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Chapter 3 stories for the journey
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Chapter 3: Stories for the Journey. Creation, the Fall, & the Founding of a People. Homework. (due Tues., 9/23) Print out OT TEXT: Ch. 3 from NetClassroom Read pp. 60-61 & do both RQ’s and Journal (J) on p. 61 (due Thurs., 9/25) Read Gen. 1-2

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Chapter 3: Stories for the Journey

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Chapter 3 stories for the journey

Chapter 3:Stories for the Journey

Creation, the Fall, & the Founding of a People



(due Tues., 9/23)

  • Print out OT TEXT: Ch. 3 from NetClassroom

  • Read pp. 60-61 & do both RQ’s and Journal (J) on p. 61

    (due Thurs., 9/25)

  • Read Gen. 1-2

  • List as many details as you can that do not match what we know scientifically about the origins of the world, human beings, and so on.



  • (due Thurs., 10/2) Write 1 pg. Reflection on the Creation-Evolution debate, including responses to these questions:

    • What impression does the Scopes trial give us about Religion and Science?

    • Which is true about the origins of the world: Bible or Science? Creation or Evolution?

    • Is it possible that both are true? If so, how?



  • (due Mon., 10/6) R&H pp. 61-65; RQs p. 65

  • (due Tues., 10/7)

    • Read Genesis 2:4-3:24

    • R&H pp. 65-67; RQs p. 67

  • (due Thurs., 10/9)

    • Read Gen. 6:5-9:17

    • R&H pp. 67-70; RQs p. 70



(due Mon., 10/13)

  • Study for QUIZ on text RQs/terms and WTB sheet

    (due Tues., 10/14)

  • Study for TEST REVIEW for Ch. 3

    • Text and RQ answers

    • Notes

    • WTB sheet

      (Fri., 10/17) TEST on Ch. 3

Stories in genesis

Stories in Genesis

  • In Genesis,

    • Primeval Stories

    • Ancestor Stories

In genesis

In Genesis…

Primeval Stories

Ancestor Stories

  • 2 Creation stories

  • Fall of Adam and Eve

  • Cain and Abel

  • Noah and the Flood

  • Tower of Babel

  • Abraham

  • Sarah & Hagar

  • Isaac & Ishmael

  • Rebekah

  • Jacob

  • Joseph

Genesis stories

Genesis stories…

  • Often myth or folk history

  • Passed down orally from generation to generation

  • Not written down until 5th Century B.C., after Babylonian Exile

Monkey trial players

“Monkey Trial” Players

  • Scopes (Cates)Defendant in Tennessee Trial

  • Darrow (Drumond)Defense Attorney

  • Bryan (Brady)Prosecuting Attorney

  • DaytonTrial site

  • DarwinAuthor, Origin of the Species

  • ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union

Bible interpretation is either

Bible interpretation is either…

  • Literalist >Very StrictDay=24 hours

    >Less strictDay= era

  • ContextualistDay= symbol

Creation evolution debate

Creation –Evolution Debate

  • 3 debates/ 3 topics

    • “If Evolution is true, the Creation stories must be false.”

    • Both Science and the Bible are right about our origins.”

    • “Science is a kind of ‘faith’.”

Creation evolution debate1

Creation –Evolution Debate

  • 3 debates/ 3 topics

  • Each group= 2 teams, pro & con

  • Each team= 1 debater with assistants

  • Each debate= 3 minutes, with

    • Opening statements

    • 2 follow-ups/rebuttals

    • Closing statements

Creation or evolution or both

Creation or Evolution…or both?

  • Theistic evolutionists: God creates through process of evolution

  • Non-theistic evolutionists: Universe simply “began” with “Big Bang”

Creation or evolution or both1

Creation or Evolution…or both?

  • St. Augustine’s theory of creation as “seeds” hints at evolutionary process

If creation took a year

If creation took a year...

  • Jan. 1Big Bang takes place

  • May 1Milky Way galaxy appears

  • Sept. 1Earth appears

  • Dec. 1Animals appear

  • Dec. 31Humans appear

  • Jan. 1Space age begins

Ancient hebrew cosmology

Ancient Hebrew Cosmology

  • World of the deadNether world

  • World of the livingOur world

  • World of GodGod’s home

Three days of separation

Three Days of Separation

  • Day 1God created light & separated it from the darkness

  • Day 2God separated the water above(rain) from the water below(ocean)

  • Day 3God separated the water below(ocean) from the dry land

Three days of population

Three Days of Population

  • Day 4God populated the sky with sun, moon and stars

  • Day 5God populated the air with birdsand the ocean with fish

  • Day 6God populated the land

One day of celebration

One Day of Celebration

  • Day 7God celebrated, resting from work,blessing creation and setting the day apart from the other days (Shabat, that is Sabbath)

Week pattern

Week Pattern

3 Days of separation light/dark



3 days of populationsky

sky and ocean


1 day of celebrationrested

blessed creation

made Sabbath special

5 fold pattern for each day

5-fold Pattern for each “Day”

  • Introduction“God commanded”

  • Command“Let there be”

  • Execution“It was done”

  • Reaction“God was pleased”

  • Conclusion“Evening passed”

Chapter 3 stories for the journey

In the contextualist way of thinking, the Truth of the Creation Stories looks something like this...



  • Old beliefManygods

  • New teachingOne God

  • How taughtOne God creates everything

Act of creation

Act of Creation

  • Old beliefAccidental happening

  • New teachingPlanned event

  • How taughtGod creates in an orderly way

Creation itself

Creation itself

  • Old beliefPartly good

  • New teachingTotally good

  • How taughtGod affirms goodness

Days of creation

Days of Creation

  • Old beliefAll days are the same

  • New teachingSeventh day is special

  • How taughtGod blessed 7th Day

Story of the fall

Story of the Fall

  • Mostly symbolic/ metaphorical vs. literal

  • Themes:

    • Mystery and origin of sin/evil

    • Consequences of sin

    • God’s response to man’s sin

Original sin sin s origin

Original Sin (Sin’s origin)

  • Greek myth

    GODS responsible

  • Bible story

    PEOPLE responsible

Original sin sin s origin1

Original Sin (Sin’s origin)

  • Symbols>Snake =Satan

    Eating =Sinful action

  • Teaching =Evil entered the world through the sin of first couple

Consequences of sin

Consequences of Sin

  • From harmony with > alienation from:

    • God

    • Self

    • Other People

    • Nature (all Creation)

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