9 plunger hacks for your clogged drain
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9 Plunger Tips for Your Clogged Drain

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9 Plunger Tips for Your Clogged Drain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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http://www.RupcoePlumbing.com/ - Faced with a drain clog and all you have is a plunger? Before you start, make sure to read this quick document with 9 easy tips on how to use your trusty plumbing tool. Visit: http://www.rupcoeplumbing.com

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Blocked drain? It happens more often that you think, but you don’t have to turn to a plumber right away.
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here is how you can unclog a blocked sink with a plunger without unnecessary call out fees
Here is how you can unclog a blocked sink with a plunger, without unnecessary call out fees!
  • www.RupcoePlumbing.com

Have the right tools for the job. Not all plungers and plumbing equipment are the same.

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There are two basic types of plungers available on the market; one is a cup plunger and the other a flange plunger.

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The most common of these two is the classic cup type, or as we know it as, a sink plunger. You’ll need this plunger for sink clogs, but make sure that it is in a good condition first.

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Don’t Plunge with Chemicals! If you have already poured any kind of chemical down the drain, you should not try plunging it afterward.

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The plunging action will create a dangerous splatter of these chemicals onto your clothes and skin. It can also generate toxic fumes that are harmful to your health.

Besides, using chemicals should be avoided because it can corrode your pipes as well!

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Drain excess water.

  • It may be difficult to do because the drain is blocked, but if you have too much water in the sink while you’re plunging, it’s going to make a huge mess.
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Seal it up tight!

  • It’s a common mistake to leave too much air in the plunger. So if the plunger cup is full of air, it compresses every time you press down and act like a shock absorber.
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This will defeat the point entirely. That is why you need to keep some water to fill the plunger cup. Use petroleum jelly to the rim of the plunger as well to really make sure that you create the perfect suction.

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These are just a few small things that you can do to make sure that you make the most of your sink plunging attempts. If you find that it isn’t working, call in an expert and avoid the use of chemicals because these can can burn skin, clothing and pipes!

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Call a licensed plumber in South Plainfield, New Jersey like Rupcoe Plumbing and Heating! They have expert drain cleaning contractors who are available 24/7 to help you! Give them a call to request your estimate or schedule a service at 800-760-7199 today.