05 th july 2012
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M A N T H A N. 05 th July 2012. A study on practice of Science teaching in few schools in context of District Dhamtari. Objectives of the Study . To study Science classroom teaching practices To diagnose student’s problem and difficulties.

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05 th July 2012

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A study on practice of Science teaching in few schools in context of District Dhamtari.

Dhamtari District Institute

Objectives of the Study

To study Science classroom teaching practices

To diagnose student’s problem and difficulties.

To support the teacher through a mutual learning process.

Dhamtari District Institute

Scope thus far

1. Only two government UPS from two blocks (Dhamtari and Kurud) of the district were taken up to this date.

2. Teachers’ science teaching in classes 6th to 8th has been considered for study.

3. Discussion with teachers of all the four blocks (Dhamtari, Kurud, Magarload and Nagari) of Dhamtari district added inputs to the above observations.

4. Interactions with UPS science teachers of Malhari cluster (Block Nagari) on ALM for science were also included.

Dhamtari District Institute


Dhamtari District Institute

Details of Students & teachers

Dhamtari District Institute


Dhamtari District Institute

Class room teaching of teacher

  • Define Acid.

  • Define base.

  • Write two examples of acids.

  • Write two examples of bases.

  • ……In the same way he wrote about 10 questions and told them to solve it and write in copy with the help of book.

  • Dhamtari District Institute

    Discussion with Teacher after his class….

    We made a discussion on change in color of turmeric in soap, change of jackfruits milk with lemon etc. He was astonishing, how this chapter could be dealt in an easier way. So it was an initiation to us. Nowadays he enjoys it. And like a mechanism of chemistry, there is no termination………..

    Dhamtari District Institute

    We started our conversation with few questions to children.

    What do you have lunch daily?

    Students told that they have Rice, Dal, vegetables and Roti in lunch, in Sunday; they have meat or fish with rice.

    If you have to eat bitter melon every day, then, would you like to eat?

    Students told that they would not like to eat every day because that feels bitter taste and vomiting, We should take balanced diet.

    Do you know about balanced diet?

    One student told me that diet must contain carbohydrate, protein and fat

    We further asked in which food carbohydrate found ?

    Children told that Dal, rice, vegetables contains carbohydrate. We told that let’s find does Dal and rice contain carbohydrate or not.

    Interaction with Students

    Dhamtari District Institute

    Have A glimpse..

    Dhamtari District Institute

    Interaction with SMC Members

    Dhamtari District Institute

    Although these parents were not well educated but today they were able to understand the unit of life and it made them so surprised that this huge body is made up of such microscopic unit.

    Dhamtari District Institute


    Dhamtari District Institute

    • We got a chance to talk to the female science teacher. She was just prepared to go to take her class in 8th .When we asked to sit in the class she accepted it with halfhearted.

    Dhamtari District Institute

    Communication with Male Science Teacher

    Dhamtari District Institute

    A Talk With Students

    We simply shared an Idea

    Do You Know Water???

    And it was very shocking for us, that nobody in classroom was able to answer. The science teacher scolded on them, you don’t know the answer of such a silly question. We think, his voice needled them and one student answered, water is an atom.

    Dhamtari District Institute

    We distributed some colorful beads to students. It made them happy .May be they thought we will play some game of beads…

    Dhamtari District Institute

    H2 O2H2O

    2H2 O22 H2O

    Dhamtari District Institute

    This is what ..Given in Book

    This is what

    I observed

    Dhamtari District Institute


    Dhamtari District Institute

    ALM (Active learning method) workshop at Malhari

    • Teachers Says……..

    • We don’t get timing in school?

    • How we could do any activity in 40 minutes to understand the nature of science or any particular topic?

    • How we should work with subject content?

    • If we use to make a group, it becomes very tough to make a discipline in class?

    • We have lack of teachers. How few teachers could do all works?

    Dhamtari District Institute

    Dhamtari District Institute

    Dhamtari District Institute

    A teacher applied turmeric paste on a sheet of plane white paper and dried it. She draw n a beautiful flower with soap solution with the help of a cotton bud. And there was a beautiful greeting card.

    Dhamtari District Institute

    • All Those Plants having Adventitious root will have :

    • Leaves with parallel venation

    • Seeds will be with single cotyledon

    Dhamtari District Institute

    • All Those Plants having tap root will have :

    • Leaves with reticulate venation

    • Seeds will be with two cotyledons

    Dhamtari District Institute

    …….Everybody was busy in identifying and making idea on it.

    Automatically, they got the solutions for the challenges which they were facing and it was reflected on their feedback day by day.

    Dhamtari District Institute


    While the teachers originally believed that meager resources are a restriction to teach experimental science, their experience of its being empirical has shaken this belief & also they believed that they will increase their skill.

    Dhamtari District Institute

    • On the basis of observation of two schools, we will develop modules and work with selected school teachers to change their practices.

    Future Plan

    Dhamtari District Institute

    This is just an initiation…….

    Thank You …

    Dhamtari District Institute

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