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Upgrading MFG/PRO: Where Do I Start?. Steve Lamb QAD . Agenda: Where do you start? . What is the number of individual databases? How many custom programs? – Interfaces, wrappers, reports Any custom programs for security? Password expiration Password Complexity Password Reset

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Agenda where do you start
Agenda: Where do you start?

  • What is the number of individual databases?

  • How many custom programs?

    – Interfaces, wrappers, reports

  • Any custom programs for security?

    • Password expiration

    • Password Complexity

    • Password Reset

  • Number of EDI trading partners

Some reasons for upgrade
Some Reasons For Upgrade

  • MFG/PRO Version has been retired by QAD Inc. (limited support, no bug fixes)

  • 21 CFR part 11 and SOX Compliance module availability (Enhanced Controls)

  • Financial consolidation in MFG/PRO offers improved functionality over older versions

  • Take advantage of new additional functionality

Mfg pro upgrade
MFG PRO Upgrade

Project Scope:

  • Upgrade ERP system to latest release – “Technical Upgrade”

  • Enable Sarbanes-Oxley compliance by implementing Enhanced Controls Module (Audit Trails)

  • Implement process improvements through MFG/PRO control setup

  • FDA Validation of eB2.1 will be the same modules as currently validated in V

Technical assessment
Technical Assessment

  • Technical Scan of current environment

  • Hardware planning

  • Software planning

  • Detailed migration plan

Eb2 1 technical conversion guidelines
eB2.1 Technical Conversion Guidelines

  • Pre-conversion tasks

  • Security and administration

  • Custom schema, views and browses

  • Custom program upgrade

Pre conversion tasks
Pre-Conversion Tasks

  • Using the new Fixed Assets? Plan on conversion time

  • Convert all databases to GTM-based taxes performed in MFG/PRO Version 9.0

  • EDI & EMT Upgrade Analysis

Security and administration
Security and Administration

  • Existing security model definition

    • Database versus domain

    • Segregation of duties

    • Roles varied by database

  • Administration set-up analysis

    • Printer set up and move

    • Operating System user set-up

    • Custom menu access and security

Custom schema views and browses
Custom Schema, Views and Browses

  • Analyze custom tables

    • Where to incorporate ‘domaining’ functionality

  • Apply domain schema tool utility

  • Identify custom views and browses

    • Do views and browses require domain

  • Apply domain logic to views and browses

    • Global_domain

Custom program retrofit
Custom Program Retrofit

  • Custom program analysis and prioritization

    • Custom programs and business process reviewed on application to insure requirements going forward

  • Domain code conversion utility

  • Retrofit using MFG/PRO programming standards

    • .Net - compatible

    • Upgradable

Domain merge guidelines
Domain Merge Guidelines

  • Data analysis

    • Data analysis performed to ensure that the data would be accurate when merged

  • Data synchronization

    • Guidelines for keeping data standardized across domains

  • Language consideration

Data analysis
Data Analysis

  • Non-domained and domained table data analysis

    • Consistency of data in non-domained tables is critical

  • Data normalization

    • Where necessary and possible

  • Exchange-rate usage

    • Sequence numbers can conflict

    • Utility required

Language consideration
Language Consideration

  • Code page consideration

  • Shared data consideration

  • Start-up scripts set-up

Data synchronization
Data Synchronization

  • Define data replication model

  • Define replication data sets

  • Define replication mechanism

Technical implementation details
Technical Implementation Details

  • MFG/PRO eB2.1 database conversion

  • eB2.1 database merge

  • Testing

  • Training

  • Live processing on eB2.1

Eb2 1 database conversion and merge
eB2.1 Database Conversion and Merge

  • Pre-conversion tasks

  • Buffer-copy / in-place conversion

  • Post-conversion tasks

  • Prepare databases using domain merge guidelines

  • Select target database

  • Execute merge utility

  • Validation of merge database

  • Batch script upgrade


  • Test environment set-up

  • Technical environment testing

  • Conversion and merge process testing

Technical training suggestions
Technical Training Suggestions

  • eB2.1 System Admin training

  • .Net System Admin training

  • Progress OpenEdge 10 training

Application upgrade
Application Upgrade

  • Identify data for normalization either now or in future

  • Implement security roles and matrix in accordance with SOX requirements

  • Implementation of user roles

  • Assigning users to security roles

  • Review and approval of roles in accordance with SOX segregation of duties compliance

  • Implementation of additional application controlsfor SOX compliance

Eb2 1 architecture
eB2.1 Architecture

  • Linux Operating System

  • PROGRESS Open Edge 10

  • MFG/PRO eB2.1 Service Pack 3

    • 1 MFG/PRO database with 23 domains

    • 3 domains added for consolidations

      • 1 USD Domain

      • 1 CAD Domain

      • 1 EUR Domain

  • EDI upgraded to eB2.1

  • Desktop interface rolled out selectively

Audit trails for sox compliance
Audit Trails for SOX Compliance

  • Purchase Orders

  • Accounts Payable

  • Sales Orders

  • Invoicing

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Customer and Vendor Address Records

  • General Ledger

  • Multi-Currency

  • Fixed Assets

  • Product Lines

Project challenges
Project Challenges

  • Knowledge of current system and processes

  • Time-driven processes

  • Staffing levels and time commitment

  • Sarbanes-Oxley reviews occurring simultaneously

  • cGMP validation and compliance

  • “Out of Scope” issues

Project challenges continued
Project Challenges – continued

  • Overestimation of MFG/PRO knowledge by end users

  • Difficulty extracting data

  • Functional differences between legacy and MFG/PRO systems

  • Competition for resources

    • General business requirements competed for personnel

  • Training requirements disengaged team for several weeks

Go live implementation
Go-Live Implementation

  • Conversion of 20 MFG/PRO 9.0 databases to eB2.1

  • Merge all eB2.1 databasesinto a single eB2.1 database with 20 domains

  • cGMP (FDA) validation of merged eB2.1 database

  • SOX compliance wherever possible


  • Realizing full value of MFG/PRO as an organization

  • Close working relationship between QAD and customer

  • The customer has been able to reach out to all levels of personnel and management at QAD (Sales, Services, Executive)

  • Best-practice approach to implementationand system documentation


Steve Lamb


[email protected]