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以聚麩胺酸製備微細纖維狀仿生薄膜作為組織工程用細胞支架 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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以聚麩胺酸製備微細纖維狀仿生薄膜作為組織工程用細胞支架. 電氣紡絲 (electrospinning) 為一種製程簡易且具經濟效益的技術,利用高壓電場作為驅動力製備出微細纖維狀仿生薄膜 ( 纖維直徑尺度範圍從數奈米至次微米等級 ) 。由電氣紡絲技術所製備的類細胞外基質構型之微細纖維狀仿生薄膜,可廣泛應用於組織工程學領域。

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  • 電氣紡絲(electrospinning)為一種製程簡易且具經濟效益的技術,利用高壓電場作為驅動力製備出微細纖維狀仿生薄膜(纖維直徑尺度範圍從數奈米至次微米等級)。由電氣紡絲技術所製備的類細胞外基質構型之微細纖維狀仿生薄膜,可廣泛應用於組織工程學領域。
  • 在本研究中,成功將生物降解性高分子聚合物-聚麩胺酸(γ-PGA)之二甲基亞碸(DMSO)水溶液(溶劑比例為DMSO:H2O = 70:30,γ-PGA溶液之重量百分濃度為25wt%) 經電氣紡絲形成微細纖維狀仿生薄膜;所得到的纖維平均直徑範圍在300奈米至1微米之間。由電氣紡絲所得到之聚麩胺酸纖維因其具有高比表面積及高孔隙率而使纖維具有極快的吸濕效果。在更深入的研究中,利用老鼠纖維母細胞株 (NIH3T3)於γ-PGA薄膜上的細胞生長情形可作為探討細胞相容性之依據。研究結果顯示以γ-PGA微細纖維狀仿生薄膜作為細胞培養基材可促進細胞貼附(平均細胞貼附數目為傳統細胞組織培養基之1.5倍)及細胞增生(平均細胞增生數目為傳統細胞組織培養基之7倍)效果。此外藉由簡易的交聯劑EDC處理步驟後之微細纖維狀仿生薄膜,可延長其降解時間與增強薄膜之機械性質表現。作為層狀細胞組織工程學領域之應用,本研究將重量百分濃度25wt%之γ-PGA二甲基亞碸水溶液利用電氣紡絲技術製備出一個合適的類細胞外基質環境提供細胞生長所用。
Fabrication of biomimic fibrous membranes by poly(γ-glutamic acid) as a cell scaffold for tissue engineering use
  • Electrospinning is a simple and cost-effective technique, it can fabricate biomimic fibrous membranes under a high voltage electrostatic field, and the obtained fibers range is from several nanometers to submicron level in diameter). The electrospun extracellular matrix (ECM)-like architecture of biomimic fibrous membranes were widely applied in tissue engineering. In present research, a biodegradable polymer of poly(γ-glutamic acid)(γ-PGA) was successfully electrospun by the dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO) aqueous solution(the ratio of DMSO:H2O = 70:30, and the concentration of γ-PGA = 25wt%) to fabricated biomimic fibrous membranes. The average diameter of obtained fibers were in the range from 300nm to 1μm. The electrospun mats of γ-PGA were quickly humidified at room temperature due to highly humidity with the large surface area and high porosity. For further research, mouse embryonic fibroblast cell line(NIH3T3) were used to perform the biocompatibility of γ-PGA’s membranes. The results show the matrices of γ-PGA’s biomimic membranes can promote the cell adhesion(average cell numbers was 1.5 times more than tissue culture polystyrene) and cell proliferation(average cell numbers was 7 times more than tissue culture polystyrene). The degradation time and mechanical properties of these biomimic fibrous membranes can be easily prolonged and enhanced by treatment with cross-linking agent of 1-3-dimethyl-aminopropyl-3-ethylcarbodiimidehydrochloride(EDC), The 25wt% γ-PGA’s DMSO aqueous solution by electrospinning could fabricate microfibrous mats and it can be applied as a suitable ECM-like environment for cell sheet engineering use in the near future.