Traditional songs of agriculture
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SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP PROJECT TRACE ( Discovering Tra ditional C rafts Across E urope). TRADITIONAL SONGS OF AGRICULTURE. Guus Utenwaard. Guus Utenwaard is a farmer. He had a broken Tractor .He to ok all his saving and went to the city Rotterdam.

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Traditional songs of agriculture





Guus utenwaard

Guus Utenwaard

Guus Utenwaard is a farmer.

He had a broken Tractor .He took all his saving and went to the city Rotterdam.

Then he came into the nightlife of Rotterdam and spent all his money.

And forgot to come home.

He cows cannot wait on milking

And the hoi must of the land

So the hole village sings that he must come home.

Boer wat zeg je van mijn kippen

Boer wat zeg je van mijn kippen?

Boer wat zeg je van mijn kippen,boer wat zeg je van mijn haan?Hebben ze dan geen mooie veren,of staat jou de kleur niet aan?

Boer wat zeg je van mijn kippen,boer wat zeg je van mijn haan?

It is a song about a chicken with very nice feathers.

The ask the farmer what he thinking about them

I planted a flax

I planted a flax

The song is about all the process of the flax growing. Flax was very important in old times. People used to make clothing and all other things from it.

I planted a flax. The flax germinated. The flax grew and ripened. I tore up the flax, threshed it, and took it home. The flax was dried and treaded, stripped and combed. Finally the flax was spun and woven.

A good hostess

A good hostess

Once there was a good hostess, the wife of a good husband. She made a nice sweet cheese with sweet cream. The host, her husband, had to go to the market, however, cheese was not ready so the wife couldn’t put some for him to his journey. After her husband left, the wife invited many guests, treated them with home made drinks and cheese.

The host came back from the market and asked for some cheese. The wife explained that she dropped it on the floor accidentally and the dog ate it. The husband went after the dog and wanted to punish him. The wife was laughing merrily.

Go on rowing crew

Go on Rowing Crew

This song is about fishing and what the fishermen do during fishing.

Mint lemon rind

Mint, Lemon Rind

It is about a herbal tea.  the ingredients of the herbal tea  and how to make it is told in the song. the image was taken from the video clip of the song.

the name of the song is

The mill

The Mill

The song speaks about the sounds of the mill, which are heard everywhere – on the hills and in the orchards. The miller is working, as he always does and he is grinding wheat and corn. He is all covered by powder, namely the flour, and so his clothes, hands and face are all white.

The story of a little shepherd

The Story of a Little Shepherd

The song tells the story of a little shepherd who is taking his sheep on the hills. He is very cheerful and he is playing his whistle and a cicada is singing along with him. As he is going to a green grove, a titmouse warns him about the fact that a wolf is hidden in a bush and he should take care of his sheep. The bird offers to go and bring the hunter with his rifle, to kill the wolf. The hunter arrives, shoots the evil animal and the story has a happy ending.

Traditional songs of agriculture


Béreslegény, jól megrakd a szekeret,

Béreslegény, jól megrakd a szekeret,Sarjú tüske böködi a tenyered!Mennél jobban böködi a tenyered,Annál jobban rakd meg a szekeredet

Béreslegény mezítláb ment szántani,A csízmáját otthon hagyta vasalni.Kilenc kovács nem merte el vállalni,Mert nem tudott rózsás patkót csinálni.

Daylabourer,please pile up your cart.

The aftercrop is pricking your palms.

The more it pricks the higher you should pile.

The daylabourer went ploughing barefoot leaving his boots at home to be ironed.

9 smiths did not dare to undertake to iron it,because they did not know how to make a horseshoe with rose..

Traditional songs of agriculture

Szánt a babám csireg, csörög sej haj a..

Szánt a babám csireg, csörög sej haj a járom.

Szánt a babám a benedeki határon;

Száraz a föld, hármas eke nem állja:

Szép a babám, Benedeken sej haj nincs párja.

Mondtam babám ne rakd meg a sej haj szekeret.

Feltöri a villanyél a kezedet,

Fábul van a villa nyele nem másbul,

Feltöri a tenyeredet sej haj csunyául.

My darling is ploughing in the frontier of Benedek.

The soil is too dry even for a triple plough to plough it.

My darling is the most handsome one in Benedek.

I told you my darling not to pile up the cart.

Because the groom will bruise your hand as it is made of wood.

The iron and the earthen pot

The iron and the Earthen Pot

La bourbonnaise a traditional tune

La Bourbonnaise (a traditional tune)


As I was passing by the St Gilles Ravine

I met an old grand-father

I asked him what he was doing there

I am catching fish, he answered


As I was passing by the St Gilles Ravine

I met a wild cat.

I asked him what he was doing there

I am a wild cat, he answered

Chorus: Yes, yes, my dear child

Everyone has to struggle to make a living (bis)

A sent la banane j farreyrol reviewed version it smells like banana

Ça sent la banane (J. Farreyrol / reviewed version)It smells like banana)

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