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Historic time
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Historic Time. Time Words and Lines. What words do we use to show time? What tools do historians use to show the sequence of historical events? What is chronology?. B.C. “Before Christ” Time period before Jesus was born. B.C.E “Before Common Era”

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Historic Time

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Historic time

Historic Time

Time words and lines

Time Words and Lines

What words do we use to show time?

What tools do historians use to show the sequence of historical events?

What is chronology?

Historic time

B.C.“Before Christ”

Time period before Jesus was born.

B.C.E“Before Common Era”

Non-religious term used for time before Jesus

B.C and B.C.E are basically the same!

A.D.“Anno Domini” – in the year of the Lord (Latin)

Refers to time periods since birth of Jesus

C.E.“Common Era”

Non-religious term used for time since Jesus

A.D. and C.E. are basically the same!

Using historic timelines

Using Historic Timelines

Historic timeline s are like number lines in math with one major difference – there is no zero!

  • A.D. / C.E. is like the positive (+) numbers on a number line

  • B.C. / B.C.E. is like the negative (-) numbers

Sample timeline problems

Sample Timeline Problems

  • Granny Jones was born in 1920 C.E. and died in 2006 C.E. How old was she when she died?

  • Gramps Wilson died in 2003 A.D. at the age of 97. In what year was he born?

  • An archaeologist uncovered the remains of a human who lived from approximately 1750 B.C. and died around 1720 B.C. How old was this individual when they died?

  • Using the same person from above, how many years ago did they die?

  • If Queen Nefertiti died in 1335 B.C.E. at age 42, in what year was she born?

Time words

Time Words

Decade = 10 years

Century = 100 years

Millennium = 1000 years

Chronology - an account of events in the order in which they happened



Century100 years

Because there is no “year zero,” centuries always begin with a year that ends with #1 and ends with “00.”

Example: 1901=2000 = 20th century

To name the century, take off the “00” off the last year of the century.


1-100 C.E. 1st Century C.E.

1301 – 1400 A.D. 14th Century A.D.

700-601 B.C. 7th Century B.C.

Sample century problems

Sample Century Problems

  • The years 501 - 600 C.E. would be the ________ century.

  • The years 1701 – 1800 A.D. would be the ________ century.

  • The 14th century A.D. would comprise what years?

  • The 1st century B.C. would comprise what years?

Why use timelines

Why use timelines?

a way of showing events in chronological order

shows change over time

better understand trends and significant events

Historic time

Timeline of the i-phone

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