fredrick douglass
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Fredrick Douglass

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Fredrick Douglass. By: Erica Schwoegl. Who Was Fredrick Douglass?. Fredrick Douglass was born in Fredrick Agustus Washington Baily, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 1808. Douglass was born into slavery.

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fredrick douglass

Fredrick Douglass

By: Erica Schwoegl

who was fredrick douglass
Who Was Fredrick Douglass?

Fredrick Douglass was born in Fredrick Agustus Washington Baily, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 1808.

Douglass was born into slavery.

Was shipped at Baltimore when he was only 8years old to work for a ship carpenter.

the escape
The Escape
  • In Baltimore the ship carpenters wife taught him to read. Which he later used to teach a Sunday school for fellow slaves.
  • Douglass was sent to work on the plantations as a slave then moved to work on a ship where he managed to escaped 2 years later.
  • He managed to do this by disguising himself as a sailor. Then boarding the train he claimed to not have certain papers with him. The conductor looked over the papers allowing him on the train.
after he was free
After He Was Free
  • First he moved to New York.
  • Next after Douglass escaped he changed his name for safety from Fredrick Baily to Fredrick Douglass.
  • He was an Abolitionist and lived on speaking out about what is happening to the slaves and about his escape. He became known for voice of the Abolitionist movement
  • He started printing the North Star weekly.
  • He spoke to students at Talbot County about his escape and stated “what is possible for me is possible for you.”
three keys to success
Three Keys to Success
  • 1. Believe in yourself.
  • 2. Take advantage of every opportunity.
  • 3. Use the power of spoken and written language to effect positive change for yourself and society.
other achievements
Other Achievements
  • Douglass did not stop there he later became the first African American citizen to get high rank in the U.S. government.
  • Just like Harriet Tubman Fredrick escaping inspired him to help others to escape using the Underground Railroad.
  • Later even became President of the Freeman’s Saving and Trust