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In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

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In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. Read in the Name of your Lord Who has created all that exists, Read, and your Lord is the Most Generous Who has taught the writing by the pen, HE has taught man that, which he knew not, Surely unto your Lord is the return .

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In The Name of Allah

Most Gracious Most Merciful


Read in the Name of your Lord Who has created all that exists,

Read, and your Lord is the Most Generous

Who has taught the writing by the pen,

HE has taught man that, which he knew not,

Surely unto your Lord is the return.

Surat Al-`Alaq The Clot XCVI


Teachers are some of the most important people in our society, as they pave the way for our youth to create a better future.

What Skills Are Needed


Become a Teacher?


What is TeachingThe opportunity to mold young mindsand teach them skills that they can use throughout their lives, It holds a reward like no other career.

Ask any child who their favorite teacher was

and most can name the teachers who have made a difference in their lives for ever.


As students gain access to increasing sources of information in the digital world they inhabit, teachers will be forced to keep pace




is the evolutionary process whereby a population becomes better suited to its habitat.[1][2] This process takes place over many generations,[3] and is one of the basic phenomena of biology.[4]

being visionary

Being Visionary

Imagination is a crucial component

of the educator of today and tomorrow.

Educators must look across the disciplines and through the curricula;

they must see the potential in the emerging tools and web technologies, grasp these and manipulate them to serve their needs.



As educators we must be able to leverage these collaborative tools to enhance and captivate our learners.

Educators too, must be collaborators:

Twitter MSN RSS MySpace Blogger







Whether a champion of the process of  ICT integration,

or a quiet technology coach, the 21st century educator is A Leader.

Like clear goals and objectives, Leadership is crucial to the

success or failure of any project.

modelling behaviour


There is an expectation that teachers will teach values, so we must model the behaviors that we expect from our students.

Teachers are often the most consistent part of students\' life, seeing them more often, for longer and more reliably than even students\' parents.

The 21st century educator also models tolerance, global awareness, and reflective practice, whether it is the quiet, personal inspection of their teaching and learning, or through blogs, Twitter and other media, effective educators look both inwards and outwards.



Educators expect their students to be life-long learners.

Teachers must continue to absorb experiences and knowledge, as well. They must endeavour to stay current.

I wonder: "How many people are still using their lesson and unit plans from five years ago?"

To be a teacher, you must learn and adapt as the horizons and landscapes change.


Taking Risks

There is so much to learn. How can you as an educator know all these things?

You must take risks and sometimes surrender yourself to the students\' knowledge.

Have a vision of what you want and what the technology can achieve,

identify the goals and facilitate the learning,

use the strengths of the  digital natives to understand and navigate new products, have them teach each other,

trust your students.



To have anywhere, anytime learning, the teacher must be anywhere and anytime.

The 21st century teacher is fluent in tools and technologies that enable communication and collaboration. They go beyond learning just how to communicate and collaborate; they also know how to:





manage communication and collaboration.


Passion to Teach

PatienceProblem SolverSupportiveAble to Interact With all Ages

Learners driving.

The new learner is transforming himself from a passive actor into an active one,

is becoming a conscious leader of his personal lifelong learning path.

this is the change that is happening

Deep access to information, tools and experts in ways not possible before.

The ability to network and team up with other learners who have the same interests, independently of their age, location or experience

The emergence of theprofessional independent(teacher) mentor / guide.

This is The Change that is happening

holistic approach of child development

Holistic Approach of Child Development

Development is holistic; it consists of inter-dependent dimensions.This means that the child’s development cannot be compartmentalized into health, nutrition, education, social, emotional and spiritual variables. All are interwoven in a child’s life and are developing simultaneously.

Progress in one area affects progress in others. Similarly, when something goes wrong in any one of those areas, it has an impact on all the other areas.


Because we need to engage the whole person.Because we need to engage whole persons in community.Because there are many ways of learning and knowing.Because however specialized our knowledge may be we need to see it in a whole context.

*the human search for connectedness

*affirming spirituality as being the core of life and hence central to education

*From “either/or” thinking to “both/and” thinking


Transformation (versus transmission

5th discipline approach – learning organization

Knowing how to listen

Openness to dialogue

Caring for the students.

According to Peter Senge (1990: 3) learning organizations are:

“…organizations where people continually expand their capacity to create the

results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are

nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are

continually learning to see the whole together.”


Team learning – such learning is viewed as ‘the process of aligning and

developing the capacities of a team to create the results its members truly desire’ (Senge 1990:236

It builds on personal mastery and shared

vision- but these are not enough. People need to be able to act together.


Effective Teacher Training is Two Pronged

Personal Proficiency Development

Learning Teaching Methods & Strategies

Building a Collaborative Learning Environment

Professional Respect & Approach

Primary School Curriculum


Character Building



Social Environment –Arts- Physical Education

Nationalism Dedication and Service to Humanity

teachers make or mar a nation create enthusiasm stay motivated and above all inspire
Teachers Make or Mar A Nation

Create Enthusiasm

Stay Motivated

And Above All- INSPIRE


is The Key to Success

the 7 th moment of change

The 7th Moment of Change

Believe in

The 7th Moment


Change and Innovation

school morning assembly






Collective learning takes place

The only time when everyone

Teachers and students are present

The Best learning Time of the Day

Collective Prayers

A sense of Unity, Discipline, Sharing

The whole day has pleasant effects


Opening Program

In The Name of Allah

O, Almighty Allah!

The MercifulThe Forgiver

Thank you for another day.

Thank you for the gift of sight

With which I saw the beauty around

Thank you for the power to write

The feeling that in my heart, I found;

Thank you for the time, in which I completed

My work and tasks

For which I was duty bound,

Thank you for all your help,

Please guide me always so that I can see

The goodness surround. Amen

objectives to teach

ObjectivesTo Teach

Names and Qualities of Allah Almighty

Language Skills

General Knowledge



Confidence in Speaking

A Habit of Gratitude


To Open Doors to New Ways of LearningLiterary Poetic Journalistic Fictional Cinematic Documentary FactualWriting and Representation

ABreak From The Past

All Educators to Come Forward to Make The Change Happen

Thank You