaluator
      • Karen Maldonado, Administrative Assistant III
graduate college goals initiatives
Graduate College: Goals & Initiatives

Support and promote UNLV\'s unique blend of graduate programs; work with graduate faculty to achieve our missions

Provide services that facilitate graduate study and enhance student scholarship

Foster a service-oriented climate that supports and empowers graduate students and their professional development

Enact the UNLV 50-100 Strategic Plan

graduate college goals initiatives13
Graduate College: Goals & Initiatives

Increase graduate student support through enhanced assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, and strategic use of funds

Improve demographic diversity in graduate programs

Transition to all-electronic, paperless processes to better support graduate programs and students

graduate college goals initiatives14

Go Paperless: implement electronic initiatives

Hobsons AY admissions portal

RIMS document scanning & storage

E-catalog for 2009-2011

Electronic submission of theses & dissertations

iNtegrate Project: SIS to PeopleSoft transition

Graduation applications

Next: GA processes & forms

Graduate College: Goals & Initiatives

Graduate Studies Fast Facts

  • More than 28,000 total UNLV students
  • Approx. 6,000 graduate and professional students
  • 130 graduate degree programs
  • 37 doctoral programs (Ph.D., Ed.D., D.M.A.)
  • 4 professional doctorates (J.D., D.M.D., D.P.T, D.N.P)
  • 1,000+ graduate assistants and approximately $11 million in GA funding
did you know that
Did You Know That. . .
  • You are part of both the UNLV Graduate College and your department’s graduate program?
  • You matriculate through your academic degree program per guidelines established in your graduate program handbook and the Graduate Catalog?
  • You are subject to the rights, rules, responsibilities, and guidelines outlined in the Graduate Catalog?
student success
Student Success
  • Learn about your department, the faculty, the staff, your fellow students, the department culture
  • Be proactive in making your program decisions
  • Learn about the policies and procedures of your program and the Graduate College
  • Build your resume: explore funding opportunities, grants, and research/teaching opportunities
  • Be proactive with professors about opportunities to publish papers and present at conferences
  • Probably your most important decision is selecting your major faculty advisor (a.k.a your committee chair)
roles of the faculty advisor
Roles of the Faculty Advisor

Your major source for intellectual advancement

Your sponsor who facilitates your degree completion & advancement into the profession

Your role model & mentor

In scholarship, academics & the profession

Negotiating the challenges and supporting your path

a good faculty student relationship
A Good Faculty-Student Relationship

Both people delight in learning from each other

Both are dedicated to the student’s success & professional success

Both are communicative, respectful, understanding, cooperative, and personable

Clear expectations are vital

what could possibly go wrong
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

You choose the wrong graduate program or program specialization: Changeable!

You chose the wrong faculty advisor or committee members: Committee change form

You run out of funding: Other sources of funding

You have conflicts among school, home life, and outside work: Seek mentorship and prioritize

Your courses are too easy or too difficult: Seek advising and take the reigns

what else could go wrong
What Else Could Go Wrong?

If you are a teaching or research assistant, you feel inadequately prepared and supervised to do the task: Discuss with your faculty/mentor; rely on successful student colleagues

You cannot find the right thesis or dissertation topic: Do not sit alone in the dark…rely on your committee and on the state of your field

You do not pass your comprehensive exams, you need a leave of absence, you are not progressing quickly enough: Talk to your advisor/mentor, your graduate coordinator and chair; take advantage of policies that support you

Serious conflicts or waivers of policies: Use the appeal process and be assured you will receive due process

funding ources
Funding $ources

Scholarships (Alumni, Adams, Summer, McNair)

Fellowships (President’s, Barrick)

State Funded Graduate Assistantships

Extramural Grants and Contracts

Emergency Loans (GAs only)

graduate college publications
Graduate College Publications

Graduate College Catalog: 2009-2011

New catalog every two years

Department guidelines apply for your entering year

UNLV Graduate College website materials

Guide to Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation

Your graduate program will likely have a handbook, too

professional ethics practices cultivating an ethos of professionalism
Professional Ethics & Practices:Cultivating An Ethos of Professionalism

Comport yourself professionally; you are the professional you aspire to become

Higher expectations; also greater respect and rewards

Academic integrity: Err on the side of caution

Academic dishonesty: ethics & responsibility

Plagiarism: attribution

Research integrity: Institutional Review Board

your rights responsibilities
Your Rights & Responsibilities

Codes of Conduct and Professional Standards

Nevada System of Higher Education & UNLV

Discipline-specific accrediting bodies and professional organizations

UNLV Office of Student Conduct

NSHE/UNLV Student Conduct Code

UNLV Graduate College Academic Policies

Graduate Catalog

UNLV Department/Graduate Program Handbooks

Varies by discipline and program; ask in home department

the graduate student experience
The Graduate Student Experience
  • Keep an open mind. In the inimitable words of Dorothy Parker:
    • “You can\'t teach an old dogma new tricks.”
  • You are investing in your professional self and professional life experiences from today forward; this is your career – enjoy! If you do what you love and do it with energy and commitment and to the best of your ability, you will succeed.

