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INTERNATIONAL. History. Initially a Belgian focused company , Senior Assist is now the 3rd largest provider of Care Homes in Belgium. Founded in Belgium by two cousins: Healthcare Entrepreneur Bart Vanderschrick and financier Frank Bamelis.

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Initially a Belgian focused company, SeniorAssistis now the 3rd largest provider of Care Homes in Belgium.

Founded in Belgium by two cousins: Healthcare Entrepreneur Bart Vanderschrick and financier Frank Bamelis.

Unlike other dominant Belgian Care providers, Senior Assiststarted with a global vision:

“to build a world class Belgium operation, and to then bring it to the world.”

SeniorAssist: Local expertise, Global vision

2005: Senior Assist(Belgium)

2006: Acquired first nursing home ‘Le Saule’ (Brussels)

2007: Acquired 12 operational nursing homes (Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia) – SeniorAssist Home Care

2008: Acquired 10 operational nursing homes (Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia)

2009: Established SeniorAssist Chile (Seniority)

commenced new projects in Brussels & Liège (Belgium)

2010: Established SeniorAssist Turkey

new projects in Flanders (Belgium) opened new home in Brussels

2011: Established Senior Assist Uruguay opened biggest private nursing home in Liège. Developed new location in Antwerp

Opened SeniorAssist Güre (Belikisir –Turkey)

2012: Established Senior Assist BrazilOpening SeniorAssist Beylikdüzü (Istanbul –Turkey)Established Senior Assist Nederland with acquisition Arlero (6 mio euro revenue)

Implemented several extensions in Belgium

2013: Established SeniorAssist Peru. In acquisition discussion with largest operator in Chile. New sites identified in both regions. 7 new projects in BelgiumNew projects identified in Germany, Austria, Spain, Romania, China

Senior assist latin america

Started operations in Latin America in 2009, under the name Seniority

Currently operational in 2 LATAM countries (Chile and Uruguay). 136 beds under operation, and 400 under construction.

4 other countries have the potential (and culture) to expand in the future :

Chile (started 2009)



Vina Del Mar

Uruguay (2011)



Punta del Este

Peru (2012)

Brazil (2012-2013)

Colombia (2013+)

Argentina (2013+)

SeniorAssist Latin America

« The reference operator in the healthcare sector in Belgium » (Cofinimmo Press release 31.01.12)

Cofinimmo: Foremost Belgian listed public real estate investment company




Beylikd z elderly care center turkey
Beylikdüzü Elderly Care Center Turkey

Opened 09/2012

Beylikdüzü: located in the newly developed residential area on the European side of Istanbul.

280 beds on 7 stories, a day care center and a rehabilitation center. Safe and secure environment where the elderly can feel still part of community at large.

Senior assist international

Vision : To be the world leader in General health Care, setting the standard in service quality. General health care includes all kinds of care focused on elderly care, care for disabled people, home care, day care, rehabilitation care, as well as patiënt care and health tourism.

Strategy : opportunistic selection of countries based on:

Individual contacts

Country development and GDP projection.

Population demographics

Market maturity

Strategic Joint ventures

SeniorAssist International

Senior assist international1

Senior Assist International will become active in a large number of countries by 2017/2018.

Max revenue diversification across countries

Growth model : Increasing exposure to unregulated markets to set up General health care services

SeniorAssist international

Senior assist belgium the base

Nursing homes number of countries by 2017/2018.

34 locations

80% in Wallonia &Brussels + 20% Flanders

+ 2800 residents

1800 employees

SeniorAssist Belgium(The base)

Senior assist belgium
Senior number of countries by 2017/2018.Assist Belgium

Daycare Centres


Serviced Appartments (168)

Home Care (+100 independent nurses)

Senior assist belgium1

2012 number of countries by 2017/2018. :

95% of business

74% owned by Founders.

3000 beds in operation * 4200 beds under license * target 5000 beds under operation 2016|17

Growing home care activity

Revenue of more than 100 mio euro in 2012 – esitmated ebitdar of +22%

2017 : Belgium max 50% of business (projection) with 5000 beds under operation

SeniorAssist Belgium

Senior assist belgium2

Renovations, Extensions and Greenfields realised: number of countries by 2017/2018.

Sous bois, Vottem, Vedrin, Groenveld, Hof ter Dennen

Renovations, Extensions and Greenfields under construction financed

Védrin 2, Jours Heureux, Tramontane, Reine Astrid, Brise & Chêne, Mouterij Aalst, Solva Aalst, Neuve Cour, Récollets, Charmilles, Sitelles, Pleiades, Nieuwe Seigneurie


Grobbendonk, Stekene, Londerzeel, Lokeren, Grâce Hollogne, Meise, Bruxelles Anderlecht (?), Lovendegem, Gavere

Total Investment Volume : more than 300 mio EUR

Senior-Assist Belgium

Senior assist belgium3
Senior number of countries by 2017/2018.Assist Belgium

Senior assist belgium4
Senior number of countries by 2017/2018.Assist Belgium

Senior assist belgium5
Senior number of countries by 2017/2018.Assist Belgium

To conclude

Senior number of countries by 2017/2018.Assist is like no other Belgian Care home incumbent.

Enjoys the benefits of the closed Belgian market, but looks abroad for future expansion.

Senior Assist Belgium plays an important role as knowledge and experience provider.

To conclude