the caddo indian tribe
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The Caddo Indian Tribe

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The Caddo Indian Tribe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Caddo Indian Tribe. By Mahdir Muftee Rahman. Housing. Name - It was called a Cone shaped Hut. Materials-it was made of leather straps, poles, mud and grass. Was it moveable? Yes it was moveable. . Natural Resources.

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the caddo indian tribe
The Caddo Indian Tribe
  • By Mahdir Muftee Rahman


Name - It was called a Cone shaped Hut.

Materials-it was made of leather straps, poles, mud

and grass.

Was it moveable? Yes it was moveable.

natural resources
Natural Resources
  • These are the natural resources are meat, water, wood, bamboo, sharp sticks, fruits, etcetera. for food, slick stones, grass, and mud. They needed clothes made out of breechcloths.
tools weapons
They made hoes out of wood and buffalo shoulders. There were travois\' made out of saplings, which were young trees. A travois is a v-shaped sled that were used carry supplies pulled by animals. Here are the other tools, a bowl made out of clay, a gourd ladle, horn spoon, mortar, and pestle used for grinding corn.

They used trotlines to fish. They used animal traps to trap animals made out of bamboo canes. They used bows and arrows.

Tools Weapons
physical appearance
Physical Appearance
  • Caddo means “ pierced nose “. The Caddo’s appearances were very strange. They wore circles and stripes on their bodies and faces as tattoos, wore bright colors, shells, bones, animal teeth, seeds, and feathers as ornaments. Caddomen put ornaments on their noses. For clothing, wore oiled braids ( knots of rabbit and snake skin dyed red. Sleeveless buck skin (deerskin) for blouses and skirts and trimmed meta trinkets. Garments, white seeds, and breechcloths for men. Caddo Indians had shot hair and pointed heads.
strange custom
Strange Custom
  • Caddo men were weeping, and wailing when greeting strange visitors. Guests were welcomed of ceremonies, gifts, and food.
what happened are there any left
What Happened?Are There Any Left?
  • Caddo Indians died from disease and were killed from land wars. No. They are no more Caddo Indians left. But their cultures survived.
where in texas
Where in Texas?
  • Caddo Indians were moved to Oklahoma Indian terroritory. In 1859,Caddo named Caddo, Ok. But they originally lived in northern Texas.