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American and international terrorism
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American and International Terrorism. Dr. George Buck University of South Florida, Global-CDMHA. Terrorism actually comes from the Latin Word “Fear”

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American and International Terrorism

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American and international terrorism

American and International Terrorism

Dr. George Buck

University of South Florida, Global-CDMHA

Definition of terrorism

Terrorism actually comes from the Latin Word “Fear”

“Terrorism is defined in the U.S. by the Code of Federal Regulations as: "..the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives." (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85)

Definition of Terrorism

Definition of terrorism1

However the Media defines “Terrorism” for the day’s news events

Definition of Terrorism

Five key points for terrorist

Violence is only a tool

Fear is the agent of change

Victims are not necessarily the intended audience

Those who observe the act are the actual audience

Desired outcome is political or social

Five Key Points for Terrorist

American and international terrorism

Modern Governments and Terrorist Groups need and use the Media

Domestic terrorism

Domestic Terrorism

It’s Roots

Domestic terrorism1

Domestic Terrorism

Let us not forget!

Hate groups in the us

Hate Groups in the US

Groups in the united states

Groups in the United States

The birth of the ku klux klan kkk

The Birth of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

June 9, 1866

Started as a Social Organization by General Nathan Bedford Forrest

All of the founding members were college educated

Kkk in st petersburg

KKK in St. Petersburg

Kkk in st petersburg1

KKK in St. Petersburg

Domestic terrorism2

Thomas Jefferson advised that:

“the tree of liberty must be watered periodically with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Domestic Terrorism

Domestic terrorism3

Domestic Terrorism

Groups in the united states1

Groups in the United States

Watch out

The League of the South, founded in 1994 and counting some 9,000 members by 2001, is at the center of the racist neo-Confederate movement. Calling once again for Southern secession, the League's leaders say minorities are destroying the "Anglo-Celtic" (white) culture of the South. They oppose most non-white immigration and all interracial marriages. Founder Michael Hill, a former college professor, has called blacks "a deadly and compliant underclass" and has embraced well-known white supremacists such as North Carolina attorney Kirk Lyons.

Neo confederate

League of the South

It’s Mission

Nothing less then the complete restoration of the “Confederate States of America” along the borders established by the Confederate Government during its period on independence, 1860-1865.


A fast growing movement


League of the South

Over 90 new

neo-confederate groups.

A Fast Growing Movement

Hate for sale

Hate For Sale


“A believer in the original Constitution and the laws of the United States of America.”


National terrorism it s thinking

Who Wrote the Constitution?

National Terrorism It’s Thinking

The rise of militias or paramilitary groups

Most of the Active militias today were formed after the August 22, 1992 raid of Tandy Weaver’s cabin in Ruby Ridge, the April 19, 1993 raid on the Branch Davidian in Waco and the passage of the Brady Bill in November 1993.

The Rise of Militias, or Paramilitary Groups

A rise in groups

A Rise in Groups

The 1970’s and 80’s

American and international terrorism























International terrorism

International Terrorism

State supported terrorism

State Supported Terrorism

Hizballah (IRAN) in the Palestinian Arena.

Iranian-sponsored Hizballah didn’t

support the Palestinians until Summer 2001.



A picture is worth 1000 words

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Where is terrorism going

Where is Terrorism Going?

The CYBER World and


The terrorist reach the world wide web

The Terrorist ReachThe World Wide Web

The Internet can reach the masses at home.

It’s web site has had 7,352,438 hits beginning March 27, 1995

1,836 hits per day.

Hizbollah before 9 11 01

Hizbollah Before 9-11-01

Hizbollah = Party of God


Web Page Picture

Hizbollah after 9 11 01

Hizbollah After 9-11-01

Picture is titled

“Victory 2001”

Signature of a suicide bomber

Signature of a Suicide Bomber


Terrorist tell stories

Terrorist Tell Stories

We must be right all of the time

Terrorist only have to be right once.

Intel is power and prevention

INTEL is Power and Prevention

Once upon a time…..

Stories begin with “Facts”

Boat sinks in yeman harbor packed with explosives

January 2000

Target USS The Sullivans

Boat Sinks in Yeman Harbor

Packed with Explosives

American and international terrorism

October 2000 Target Attacked

If the information is nothing

If the Information is Nothing

He looked into a black hole and saw an expanding Universe

Prove it!!

If it still turns out to be Nothing

Prove it!!

Your Universe will save lives

Types of terrorist incidents

Explosives and Arson

(Still the most popular)

Nuclear Materials

(Man’s only true WMD)

(Hurricanes, Mother Natures WMD)

Biological Agents

Chemical Agents, and

Dirty Bombs

Types of Terrorist Incidents

Factors for preparing

Common Weapons

Stand-off Weapons




Dirty Bombs


The only true wmd man made


The Only True WMD(Man-Made)

Stand off weapons

American Stinger

Russian RPG-7 Anti-Tank Weapon

Stand-Off Weapons

Our emergency services our preparedness

Our Emergency ServicesOur Preparedness

When asked

“…what did you learn about the emergency services during the events of September 11?”

Mayor Rudolph

Giuliani replied:


Thank you god bless america

Thank YouGod Bless America

Dr. George Buck

University of South Florida



One Nation Under God United We Stand

Technology sharing in the post 9 11 world

Technology Sharing in the Post 9-11 World

Chris Reynolds, CEM

Battalion Chief

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

Major, United States

Air Force Reserve

Post september 11 th

Post September 11th

  • Greater emphasis is being placed on technology sharing between military and civilian first responders

  • Chem/bio is no longer “just a military problem”

  • Shared intelligence is occurring

  • Joint military-civilian exercises

Technology sharing

Technology Sharing

  • The prospect of terrorist events has placed additional burdens upon fire departments across

    the country

  • There is no agency or individual that can claim exclusive subject-matter expertise

  • Collaborative planning and interagency sharing are necessary

Multi agency exercise

Multi-Agency Exercise

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue

  • Hazardous Materials Team

  • Special Rescue Team

  • Special Medical Response Team

  • Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

    • Bomb Disposal Team

    • Tactical Response Team



  • An explosive device is detonated at an area shopping mall, trapping civilians under rubble and debris

  • The 9-1-1 call is placed to Emergency Dispatch Operations and units are dispatched to the scene

  • Units Include:

    • HIT 1

    • Heavy Rescue 11

    • Special Rescue 36

    • DECON 1

    • Bomb Disposal Team



  • Tactical Entry of the Joint Sweep Team

  • Hazard Zones (Hot, Warm, Cold)

  • Triage Clusters

  • Tactical Search, Rescue and Extraction

  • Decon Trailer

  • Level B Suit Dress Out & Dress Down

Static display

Static Display

  • All equipment will remain on display after the exercise:

    • Special Operations Robotics

    • All IR meters and detectors

    • Video fiber optics

    • All heavy rescue gear

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