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High efficiency simultaneous grinding and drying of minerals and sludges PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High efficiency simultaneous grinding and drying of minerals and sludges. Presentation for: 15 th Annual Conference on Markets for Industrial Minerals Oct. 22, 2003 David Dungate, V-P Marketing Dr. Sundar Narayan, V-P Research First American Scientific Corporation, Delta, BC.

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High efficiency simultaneous grinding and drying of minerals and sludges

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Presentation Transcript

High efficiency simultaneous grinding and drying of minerals and sludges

Presentation for:

15th Annual Conference on Markets for Industrial Minerals Oct. 22, 2003

David Dungate, V-P Marketing

Dr. Sundar Narayan, V-P Research

First American Scientific Corporation, Delta, BC

Presentation Outline

  • Introduction to First American Scientific Corp. and the KDS Micronex™ Grinder-Dryer

  • Description of KDS Grinder-Dryer

  • Pure Grinding Applications

    Glass, Limestone, Gypsum, Gold Ore

  • Grinding AND Drying Applications

    Zeolite, Glacial Clay, Coal and Paper Sludge

  • Summary

About First American

  • Founded in 1995, First American Scientific Corporation (FASC) is industrial equipment manufacturer and provider of innovative systems that increase profitability and reduce the environmental impact of materials processing.

  • The KDS Micronex™, FASC’s patented grinder-dryer, efficiently and economically processes a wide variety of raw materials and wastes into fine, dry powders.

Introduction to theKDS Micronex™ Technology

  • KDS stands for Kinetic Disintegration System. The KDS Micronex™ is an high volume grinder that dries WITHOUT needing any heat input.

  • No heat is needed because the forces causing size reduction also dry the material.

  • KDS Technology uses LESS total energy than conventional drying and grinding combined.

Target Applications

  • Soft rock minerals into fertilizers and industrial feedstocks

    • limestone, zeolite, phosphate rock, gypsum, and clay

  • Specialty applications

    • glass, metallic mineral ores

  • Biomass waste into fuel and fertilizer

    • paper sludge, manures, biosolids, wood waste and crop residues

  • Agricultural and food waste processing into animal feeds

    • food processing waste, oyster shell, fish bones, bread waste, seaweed

Description of theKDS Micronex™ Technology

Materials that CANNOT be processed include:

  • Plastics

  • Rubber (unless cryogenically cooled)

  • Metals (metallic ores okay)

  • Municipal Solid Waste (because it contains the above materials)

Benefits of the KDS Micronex™

  • Simplifying on-site grinding and drying operations into a single compact, and easy-to-operate system that has low initial and operating costs

  • Creating high-quality, dry, virtually pathogen-free powders that have value as industrial feedstocks, fuels, fertilizers and animal feeds.

  • Reducing transportation and disposal costs by reducing moisture


  • Raw material is dropped into the throat of the mill


  • An air-lock gate reduces dust and eliminates blow-back


  • Material moves to the Torus and is subjected to repeated violent collisions with the spinning rotor and strike plates


  • Material is fractured and pathogen destruction occurs

  • Water vapor and water droplets are released during the fracturing process


  • The classifier allows finished product to pass through to the cyclone and forces oversize particles to be reprocessed




  • Air containing moisture is separated and removed from the system.

  • Processed solid material is output from the bottom of the cyclone


KDS MICRONEX™ Physical Characteristics

  • 18’ (h) x 14’ (l) x 7’ (w)

  • Footprint 1000 sq. ft.

  • Weight 9000 lbs.

  • Motors 250, 45, 2, 2, 2 HP

  • Electrical 480V, 800 Amp

  • High grade steel with some stainless components

KDS Micronex™Testing Site

KDS Micronex™Process Process Results



KDS Micronex™ ApplicationsContainer Glass

  • KDS Micronex™ is the only machine known to us that can produce sub-micron glass powder, in bulk quantities.

  • Powdered glass can be used as a replacement for silica fume cement an brick manufacture or as a filler for various other coatings.

KDS Micronex™ ApplicationsContainer Glass

KDS Micronex™ ApplicationsLimestone

  • American limestone producer in Washington State uses KDS Micronex™ machine for limestone milling.

  • Powdered Limestone is used in cement manufacturing and flue gas desulfurization (FGD).

  • Client reports that the KDS Micronex is competitive with other size reduction methods.

KDS Micronex™ ApplicationsLimestone

FASC Client's Production Figures

KDS Micronex™ ApplicationsLimestone

KDS Micronex™ ApplicationsGypsum

Gypsum plant in California used KDS Micronex for gypsum grinding.

KDS Micronex™ ApplicationsGold Ore

  • Patented process mechanically separates gold and avoids the use of toxic chemicals.

  • Gold stays in KDS chamber when gold ore (quartzite) is ground to 30 microns.

  • Waste rock is conveyed out of KDS.

  • Research under way to improve operating efficiencies

KDS Micronex™ Applications Zeolite, Glacial Clay, Coal

Zeolite is used in fast drying concrete mixtures

Glacial Clay is used in cosmetics, face creams.

KDS Micronex™ Applications Paper Sludge

  • Two kinds of Paper Sludge – Primary/Secondary (P/S) Sludge and De-inking Sludge

  • P/S Sludge comes from wastewater from paper pulp-making. Has bacteria. MC = 80 %

  • Deinking sludge results from recycled paper manufacturing. It is 25% clay (kaolin). MC = 50 %

KDS Micronex™ Applications Paper Sludge Comparison

  • Both kinds contain burnable fiber, but are too wet to burn on grate or in dust burners.

  • Both can be directly applied as fertilizer, but this can lead to respiratory problems and water pollution.

  • Paper Sludge is usually landfilled at $17-35/mT + $0.1/mT/km transportation cost.

KDS Micronex™ Applications Paper Sludge Comparison

  • Drying sludge reduces landfill costs.

  • Dried paper sludge can be used to make sound-absorbing material, cattle-bedding.

  • Dried paper sludge is burnable in grate or dust burner.

KDS Micronex™ Applications Glacial Clay

975 kJ/kg is only 42 % of the latent heat of water! Drum Dryer would need 3700 kJ/kg of water.

KDS Micronex™ Applications Oyster Shells

  • FASC has processed Oyster Shells with excellent results.

  • Fine, bone-dry powder is produced.

  • Up to 3 TPH of possible.

KDS Micronex™ Applications Summary

  • Sub-micron glass powder can be made cheaply in large quantities

  • Limestone and gypsum can effectively be ground to solution grade

  • KDS dries deinking sludge with 74 % LESS energy than drum dryers

  • Chemical-free gold extraction system being commercialized

KDS Micronex™ Summary

  • The KDS Micronex™ provides a simple, compact, low cost and easy-to-operate solution for fine grinding and drying.

  • Proven applications include sludge drying, grinding glass and soft-rock minerals and preparing biomass fuels for power production.

  • The machine can quickly pay for itself, by creating high-value end-products, reducing processing and disposal costs.

Reduction System

For more information contact:

First American Scientific Corp. Tel: +1-604-940-6220

Fax: +1-604-940-6221

Toll Free: 1-800-561-8656

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.fasc.net

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