National spatial data infrastructure nsdi advancing the fifty states initiative next steps
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National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Advancing the Fifty States Initiative: Next Steps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Advancing the Fifty States Initiative: Next Steps. Overview for the FGDC Coordination Group 12/2/08. Presentation Outline. Fifty States Initiative Background Major Tasks for “Next Steps” Project Project Support Team

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National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Advancing the Fifty States Initiative: Next Steps

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Presentation Transcript

National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Advancing the Fifty States Initiative:Next Steps

Overview for the FGDC Coordination Group


Presentation Outline

  • Fifty States Initiative Background

  • Major Tasks for “Next Steps” Project

  • Project Support Team

  • Representative “Category 3” Projects

  • Federal Stakeholder Workshop

Fifty States Initiative Background

Importance to NSDI

State GIS Coordination Councils

Context for “Next Steps” Project

Approach to Strategic & Business Planning

  • NSDI Framework Layers

    • Geodetic Control

    • Cadastral (parcels)

    • Political Boundaries

    • Hydrography

    • Imagery (orthos)

    • Elevation

    • Transportation (i.e., Roads, Air, Rail, Transit, Inland waterways…)

    • … and Structures

Multi-Directional Supply & Demand

The FGDC-NSGIC “Nine Criteria” for Statewide GIS

  • A full-time, paid coordinator position is designated and has the authority to implement the state’s business and strategic plans

  • A clearly defined authority exists for statewide coordination of geospatial information technologies and data production

  • The statewide coordination office has a formal relationship with the state’s Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • A champion (politician, or executive decision-maker) is aware and involved in the process of geospatial coordination

  • The responsibilities for developing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and a State Clearinghouse are assigned

  • The ability exists to work and coordinate with local governments, academia, and the private sector

  • The sustainable funding sources exist to meet project needs

  • GIS Coordinators have the authority to enter into contracts and become capable of receiving and expending funds

  • The Federal government works through the statewide coordinating authority

Fifty States Initiative: Cooperative Assistance Program (CAP) projects in “Category 3”

  • In support of the NSDI and the objectives of the Fifty States Initiative Action Plan, CAP Category 3 projects will:

    • Develop and implement statewide strategic and business plans for spatial data infrastructure

    • Facilitate the coordination of programs, policies, technologies, and resources that enable the coordination, collection, documentation, discovery, distribution, exchange and maintenance of geospatial information


of Previous CAP Grants or Partnership Funds

Priority 2009 “Category 3” Application Candidates

Major Tasks for “Next Steps” Project

Federal Related Components


Key Milestones

Major Tasks: Federal Related Components

  • Deliver information about Statewide Councils and the Fifty States Initiative to candidates for CAP assistance and assess coordination efforts to-date

  • Develop strategies with the FGDC and all Federal agencies on ways to assist statewide coordination

  • Conduct a facilitated workshop to engage both states and Federal representatives to identify best practices and additional steps to implement completed plans

    • Outreach to Federal GLOB stakeholders

    • Workshop tentatively planned for afternoon of 3 February 2009 at USGS in Reston, VA

Key Milestones

Project Team

Project Sponsors


Contractor Support Team

Project Support Team

Project Sponsors:

Project Contractor Team:

Representative “Category 3” Projects

The Team will be assessing progress and measuring contributions to NSDI across a variety of state projects…

Representative CAP Projects: For Example…

  • Kansas

    • Text book implementation of the NSGIC templates

      • Statewide Strategic Plan

      • Business Plan for statewide high resolution elevation

  • California

    • Multi-year, multi-award, following NSGIC templates

      • Geospatial Framework Draft Data Plan

      • Strategic Plan Phase 2: Regional Participation

      • Imagery and Best Practices Business Plan

  • Maryland

    • Effort based on the NSGIC Coordination Criteria

    • Succeeded in raising awareness with Execs and improving state/local coordination

CAP-assisted Business Plans: Thematic Groupings

  • Data Centric

  • GIS Coordination Focused

  • Infrastructure and Enterprise Architecture

  • Funding Related

CAP-assisted Business Plans: Thematic Groupings

  • Data Centric

    • CA: Imagery Business Plan

    • IN: IndianaMap Framework Planning and GIS Council Business Plan

    • CT: Coordination of Funding for Statewide GIS and GIS Office

    • IA: Creating an Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure (7 framework layers)

    • SD: Cadastral strategic and business plans for the State of South Dakota

    • KS: Statewide High Resolution Elevation Data

    • UT: Statewide Inventory of Geospatial Resources (under development)

  • GIS Coordination Focused

    • FL: GIS Coordination Business Plan (under development)

    • WV: New Coordinating Body Business Plan

    • WY: Establishing a GIO and supporting GIS Technical Services Program

    • NH: Business Plan for creation of a Geospatial Information Officer

    • NC: Business Case to Support Sustainable Funding for NC OneMap

CAP-assisted Business Plans: Thematic Groupings(continued)

  • Infrastructure and Enterprise Architecture

    • OK: Business Environment Assessment

    • RI: RI Enterprise GIS

    • ME: Framework Specification for an Integrated Land Records Information System

  • Funding Related

    • IA: Creating an Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure (GITA)

    • IN: IndianaMap Business Plan Return on Investment Study

    • CT: Funding Connecticut’s Statewide GIS Program

Federal Stakeholder Workshop

Outreach Questions


Workshop Format

Federal Stakeholder Workshop: Outreach Questions

  • Can Federal agencies benefit from looking at the State GIS Strategic and Business Plans?

  • For Federal reps working at the state-level, are these reps able to contribute to the planning efforts?

  • For national program managers, can resource alignment be done better in consideration of the state plans?

  • For the Federal person on the ground (working within a state), how can they help?

  • How does the Fifty States Initiative dovetail with other Federal Initiatives?

Federal Stakeholder Workshop: Workshop Format

  • Half-day Duration

    • e.g. 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM on 3 Feb 08

  • Part One: Presentations

    • Fifty States Initiative Overview

    • State Mini-case Study (TBD)

    • Lessons-learned on GIS Strategic & Business Planning

  • Part Two: Facilitated Discussion

    • Questions to Federal Stakeholders (and discussion)

    • Summary of Actionable Items

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