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The Research Center for Public Economics & Management (CPEM) Ling lan

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The Research Center for Public Economics & Management (CPEM) Ling lan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Declaration of Establishment. The Research Center for Public Economics & Management (CPEM) Ling lan. It is my great honor to announce the formal establishment of the Research Center on Public Economics and Management ( CPEM)at Tianjin University of Finance & Economics(TJUFE). Mission

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Declaration of Establishment

The Research Center for Public Economics & Management (CPEM)

Ling lan


It is my great honor to announce the formal establishment of the Research Center on Public Economics and Management(CPEM)at Tianjin University of Finance & Economics(TJUFE).



The Research Center for Public Economics and Management aims to promote high quality research and education on Public Economics and Finance, Public Administration and Management at Tianjin university of Finance and Economics (TJUFE), wielding qualitative and quantitative approaches to stimulate critical thinking about problem solving, decision making as well as government innovations in China.



China’s economic reforms over the past two decades have brought unprecedented growth. the development of a vibrant private sector and significant reform of the state-owned enterprise. Now private businesses comprise 57% of GDP, and productivity in the state-owned sector has improved significantly,and public finance and governmental institution reform also made great progress.


Meanwhile, Chinese government put forward some important strategies for economic and social development in 2004,among which two core concepts are of great significance:

  • The Idea of Scientific Development (科学发展观),and
  • Building Harmonious Society (建设和谐社会).

These two concepts are proposed on the basis of distillation of development experience and lessons both at home and abroad. These two concepts are further linked to the nations of social welfare, more equal income distribution, and the rule of law, and together will lead China toward a harmonious prosperous and civilized society.


However, a number of difficulties still threaten to undermine china’s future development.

  • increasing inequality within different regions and people in different classes;
  • insufficient public services in education, medical care and retirement for senior citizens;
  • lack a social security network, especially in rural areas ;
  • the problem of unemployment in urban regions.
  • signs of inefficiency,ineffectiveness and even corruption in public sector.

Economic growth alone will not solve all these problems, improving governance is crucial and reform is no longer an option but a necessity. If China’s development is to be sustainable, the government needs to undertake a comprehensive program of far-reaching institutional reforms to define the role of the state, improve management of public spending, and make public action more efficient and effective.



Improving the research on Chinese public sector’s performance is an urgent task for us to undertake.

  • The CPEM is about to provide a forum for sharing ideas, concepts, training materials on relative disciplines;
  • Invite top-level public management experts from IPMN and APGI to teach ,to speech and to organize series seminar, workshop and conference at TJUFE;
  • Promote rewarding intellectual exchanges and knowledge sharing and thereby raise TJUFE’s teaching and research level.

Scope of Research

  • Public sector’s reform in China, especially institutional development and capacity building ;
  • Public expenditure management and innovations in governance;
  • Fiscal transparency, ask how generic principles (e.g. principles of fiscal transparency) can be applied in China;
  • Tax system reform and public goods and services supply in China’s central and local levels;
  • Building social security network in china, especially in rural areas;

Drawing experiences and case studies from other countries transitional economies and advanced countries in Asian-Pacific regions) to strengthen China’s public management


Carrying through these activities and researches will be a great challenge to my personal capacity.

  • I will rely on the strength of teamwork, to absorb every student and faculty’s knowledge and wisdom.
  • I will humbly and cordially serve your research needs and works. let us study together, work together, to obtain fruitful results .