Alcohol drug abuse prevention treatment adapt and drug demand reduction programs
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Alcohol/Drug Abuse Prevention/Treatment (ADAPT) and Drug Demand Reduction Programs. Club Drugs Binge Drinking Alcohol Effects. Drug Use and Abuse. Zero Tolerance! Considered a Serious Breach of Discipline Can Lead to Criminal Prosecution and Discharge Under Other than Honorable Conditions

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Alcohol drug abuse prevention treatment adapt and drug demand reduction programs l.jpg

Alcohol/Drug Abuse Prevention/Treatment (ADAPT) and Drug Demand Reduction Programs

Club Drugs

Binge Drinking

Alcohol Effects

Drug use and abuse l.jpg
Drug Use and Abuse Demand Reduction Programs

  • Zero Tolerance!

  • Considered a Serious Breach of Discipline

  • Can Lead to Criminal Prosecution and Discharge Under Other than Honorable Conditions

  • Treatment Services and Transitional Counseling is available to members with Drug problems

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Club drugs l.jpg
Club Drugs Demand Reduction Programs

  • LSD (Acid), MDMA (Ecstasy), Rohypnol (Date Rape), GHB, Ketamine (Special K).

  • Refers to a wide variety of drugs often used at all-night dance parties or “raves”, nightclubs, and concerts.

  • Damage the neurons in your brain, impairing your senses, memory, judgment, and coordination.

  • Effects: loss of muscle and motor control, blurred vision, seizures, increased body temperatures, severe breathing problems, coma, or even death

  • Highly addictive!

Club drugs5 l.jpg
Club Drugs Demand Reduction Programs

  • All club drugs are dangerous!

  • With many of these drugs, there’s no way for the user to know:

    • who made the drug

    • what the ingredients are

    • how much of an ingredient the drug contains

  • Because of these unknowns, the drug’s effects can be very unpredictable.

Alcohol discussion l.jpg
Alcohol Discussion Demand Reduction Programs

  • The legal drinking age is ____

  • You are considered to be DUI at a BAC level of _____

  • You can get alcohol poisoning from consuming how many drinks ______

  • A responsible drinker is someone who _____________________

  • ________ will keep me from making poor choices with alcohol and drugs.

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What’s the Demand Reduction ProgramsDefinitionof “one drink”?

Whether it's served slightly chilled, room temperature, or on the rocks, here's the answer:

one 1.5 oz shot of hard liquor at 40% alcohol or 80 proof

one 12 oz. beerat 4-5% alcohol (look at the label)

one 5 oz. glass of wine at 11% alcohol

Alcohol abuse l.jpg
Alcohol Abuse Demand Reduction Programs

  • Underage drinking IS considered alcohol abuse!

  • Alcohol Abuse is Incompatible with Air Force Standards

  • Alcoholism is Preventable and Treatable

  • Separation is Based on Substandard Behavior or Performance, Not Merely Alcohol Consumption

Few s 2003 alcohol related incidents l.jpg

FEW’s 2003 Alcohol Related Incidents Demand Reduction Programs

141 Alcohol Related Incidents:

DUIs 33

UADs 63

Alleged Sexual Assault 11

Assaults 24

Other 10

Deaths 1

Average Age 19

Drunk goggles demonstration l.jpg
Drunk Goggles Demonstration Demand Reduction Programs

Slide11 l.jpg

Impact of UAD and Drug Abuse on Your Career Demand Reduction Programs

  • - Letter of Counseling / Reprimand (LOC / LOR)

  • - Unfavorable Information File (UIF)

  • - Extra Duty (12-hour shifts/7 days per week)

  • - Loss of Rank / Pay / Status

  • - Restriction to Base / Loss of Driving Privileges

  • - Article 15

  • - PRP Suspension / Decertification

  • - Loss of weapons-carrying capability

  • - Discharge / Separation

  • - Court Martial

Consequences of a dui l.jpg
Consequences of a DUI Demand Reduction Programs

  • Letter of Reprimand (Unlikely)

  • Article 15 (Probable)

  • Suspended or loss of rank

  • Fines (amounting to over $2000)

  • Loss of Driver’s License

  • Loss of life (self and others)

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Low-Risk Drinking Demand Reduction Programs

- Thinking about whether you will drink, what you will drink before the party

- Being 21 or older

- Eating a meal before drinking

- Abstaining is the safest choice

- Drinking no more than one drink per hour; maximum 3 for women, 4 for men

- Always knowing what you are drinking

- Alternating alcohol-free drinks throughout the evening

- Knowing how you will get home safely before you go out

Slide14 l.jpg

High-Risk Drinking Demand Reduction Programs

- Not being of legal age to drink alcohol

- Chugging, drinking games, shots (drinking anything out of a punch bowl, trough, hose, or funnel)

- Drinking to get drunk (intoxicated)

- Driving after drinking or riding with someone under the influence

- Drinking too much or too fast on an empty stomach

- Going to parties where people drink too much

- Not knowing what is in your glass or leaving it unattended

- Mixing alcohol with any medications or illegal drugs

Jeopardy game l.jpg
Jeopardy Game Demand Reduction Programs

Available online resources l.jpg

Available Local Resources Demand Reduction Programs

Available Online Resources

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program (ADAPT) ext. 2998

  • Life Skills Support Center ext. 2998

  • Base Chaplain’s Office ext. 3434

  • Narcotics Anonymous (Cheyenne) 772-3313

  • Cheyenne C.A.A.R.E.S. 632-6496

  • DDRP for Prevention Materials and Information ext. 2879






Summary l.jpg

SUMMARY Demand Reduction Programs

No Tolerance Policy (Illicit Drugs)

Active Random Drug Testing


Drinking age is 21 years old

Know the Risks and Consequences

Know Where to Get Help