Ap english iii language and composition
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AP English III Language and Composition. August 29th or 30th. At the bell.

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Ap english iii language and composition

AP English III Language and Composition

August 29th or 30th

At the bell
At the bell

In your composition book write about a television show (or movie) you watched recently. Consider what, if any, stereotypes were presented. Describe the characters. What did the director utilize to present the character the way he/she wished viewers to perceive that character?

Class overview
Class Overview


Essential Questions



Complete discussion about Momaday’s The Way to Rainy Mountain

Today’s lessons


Integrate multiple sources of information presented in diverse formats and media in order to make informed decisions and solve problems, evaluating the credibility and accuracy of each source and noting any discrepancies among the data.

Write formally and informally to a variety of audiences.

Evaluate a speakers point of view, assessing his/her tone.

Essential questions
Essential questions

  • How does a memoir work for the writer and the reader?

  • How has media affected images of Native Americans?

  • What are benefits and detriments of literary stereotypes?

  • How do media shape perceptions?


  • Help! For extra credit please bring TOMORROW a fresh typed copy of your poem or essay about yourself that you submitted the first week. I would like to hang some on the bulletin board. You may have your name attached or not. You may change some name in the piece if you want to remain incognito. Have it on one sheet (modify spacing to do this).


Read pages 71-81 in Holt

You may obtain the textbook online. I’ll tell you as soon as I learn(!)

Your memoir paragraph is due on Friday (1st, 3rd, and 4th) and Tuesday (6thd)—remember a four-line heading on top left and center the title on the line after it

Submit your CB Friday.

Continue reading The Scarlet Letter. We will be discussing/writing about it week after next.

Prompt for the memoir optional
Prompt for the memoir (optional)

In your CB write about a life-changing moment in your life. It does not have to be THE most significant moment. Rather, choose one of the top moments that you do not mind someone (possibly) reading. I say possibly because one never knows who might peek into your CB sometime. Tell what happened and why it resonates as important to you.

The way to rainy mountain share group reports from 8 28
The Way to Rainy Mountain– Share group reports from 8-28

Close reading
Close reading

Three voices/narrators

  • Ancestral voice—tells folk lore

  • Historical voice—relates history

  • Authorial/personal voice—shares his feelings, life

  • Give evidence of the three “narrators.”

  • Close reading1
    Close reading paragraph?

    • “The Kiowas reckoned their stature by the distance they could see, and they were bent and blind in the wilderness.”

    • Discuss this pulling sections from the text.

    Close reading2
    Close reading paragraph?

    • Talk about the contrasts in Momaday’s text.

    Close reading3
    Close reading paragraph?

    Where do you see irony in the pages?

    Close reading4
    Close reading paragraph?

    • Discuss when Momaday’s purpose is to entertain, inform, and persuade in the text.

    Close reading5
    Close reading paragraph?

    Teacher and scholar Kenneth M Roemer has argued that In the Way to Rainy Mountain, “Momaday links the survival of his people to their ability to remember, preserve and pass on stories” (quoted in Holt 63). Do you agree that a culture’s survival rests on this ability? Explain using evidence from this text.

    Close reading6
    Close reading paragraph?

    • What are some insights Momaday gains about his heritage during his pilgrimage from Yellowstone to his grandmother’s grave at Rainy Mountain? What is the most important insight? Show evidence in the text.

    Close reading7
    Close reading paragraph?

    “There are things in nature that engender an awful quiet in the heart of man:

    Devil’s Tower is one of them”

    (lines 85-86).

    Transition--- paragraph?

    • Memoirs help writers know themselves. Memoirs help readers know others and think how the experience of others affect us.

    • Now we continue our discussion on Native Americans

    Take a poll
    Take a poll paragraph?

    • How much TV do you watch a week?

      • Sitcoms

      • Crime

      • Reality

      • Drama

      • Cartoons

      • News

    • How does that affect your worldview?

    Stereotypes paragraph?

    What stereotypes are depicted?





    Married people


    Police officers


    Middle Easterners

    Native american stereotypes
    Native American stereotypes paragraph?

    • Westerns

      Good guys/bad guys

      Native Americans



    Watch media smart
    Watch Media Smart paragraph?

    Native American steretyping in

    The Stagecoach, a film

    The Lone Ranger, a TV show

    Smoke Signal, a film

    Anaylze each

    Conclusion paragraph?

    How could/can/will this knowledge presented today affect how you view media?