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Lesson 1. Day 3. Character’s Traits and Motivations. Remember that story characters act as they do for a reason. Why might a character brag or show off? Ideas. REMEMBER

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Lesson 1

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Lesson 1

Lesson 1

Day 3

Character s traits and motivations

Character’s Traits and Motivations

  • Remember that story characters act as they do for a reason.

  • Why might a character brag or show off?


Lesson 1


  • A character’s traits show what the character is like as a person. These traits are revealed by what the character thinks, does, and says.

  • A character’s motivations are the reasons why a character acts as he or she does.

Lesson 1

  • Let’s revisit The Hot and Cold

    Summer and think about Rory’s mother.

  • Turn to page 32 and let’s use our special reading for this selection.

  • Why does Rory’s mother offer to buy a pizza for dinner?

  • Why does Rory’s mother say that one pizza is enough?

  • Now turn to page 34 and read this page silently.

  • Why doesn’t Rory’s mother scold

    Bolivia for ordering a second


Lesson 1

  • What can you tell about Rory’s mother, based on what she does and says? discuss

  • Why is Rory pretending to read the comics as he sits in a lounge chair at the beginning of the story?

  • Why does Derek go straight over to Rory’s house when he gets home?

  • At first, Rory had ignored Bolivia because she is a girl, but Derek made

    friends with her. What does this

    show about Derek?

    Answer these questions in your BEAR

    Book and then label the answers as a

    motivation or trait.



  • First, let’s revisit our vocabulary chart.

  • What pact had the boys made when Bolivia first arrived?

  • Why did Rory feel queasy about Derek’s return from summer camp?

  • Why might Rory and Derek feel that Bolivia had been foisted on them?

  • How successful was Rory’s and Bolivia’s business venture?

  • Why might Rory’s mother have been annoyed with Bolivia?

  • What did Bolivia really mean when she told

    Derek she wouldn’t think of

    depriving him of the pizza?

Turn to page 56 57

Turn to page 56 - 57

  • Read the title and look at the illustrations.’

  • “Secret Talk” is a poem about friendship.

  • Listen to me as I read the poem aloud. Pay attention to the rhythm of the poem.

  • Now let’s read it together.

    Can you identify the rhyming words?

Lesson 1






Daily proofreading

Ask yourselves, “Are these complete thoughts? Do they have correct punctuation, spelling and capitalization. If not, please correct them in your BEAR book.

A stingg.

Paid half the chec for the pizza.

Create an interrogative sentence by adding a helping verb

Create an interrogative sentence by adding a helping verb.

  • Carlos walks to school.

  • Now, write your own pairs of sentences both declarative and interrogative.

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