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Gold, Glory, God, or Gateway?. When the United States originally intervened in Cuba's independence, their main motivation was glory. The US wanted to help Cuba because American's had experienced the same thing when going through the American revolution from Great Britain. American's wanted to get ri

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1. CUBA Before, During, and After the Spanish-American War

2. Gold, Glory, God, or Gateway? When the United States originally intervened in Cubaís independence, their main motivation was glory. The US wanted to help Cuba because Americanís had experienced the same thing when going through the American revolution from Great Britain. Americanís wanted to get rid of Spain like they had to England mainly to prove power and that Europe shouldnít have control. However after the war, Americans did not immediately withdrawal from Cuba due to the fact that Cuba was to valuable to turn away from. Americanís motivation then became gold, by using Cuba for its resources such as sugar and tobacco.

3. Summary Before: Cuba was under control by Spain and when Cubans began thinking of their own freedom, Spain began torching their sugar cane which was their main cash crop. Knowing Cuba was helpless the U.S. wanted to help Cuba break free of Spanish rule like they had from England. On April 11, 1898 President McKinley sent a war message requesting armed intervention. During: Americans had premature excitement and were outnumbered (2,100 officers/28,000 men to Spainís 200,000 troops.) However Spainís navy was weak which is where the US had the advantage. Roosevelt sent Commodore Dewey to attack Spainís Philippines. They destroyed 10 Spanish vessels, killing 400 Spaniards and weakening their spirit. Although Americans were unorganized and outnumbered, they out fought Spain and won the war for Cubaís independence. After: Although many lives were lost, the US ultimately helped give Cuba itís independence as well as gained new territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico. A treaty was signed in August 1898 ending the war and giving Cuba independence. However, Americans didnít withdrawal from Cuba until 1902 because the government didnít want to lose Cuba due to its riches. Cubans agreed that Americanís could intervene with troops to restore order and provide mutual protection. The US still occupies Cuba today under an agreement which can only be revoked by both nationís consent.

4. Was it Worth It? The War fought by the United States to help Cuba gain its independence from Spain was worth the struggle for multiple reasons. First, America had many important businesses and resources in Cuba, which would have had a dreadful effect on American economy if lost. Also, the freeing of Cuba helped provide an ally for the United States and people were set free from a communist regime as well as the ability to step into Cuban political affairs anytime the U.S sees fit, thus giving us a foothold not on American soil which is a big military and political advantage. Therefore, the overall effect which we had on Cuba and the resources which we were able to continue importing, made it worth the effort.

5. Essay Question Was Americaís intervention beneficial to Cuba and themselves, or did one nation benefit more than the other? Explain why or why not.

6. Analogy The actions of the U.S. in regards to Cuba are like how a big brother protects a younger sibling from being taken advantage of. U.S.=big brother, Cuba=younger sibling Cuba is helpless like a younger sibling and canít put up a fight themselves, so the big brother (America) steps in and tries to help

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