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Academic committee presents. STUDY TIPS ☺. Here are 3 rules to remember:. Thou shall always impress God by working hard Thou shall never forget rule no. 1 Thou shall always go back to rule no. 1. Give it time…. General study tips and advice.

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Here are 3 rules to remember
Here are 3 rules to remember:

  • Thou shall always impress God by working hard

  • Thou shall never forget rule no. 1

  • Thou shall always go back to rule no. 1

General study tips and advice
General study tips and advice

  • Your environment and position makes a difference when you’re studying. Being comfortable allows you to concentrate, but be careful of being too comfortable…you might get bored, sleepy or even easily distracted.

  • Find a perfect place to study

  • Switch off your cell phone and get away from anything that is and could become a distraction. Concentration is absolutely important when studying. Eliminate your weak points. This includes friends and computers.

  • It is important that you study in an area that is well ventilated and lit up. This way your brain will have a continuous supply of oxygen and your eyes will be able to keep up – you should also be able to see what you’re studying

  • Try adding colour

  • Adding colour to your studies can make things easy to remember. You can do this by using highlighter or even coloured pens and crayons.

  • Use your time wisely and do not procrastinate

  • Time is extremely important. Do not procrastinate, the moment you do, it will be even more difficult to do the same task when you’ve got other important things to do. Set yourself enough time to study. Drawing up and following your own study time table may help.

  • Eating healthy and exercising is good for both the body and the mind. It is important to keep your mind in shape by giving it the nutrition it needs and the exercise it requires. You can do so by putting it to work on puzzles and games that require brain power

  • Take some time to rest your mind. Your brain won’t be able to keep up when you don’t let it rest. Be careful not to make your breaks an excuse not to study.

We are here to share our study methods with you.Academic committee:LesegoMabeThatoMolokwaneOratileMaropeMusa GamaPalesaNjoro

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