What Every Graduate Student

Needs to Know

  • Rob Sheinkopf
  • Director of Graduate Admissions & Records
        • Nevada Residency
        • Meeting Degree Requirements
        • Graduate Student Timeline & Forms

Nevada Residency for Tuition Purposes

  • The Board of Regents establishes Nevada residency regulations for tuition purposes
  • Non-Nevada residents are assessed out-of-state tuition
  • Students who received reduced tuition benefits via the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program will be assessed out-of-state tuition upon admission to the Graduate College
  • Residency Application deadline: Applications and supporting documents accepted through 1st day of classes

Applying for Nevada Residency

  • Must apply for residency – application is available online at UNLV website
  • Thirteen categories to choose from…
  • Some examples: Nevada high school graduate, student who has established residency at another NSHE institution, public or private school teacher under contract, NSHE employee, member of U.S. armed forces…
  • Student who has lived in Nevada for the past 12 consecutive months
meeting degree requirements
Meeting Degree Requirements
  • Each graduate program has a designated Admissions Evaluator
    • Their role is to assist you with Graduate College requirements as you progress through your degree program
  • You are assigned an Academic Advisor in your program of study
    • Their role is to assist you with specific requirements for your degree program (i.e., course selection, research direction)
graduate timeline forms
Graduate Timeline & Forms
  • Select your committee and develop a degree program:
    • Appointment of Advisory Committee form (if required for your program) – online
    • Proposed Degree Program Part I form (for all graduate students) – online
    • Part II of Proposed Degree Program – obtain from your academic department

Graduate Timeline & Forms

  • Plan for the culminating experiences:


    • Advancement to Doctoral Candidacy
    • Prospectus Approval
    • Final Exam Results
    • Oral Defense

Prepare for graduation:

You must apply for graduation!

Format your thesis or dissertation appropriately

Meet with Dr. Barlow

Graduate Timeline & Forms


What Every Graduate Student

Needs to Know

  • Dr. Harriet E. Barlow
  • Associate Dean for Retention & Professional Development
            • Thesis & Dissertation Format
            • Professional Development Opportunities
theses dissertations graduate college formatting requirements
Theses & DissertationsGraduate College Formatting Requirements
  • Thesis or dissertation preparation:
    • Thesis and Dissertation Format Seminar
    • Guide to Submitting a Thesis or Dissertation
    • Get initial format check
    • Submit draft to committee
    • Submit final document to committee
    • Defend
    • Submit results and final copies to Graduate College

Professional Development Opportunities

  • The Professional Development Program provides:
  • A formal, value-added experience
  • Academic & career preparation enhancement
  • Centralized information
  • Access to resources
  • Academic and professional development opportunities
  • Collaborative programming with campus units to ensure that an array of opportunities are available to graduate students

Professional Development & Training Opportunities

  • The IRB Information Exchange Series: Human Research Policy & Procedures
  • CITI Online Tutorial for the Protection of Human Subjects
  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS): workshops and presentations to help you cope
  • UNLV Career Services: assistance in reaching career goals
  • University Libraries: Workshops, research seminars, and tours
  • The Writing Center: Workshops, classes and online assistance (OWL) essays, writing styles, statements of purpose, etc.

Graduate Assistant Teaching Workshop

Sponsored by Distance Education & the Graduate College

Panel Discussion:

Friday, September 10, 2010 @ 1P

Student Union Theater

Preregistration for Panel Discussion is Required

Email [email protected]

WebCampus Modules:

Throughout Fall Semester


Your Health Insurance

Ms. Ellen Bolt

UNLV Student Health Center

**New web address:


Graduate Assistant Guidelines & Procedures

Mr. Eric Lee, Director

Graduate Student Financial Services

  • Student Health Insurance
  • Graduate Assistantship Information
  • Graduate Assistant Employment Guidelines
  • Other Graduate Assistant Benefits

Student Health Insurance

  • Health insurance coverage is optional, not mandatory
  • Insurance premium is $1,469.00 for 2010-2011
  • Health insurance coverage is effective 08/16/10 through 08/16/11
  • State-funded Graduate Assistant: $1,000.00 toward your insurance is paid by the Graduate College, BUT it is taxed as compensation by the federal government
graduate assistantships
Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantship positions are available on a competitive basis to students admitted to any graduate degree program

The nine-month stipend is a minimum of $10,000 for master\'s level assistantships and $12,000 for doctoral level assistantships plus a tuition waiver.

