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My Bucket List

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My Bucket List. By: Sara Ann Robinson. Island of the Dolls. It is said that a girl was found drowned in mysterious circumstances many years ago on this island and that the dolls are possessed by her spirit.

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my bucket list

My Bucket List

By: Sara Ann Robinson

island of the dolls
Island of the Dolls
  • It is said that a girl was found drowned in mysterious circumstances many years ago on this island and that the dolls are possessed by her spirit.
  • Local legend says that the dolls moved their heads and arms and even opened their eyes.
  • Some witnesses claim that they heard the dolls whispering to each other, while others who were on a boat near the island said that the dolls lured them to come down to the island.
  • It is dedicated to the loss of a poor girl who met her fate too soon under strange circumstances.
island of the dolls1
Island of the Dolls
  • The Island of the Dolls was first founded 50 years ago, which is when the dolls were first hung on trees.
  • Don Julian Santana Barrera, the caretaker of the island, drowned in the same place that the other mysterious girl did.
paris france
Paris, France
  • The history of Paris can be traced back to a Gallic tribe known as the Parisii.
  • Paris further developed into a center of art, medicine, science, fashion, tourism, high culture and finance, becoming one of the world’s most influential global cities.
  • Paris is the capital of France.
  • The main reason why people travel to Paris is to see the Eiffel Tower.
the aokigahara suicide forest
The Aokigahara Suicide Forest
  • Each year the authorities remove over 100 bodies which are found hanging at the country’s suicide hotspot, but others can lie there undiscovered for several years.
  • The Suicide Forest is in Japan.
  • If you ever visit Suicide Forest, you may find clothing, shoes, skeletons, empty pill bottles, or diaries laying all over the ground.
  • Japan has more than 30,00o suicides per year, one of the highest rates among the industrialized nations.
tuol sleng genocide museum
Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
  • The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum was once a high school but was taken over and turned into a prison.
  • This place soon turned into one of the largest center of detention and torture in Cambodia.
  • People that were tortured were always photographed, before and sometimes after being tortured.
athens lunatic asylum
Athens Lunatic Asylum
  • The Athens Lunatic Asylum was founded in 1868 in Ohio.
  • The Ridges, formally called the Athens Lunatic Asylum, was a mental hospital operated in Athens, Ohio from 1874 until 1993.
  • This is Ohio’s most creepiest and insane asylum, which has a permanent “corpse” stain.