Scientific method
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Scientific Method. Blueprint For Success. Define the Problem. Make sure you know what the problem is. State the problem as a clear question. Will the use of Exxon gasoline give my car better gas mileage?. Research the Problem. Find out all you can concerning your problem

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Scientific Method

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Scientific Method




Define the Problem

  • Make sure you know what the problem is.

  • State the problem as a clear question.

  • Will the use of Exxon gasoline give my car better gas mileage?

Research the Problem

  • Find out all you can concerning your problem

  • Use the Library

  • Magazines

  • The internet

  • Personal Interviews

Form a Hypothesis in the form of an “If -Then” Statement

  • The first part of the statement represents the problem, while the second part represents the proof you are looking for.

  • Examples:

  • If I spend my money on a new CD, then I will not have enough to go to the movies.

  • If I use Exxon Gasoline, then my car will get better gas mileage.

Develop a Controlled Experiment

  • All experiments contain variables (things found in the experiment).

  • The Experimental variable is the thing being tested

  • The Control variables are the other things having an effect on the experimental variable

  • These must be kept identical

Let’s Look at an Example!

Gasoline’s Affect on Car Mileage.

What are Some Possible Variables?

  • Car type

  • Gasoline type

  • Driver

  • Driving Conditions

  • Amount of gasoline

  • Tires

  • Extra weight in car

If we are testing gasoline, what variables must be kept identical?

  • The cars must be of the same type.

  • Each car must have the same amount of gasoline.

  • The cars must be driven over the same course, at the same speed, and under the same weather conditions.

  • The cars must contain the same type of tires.

  • The only difference is the type of gasoline.

Conduct the Experiment

  • Conduct the experiment several times.

  • This is important to rule out making mistakes by using too few trials.

  • The more trials the more specific the data.

Analysis of Data

  • Examine the data and analyze it making a determination as to what it is saying.

  • Check to see if your data is complete or if more tests need to be conducted.

Form a Conclusion

  • Apply your analyzed data to your “If- then” statement (hypothesis).

  • If it satisfies the statement, then your hypothesis is correct.

  • If not, then you need to reexamine your data and find out why.

  • Make sure the experiment can be reproduced producing the same results.

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