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ServiceGroup Proposal for WSRF44
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ServiceGroup Proposal for WSRF44. Monday, March 21 st , 2005. Tom Maguire (IBM). Issue WSRF44. Issue WSRF44: No obvious mechanism to include only members which extend a certain interface

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Tom Maguire (IBM)

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Tom maguire ibm

ServiceGroup Proposal for WSRF44

Monday, March 21st, 2005

Tom Maguire (IBM)

Issue wsrf44

Issue WSRF44

Issue WSRF44: No obvious mechanism to include only members which extend a certain interface

The method of aggregation for WSDL 1.1 required by WS-ResourceProperties allows only a single portType to be exposed by a WS-Resource. This has the consequence of restricting the value of the MemberInterface attribute of the membershipContentRule to having 1 value. It does not appear possible to specify a ServiceGroup that contains only members that have extended from a specific interface.

Issue redux

Issue redux

Membership constraints are only normatively defined for portType QName matching.

WS-ResourceProperty approach in WSDL1.1 obfuscates all but the most derived portType

  • Resource portType extension can be “inferred” from the shape of the RP doc

Servicegroup enhancements

ServiceGroup Enhancements

  • Extend the MembershipContentRule to allow membership constraints to reference elements other than portType

    • Resource Properties

    • WSDL

Membershipcontentrule today

MembershipContentRule today



ContentElements="list of QName“


MemberInterface- specifies the members to which this MembershipConentRule applies according to the interface (WSDL 1.1 portType) of the member Web service. There must be at most one MembershipContentRule for any given value of @MemberInterface.

ContentElements - specifies the content restrictions according to the list of QNames, each of which refer to a XML Schema global element declaration. This list defines the constraints on the wssg:Content resource property of the ServiceGroupEntry that must be satisfied for membership. The list may be an empty list. An empty list places no content constraints on the resource properties of the ServiceGroupEntries that match the enclosing MembershipContentRule.

Membershipcontentrule update

MembershipContentRule update

<wssg:MembershipContentRule ContentElements="list of QName“>

<memberConstraint context=“anyURI“ selector=“list of QName”/>?


@ContentElements – Same as previous MembershipContentRule

memberConstraint - specifies the member matching constraints for the group.

memberConstraint/@context – Extensible URI for establishing contexts for evaluation of @selector attribute.

  • - selector represents wsdl:definitions/portType/@name (WSDL 1.1)

  • - selector represents wsdl:definition/interface/@name (WSDL 2.0)

  • - selector represents Resource Property Elements of RP doc

    memberConstraint/@selector – based on context URI

Membershipcontentrule compare contrast

MembershipContentRule (compare/contrast)

Today as normatively described limited to WSDL1.1




Enhancement using a context of WSDL1.1

<wssg:MembershipContentRule ContentElements="">





Enhancement using a context of WSDL2.0

<wssg:MembershipContentRule ContentElements="">





Membershipcontentrule extensions enabled

MembershipContentRule (extensions enabled)

Members must have RP document with a RPE of wsdm:ResourceId which infers that the WS-Resource extends the wsdm:Indentification portType.

<wssg:MembershipContentRule ContentElements="wsdm:ResourceType">





Next steps

Next steps

  • Normatively describe rules and contexts.



  • Use case for client discovery of a ServiceGroup that supports a particular

  • Should the MCR context URIs be version specific?

  • Sure there are others…

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