In addition, graduate assistants have the option of student health insurance, which is a $1,000.00 value.


Summer Waiver: The state covers a portion of graduate level credits (1-12 credits) if courses are taken during the summer immediately prior to or immediately following your GA contract

Textbooks: A copy of your graduate assistantship contract gives you 10% off your textbooks at the UNLV bookstore

Athletic Tickets: A copy of your graduate assistantship contract gives you free tickets to student athletic events at the UNLV box office

Graduate assistants are expected to spend 20 hours per week on departmental duties such as instruction and/or research.


Applications and all supporting materials must be sent to the department to which you are applying no later thanMarch 1 preceding the fall semester in which an assistantship is sought. Applications may be accepted after this date only in the event of an unexpected opening for the fall semester.

In rare cases in which an assistantship is available for the spring semester, the application deadline is November 1.

how can i be notified of available graduate assistant positions
How Can I Be Notified of Available Graduate Assistant Positions?

Notifications of available positions are sent to admitted UNLV students’ Rebelmail email accounts through the GRADLINK list server:

Available positions are also listed on the Student Employment webpage:


GA Employment Guidelines & Procedures

Your Contract

  • Remember! Sign your contract before you start work
  • Employment dates:
  • Academic Year: 08/16/10 – 05/14/11
  • Fall Semester Only: 08/16/10 – 12/11/10
  • With permission, you may work 10 additional hours unless you are on a F-1 or J-1 visa
  • Confirm your work schedule around holidays
  • Contact our office if you make any changes to your class schedule
important guidelines
Important Guidelines

Graduate assistants should be familiar with the provisions of the current Graduate Catalog and departmental requirements.

Satisfactory Performance: Graduate assistants may be terminated if you do not satisfactorily perform your assigned work duties and/or do not make satisfactory progress toward your degree. This may result in the loss of your tuition waiver as well.

Unsatisfactory progress includes, but is not limited to:

not filing a degree program on time

receiving a D or F

an overall GPA below 3.00

obtaining an Incomplete grade that is not removed within one calendar year

and failing department qualifying and comprehensive examinations.

important guidelines48
Important Guidelines

Graduate assistants must enroll in and maintain a minimum of 6 semester hours of graduate credit per semester

Students requiring an F-1 or J-1 Visa must request an on-campus work permit letter each semester from the office of International Students and Scholars. Failure to do so can result in the delay of your tuition waiver being processed and the cancellation of your contract.



  • Checks are paid on the last working day of the month
  • Checks are issued at the end of September through the end of May
  • Direct Deposit
  • Your paycheck can be deposited into a checking or savings account at any U.S. financial institution
  • Please contact the Payroll office (895-3825, Campus Services Bldg., Room 245) for more information
  • Submit authorization to Payroll by the 14th of the month to receive your paycheck by direct deposit

Graduate Assistant Loan Program

  • Receive up to $500.00 to help cover expenses
  • Payments deducted from your paycheck
  • Must be repaid by the end of the semester
  • Graduate assistants are eligible to take out a loan in the Fall and Spring semesters
other funding sources
Other Funding Sources

The President’s Graduate Fellowships

The Barrick Graduate Fellowships

The Alumni Association Scholarships

James F. Adams/GPSA Scholarships

Summer Session Scholarships

McNair Post-Baccalaureate Scholarships

graduate access scholarships
Graduate Access Scholarships

UNLV Graduate Access Childcare Scholarship

Admitted and enrolled graduate students in good standing are eligible for these competitive awards if they have:

submitted their FAFSA forms (Free Application for Federal Student Aid: by the appropriate deadline for the upcoming semester

have a demonstrated financial need (based on Student Financial Services standard assessment mechanisms), and

have a minimum 3.00 GPA


UNLV Lists You Are On

  • The Library: for special borrowing privileges
  • Student Health Center: for insurance purposes
  • Financial Aid: for financial aid programs