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Darwin evolution
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Darwin & Evolution. Do Now #1. Shark washes ashore in RI http://www.cnn.com/video/?hpt =hp_t2#/video/us/2013/04/30/dnt-ri-28-foot-shark-washes- ashore.wfsb. Do Now #2. What’s so cool about his picture? How does this relate to genetics? More common to be found in the Amish Why?. Do Now.

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Darwin & Evolution

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Darwin evolution

Darwin & Evolution

Do now 1

Do Now #1

Shark washes ashore in RI


Do now 2

Do Now #2

  • What’s so cool about his picture? How does this relate to genetics?

    • More common to be found in the Amish

    • Why?

Do now

Do Now

  • 6 fingers becomes more and more common within the Amish community

    • Why?

  • Founder’s Effect

    • Loss of genetic variation



Please turn in your “Create-a-Species” assignments and all other missing work

Charles darwin

Charles Darwin

  • Born February 12, 1809

    • For you US History buffs, who shares his birthday (to the exact day/year)?

Charles darwin1

Charles Darwin

  • Born February 12, 1809

    • For you US History buffs, who shares his birthday (to the exact year)?

  • Geologists and Biologists were developing thoughts that Earth and life was changing

  • The change over time is known as evolution

Darwin s journey

Darwin’s Journey

  • 1831 – Darwin was invited on a “Round the World” Journey on the HMS Beagle

    • Would use it to collect plants and animals

  • Obviously, he encountered thousands of different species



  • Darwin’s scientific breakthrough occurred on the Galapagos Islands

  • Each Island had finches

    • Each a little more different than the rest of the islands

Biological diversity

Biological Diversity

  • Determined the theory of Biological Diversity

  • Species vary globally

    • Similar animals inhabited different, but similar habitats around the world

  • Species vary locally

    • Different but related animals occupy different habitats of the same area

  • Species vary over time

    • Extinct fossils closely resembled living creature

Biological diversity1

Biological Diversity

  • Biotic Factors?

    • Living things

  • Abiotic factors?

    • Non-living things

  • How do these affect evolution?

Shaping darwin s thoughts

Shaping Darwin’s Thoughts

How did the theories of others shape what Darwin ultimately became famous for?

Shaping darwin s thoughts1

Shaping Darwin’s Thoughts

In the 1800s, most Europeans thought Earth was only a few thousand years old

Geologists began to provide evidence that proved otherwise

Charles Lyell and James Hutton concluded that the Earth is very old and is continually changing

Hutton realized that formations such as rock layers, volcanoes and hardened molten lava show our earth is always changing

Darwin wasn t the first

Darwin wasn’t the first?

  • Jean-Baptiste Lamarch suggested organisms could change by using/not using body parts

    • Could pass acquired traits to offspring

  • Suggested animals want to become perfect, thus adapting to environment

  • Thought that animals could adapt their size or shape based on how they used their bodies

Holes in lamarck s theories

Holes in Lamarck’s Theories

No drive during a species life to become “perfect”

Evolution does not mean the species become “better”

Acquired traits can NOT be passed to their offspring

Blank piece of paper

Blank Piece of Paper!

  • In your notes, please write a paragraph about:

    • How did Lamarck influence Darwin’s thinking?

Lamarck v darwin

Lamarck v. Darwin

  • How did Lamarck influence Darwin’s thinking?

    • EX: Helped influence Darwin with his ideas that natural processes can explain evolution and that species are influenced by the environment

Thomas malthus

Thomas Malthus

  • Overcrowding

    • Unchecked, wouldn’t be enough resources

    • War, famine, disease counter overcrowding

  • How did it affect Darwin?

    • Realized that not all offspring mature

    • Why isn’t our world overrun with oysters or Maple trees?

    • Wondered why some individuals survived and others did not?



  • Read 16.3

  • Define:

    • Struggle for Existence

    • Adaptation

    • Fitness

    • Survival of the fittest

    • Natural Selection

    • Decent with Modification

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