Bill of rights
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Bill of Rights. The Rights of the People. What is the difference between a right and a freedom. Rights are things you have Rights are things you can do Government cannot grant rights, they can take away rights Freedom is the condition of being free

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Bill of Rights

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Bill of Rights

The Rights of the People

What is the difference between a right and a freedom

  • Rights are things you have

  • Rights are things you can do

  • Government cannot grant rights, they can take away rights

  • Freedom is the condition of being free

  • The power to act or speak or think without imposed restraints

Bill of Rights

  • First 10 amendments to the Constitution

  • Added in 1791

  • They guaranteed basic freedoms to the people

  • They also limited the powers of the federal and state governments

Amendment I

  • Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition

  • Government can’t force a religion upon you; practice what you want or none

  • Say what you want, but there are limits (ex: can’t threaten the president)

  • Can gather together as long as no disturbance to public safety

  • Can complain to/about the government

Amendment II

  • Right to keep and bear arms; states’ right to have militia

  • Gun control?

  • Should citizens have weapons or just a “well regulated militia?”

Amendment III

  • Freedom from having to allow soldiers to stay in citizens’ homes in times of peace

  • Soldiers cannot stay in civilian houses

Amendment IV

  • Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures

  • Property cannot be searched without a warrant

  • Warrant is approved by a judge and has to describe what is being searched

Amendment V

  • Freedom of being accused of a crime except by grand jury indictment and from being tried twice for the same offense; right to due process

  • Grand Jury to decide if enough evidence for trial

  • No Double Jeopardy- person can’t be tried twice for same crime

  • Plead the 5th- person can’t be forced to testify against himself (self-incrimination)

Amendment V continued

  • Due process of law- certain procedures that those charged with a crime have to go through

  • Eminent Domain- private property can’t be taken for public use without compensation

Amendment VI

  • Right to a fair trial in criminal cases

  • Speedy and public trial

  • Have to be told what you are being charged with

  • Confront witnesses and have witnesses testify on your behalf

  • May have a lawyer

  • Miranda Rights

Amendment VII

  • Right to a jury trial in most civil cases

  • Jury trial in cases dealing with money and property

Amendment VIII

  • Right to reasonable bail, fines, and punishment

  • No excessive bail or fines

  • No cruel or unusual punishment

  • Death Penalty?

Amendment IX

  • Protection of rights not written in the Constitution

  • Any rights not listed in the Bill of Rights are the people’s rights

  • Right to privacy

Amendment X

  • Powers not given to federal government reserved for states or people

  • States rights- any power not given to the federal government are rights for the States to decide unless it goes against the Constitution

  • Ex: Same-sex marriage, Abortion

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