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Fire Sprinkler Earthquake Protection – Sway Bracing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fire Sprinkler Earthquake Protection – Sway Bracing. Abstract. Earthquake sway bracing for fire sprinklers will become normative in the EN12845 Annex Building structures are protected against earthquakes and so should the life safety system of fire sprinklers. Abstract.

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  • Earthquake sway bracing for fire sprinklers will become normative in the EN12845 Annex

  • Building structures are protected against earthquakes and so should the life safety system of fire sprinklers


  • Fire sprinkler protection provided thru:

    • Joint flexibility

    • Proper clearances

    • Sway Bracing

  • Sway bracing consists of:

    • Lateral

    • Longitudinal

    • 4Way


  • Brace design is based on the amount of sprinkler pipe weight within a zone of influence (ZOI) for a given horizontal seismic load (“g” force)

    • Requires calculations and submittals to AHJ’s showing brace meets design loads


  • Brace assembly strength is limited to the load capacity of the weakest component

    • Requires 3rd party load testing & certification

Today s presentation
Today’s Presentation

  • Importance of bracing fire sprinklers

  • Brace assembly components

  • General rules for brace placement

Importance of Bracing

Fire Sprinklers

FM Global - Understanding the Hazard

“Lack of Earthquake Bracing on Sprinkler System”

10 year period fm global
10 Year Period (FM Global)

  • 561 earthquakes worldwide

  • $315 million (USD) in damages facilities

  • $560,000 (USD) average loss

  • 50% of average loss is due to sprinkler system failure

How damage occurs
How Damage Occurs

  • Building movement is different than the fire sprinkler pipe

  • Unbraced fire sprinklers damage may occur by:

    • Hitting walls, suspended ceilings or other building systems

    • Fittings break due to twisting

    • Couplings can separate or leak during excessive bending, rotation or movement

Additional concerns
Additional Concerns

  • Protecting against loss from fire or water leakage is a critical towards recovery from an earthquake

  • Time for water leak discharge to fill a 14 ft x 14 ft (4.3m x 4.3m) room to depth of 1 foot (30cm) based on 50 psi (3.4 bar):

Ways to avoid sprinkler damage
Ways to Avoid Sprinkler Damage

  • Bracing

  • Flexibility

  • Clearance

  • Other Considerations

    • Brace suspended ceilings

    • Weak brace and/or hanger attachments

    • Anchoring of equipment, tanks & racks

Costs to brace
Costs to Brace

  • 3 – 4% if installed with the sprinkler system

  • Retrofit costs vary widely from an estimated $100 - $500 USD per brace location

Importance of sprinkler bracing summary
Importance of Sprinkler Bracing - Summary

  • Critical after earthquake protection against:

    • Water leaks

    • Fires

  • Decreases loss of:

    • Property

    • Function / use of facilities

  • Increases life safety

Sway brace components
Sway Brace Components

Structure Attachment


Brace Clamp

Structural attachments
Structural Attachments

CSBUNIV – Universal Structural

Structural attachments1
Structural Attachments

CSBBARJ – I-Beam Attachment

Structural attachments2
Structural Attachments

CSBIB – Adjustable I-Beam Attachment

Structural attachments3
Structural Attachments

CSBMA – Multi Attachment

Brace clamps lateral only
Brace Clamps – Lateral Only

CSBQIKCL – Quick Grip Jr

CSBQG – Quick Grip

Brace clamps lateral longitudinal
Brace Clamps – Lateral & Longitudinal

CSBEZU and CSBSTU Universal Brace Clamp

General Rules


Brace Placement

Lateral bracing1
Lateral Bracing

  • What:

    • Feed and cross mains (any size)

    • Branch and other piping > 2 ½” (65mm) diameter

  • Where:

    • 40 ft o.c. (12m) maximum spacing

    • On the last length of pipe at the end of a main

    • Within 6 ft (1.8m) of the end of the pipe

Lateral bracing3
Lateral Bracing

  • Can act as longitudinal brace if installed within 2 ft (0.6m) of piping braced longitudinally

Note that Pipe A Diameter > Pipe B Diameter

Longitudinal bracing1
Longitudinal Bracing

  • What:

    • Feed and cross mains (any size)

    • Branches > 2 ½” (65mm) diameter

      • NFPA 13  Not Required

      • FM DS 2-8  Required if longer than 40 ft (12.2m)

  • Where:

    • 80 ft (24.2m) o.c. maximum spacing

    • Within 40 ft (12.2m) of the end of the pipe or change in direction

Longitudinal bracing3
Longitudinal Bracing

  • Can act as a lateral brace if installed within 2 ft (0.6m) of piping braced laterally

Riser bracing
Riser Bracing

  • Riser tops exceeding 3 ft (0.9m) in length

  • Maximum Spacing = 25 ft (7.6m) o.c.

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