Health care inventors
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Health Care Inventors. Mallory Langford,. Ambroise Pare. French surgeon. Born in 1510. Died on Dec. 20, 1590

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Health Care Inventors

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Health care inventors

Health Care Inventors

Mallory Langford,

Ambroise pare

Ambroise Pare

French surgeon

  • Born in 1510. Died on Dec. 20, 1590

  • He discovered that the traditional methods of surgeons could be improved by gentler treatments in 1537. He also disproved mythological treatments. He wrote several books. One was on anatomy. He also helped to make amputations successful.

  • He discovered this when he served as a doctor in the army and ran out of the boiling oil that was typically used to detoxified gunshot wounds. Instead he used a soothing balm and bandage. The next day he found the patients with this treatment were resting peacefully, opposed to his other feverish patients in significant pain.

Health care inventors

  • The purpose of his discovery was to limit his patient's pain and to fix the older methods that weren't as effective.

  • Pare's discovery that pain could be diminished, completely changed the way surgeries were done. We learned that harsh methods weren't always good for the patient.

Ignaz semmelweiss

Ignaz Semmelweiss

  • born on July 1, 1818

  • died on August 13, 1865

  • around 1847-discovered that the occurence of diseases could be reduced by disinfecting your hands before and after each patient.

  • The purpose was to reduce and prevent diseases and illness from being spread.

  • We have learned that it vital to disinfect your hands before and after all appointments contamination or diseases

Ignaz semmelweiss1

Ignaz Semmelweiss

  • tried to get the Vienna General Hospital to wash hands with bleaching powder

  • immediately reduced chances of sickness ranging from about 1-10%.

  • His practice was only accepted years after his death, when Louis Pasteur confirmed the germ theory and Joseph Lister successfully practised and operated using hygenic methods.

Health care inventors

Robert Koch

Who is he?

• Robert Koch born on December 11 1843 – 27

May 1910 died from a heart attack

• His real name is Heinrich Hermann Robert


• He was a German physician.

Health care inventors

He also developed the culture plate method to identify pathogens

Karl landsteiner

Karl Landsteiner

Born: June 14, 1868. Died: June 26, 1943

He discovered three of the four basic blood types( a,b,ab, and o) in the late nineteenth century. He also discovered, in 1901, that if you mixed the wrong blood types together, you die, which in his time was done often before his discover.

He discovered both of these by experimenting with blood samples from the college hospital he went to in Vienna.

Karl landsteiner1

Karl Landsteiner

The purpose of the discovery was so that blood transfusions could be done safely, because in his time, it was considered very dangerous to do blood transfusions. It was only done as a last resort.

This discovery was very beneficial to society because every two seconds, in America alone, someone needs a blood transfusion. He made it a safe, and practical choice.

Karl landsteiner2

Karl Landsteiner

We have learned from this discovery that blood transfusions are safe and that they should not be done as a "last resort" as it was commonly thought of in his time.

Health care inventors

Compare & Contrast

  • All of the inventors/discoverers are European.

  • Ignaz and Robert both made discoveries concerning bacteria.

  • Karl and Ambroise have no similarity ,besides the fact that they were both in the field of medicine and both male.

  • Ambroise wrote an autobiography( and many other books), Karl did not.

  • Semmelweiss, who stopped diseases from spreading through contamination, and Pare, who saved patients from more painful procedures both made things better for the patients.

  • Ignaz and Robert difference was that Robert had found different pathogens which cause a disease and Ignaz had talked about how to make people more hygenic.



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