Hindi 1 lesson 3b
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Hindi 1: lesson 3b. स्वास्थ्य sv āsthya nm. health (Sanskrit). संयुक्त अक्षर saṃyukt akṣar conjunct characters. संयुक्त अक्षर conjunct characters.

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Hindi 1 lesson 3b
Hindi 1: lesson 3b


svāsthya nm. health (Sanskrit)

संयुक्त अक्षर saṃyukt akṣarconjunct characters

Conjunct characters
संयुक्त अक्षर conjunct characters

  • We will follow the book looking at the ways in which characters can take forms which show that they are not followed by the inherent ‘a’ sound in a Hindi consonant.

  • We will look at the different varieties.

  • You don’t have to remember them all!

  • You just need to see how the most common conjunct characters look like

आपका घर X में है?

  • Walk around showing each other the paper on which you have written where you live and try to read what is on the other persons paper and then say:

  • आपका घर [place] में है? āpkā ghar X mẽ hai?

  • and reply (if they are right):

  • मेरा घर बुकिट बटोह में है।merā ghar X mẽ hai

  • if they are wrong tell them so and the correct pronunciation of the place name

First group ka pha fa
First group क ka & फpha/fa

क्या kyā what

मुफ़्त muft free

  • Drop hook on right side

Second group kha etc
Second group: ख ख्‍kha etc.

  • Drop vertical stroke on right side

Third group the nasal consonants a a a na and ma
Third group: the nasal consonants ङ ṅaञ ñaण ṇaन na and म ma

  • Mostly a dot above headstroke

  • ङ ञ dot above, पंखा paṅkhā nm. fan

  • ण dot or half, अण्डा / अंडा aṇḍā nm. egg

  • न dot or half, सुंदर / सुन्दर sundar beautiful

  • म dot or half, चम्मचcammac nm. spoon

  • See textbook for details of common practices in relation to म and न

Fourth group rounded characters a ha a ha da and ha
Fourth group: rounded characters: ट ṭaठ ṭhaड ḍaढ ḍhaद da and ह ha

  • Can pile on top of each other

    चिट्ठी or चिट्ठी ciṭṭhī nf. letter.छुट्टी orछुट्टी chuṭṭī nf. holiday.लड्डू or लड्डू laḍḍū nm. laddu

    कद्दू or कद्दूkaddū nm. pumpkin

  • ह ha characters combine inside (rare)

    चिह्न or चिह्न cihn nm. sign.

    ब्राह्मणbrāhmaṇ nm. Brahman.


  • Have distinct shapes when combined, for instance:

N ames of indian places
भारतीय जगहों के नामNames of Indian places

  • Activity: You will be given a map of North India. The aim is to find place names on it which have conjunct characters in them. Working as groups

  • Group 1: Uttar Pradesh

  • Group 2: Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh

  • Group 3: West Bengal and Bangladesh

  • Group 4: Rajasthan, Haryana, Panjab

  • Group 5: Himachal, Uttaranchal, Nepal

  • Groups share their findings with the class.

Top five
जागरण याहू टॉप पाँच top five

  • Activity: you will be given the top five listings from the Jagaran Yahoo India site.

  • We will work as four groups.

  • Group 1: what are the top films?

  • Group 2: what are the top songs?

  • Group 3: what are the top albums?

  • Group 4: what are the other Hindi words?

  • Groups share their findings with the class.

Listening comprehension
सुनना और समझनाListening Comprehension

  • We will listen to a passage

  • Then you have to write down the answers to some questions about the passage

  • Then we will discuss as a class what the possible answers might be.