Air tour operating authority atoa reporting system
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Air Tour Operating Authority (ATOA) Reporting System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Air Tour Operating Authority (ATOA) Reporting System. What It Is :

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Air tour operating authority atoa reporting system
Air Tour Operating Authority (ATOA) Reporting System

  • What It Is:

  • A web based system that enables its users to report, track, and manage air tour operating authority (IOA/OA) information that includes air tour routes, commercial air tour operators, air tour aircrafts, and National Parks that have commercial air tours.

  • Users must have a user name and password to gain access to the system.

Air tour operating authority atoa reporting system1
Air Tour Operating Authority (ATOA) Reporting System

  • Purpose:

  • Provide FAA a means to Collect, Store, and Monitor Operating Authority (IOA/OA) Data Received from Air Tour Operators

  • Provide NPS a Means to Review IOA/OA Data Relevant to Individual National Parks

  • Provide Air Tour Operators with a convenient method to report IOA/OA information via the Internet.

Atoa development history
ATOA Development History

  • Prototype ATOA System Demonstrated at June 2007 NPOAG Meeting

  • Additional FAA and NPS Review Resulted in Additional Enhancements/Requirements

  • Enhancements/Requirements are Being Completed in Two Phases

    • Phase 1 Completed November 2008

    • Phase 2 Estimate Completion September 2009

Atoa major enhancements
ATOA Major Enhancements

  • Capability for operators over the Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) to report their operations information and Air Tour activities

  • Capability for the FAA to track and maintain additional relevant information such as operator aircraft data;

  • Capability for National Park Service (NPS) to view additional information;

  • Capability for operators to add profiles of the aircraft and airports

  • Capability for the FAA to add air tour routes associated with a park;

  • Capability to assign users different levels of access depending on their user status (FAA administrators, FAA staff, NPS, air tour operators etc).

Phase 1 enhancements
Phase 1 Enhancements

  • OA/IOA reporting page shows 2 years of data: the current year’s monthly reporting data and the previous years reporting data.

  • Operator data can be entered on a quarterly basis and will be “locked” 30 days after end of quarter.

  • Enable operators to create a profile of their aircraft so specific aircraft can be selected from a drop down menu when reporting a flight.

Operator aircraft info
Operator Aircraft Info

Atoa enhancements and deployment
ATOA Enhancements and Deployment

  • Phase 2

    • Complete Enhancements to ATOA System

    • Input Grand Canyon Operations Data to ATOA

    • Complete FAA Information Technology Division’s Migration and Deployment Requirements