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Corruption. Guilded. Populism. Guilded Quick Hits. Batts Picks. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 10 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 15 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 20 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt. 25 pt.

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Guilded Quick


Batts Picks

5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

5 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

10 pt

15 pt

15 pt

15 pt

15 pt

15 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

20 pt

25 pt

25 pt

25 pt

25 pt

25 pt

Government jobs that follow an election victory

What is the spoils system?

Reconstruction lasted from 1865-1877, this President ended occupation of the south by US military

Who was Rutherford B. Hayes?

President Garfield was shot because he was a “Halfbreed” and this vice president a “stalwart”

Who was vice president Chester A Arthur?

Corrupt political machine in NYC

What was Tammany Hall?

the Sherman Antitrust Act wouldn’t work because

Why Federal Courts would not enforce the law?

She was a former slave and journalist who was removed from a train for refusing to move to an African American car, led crusade against lynchings

Who is Ida B. Wells?

Time zones were established to……….

Make Railroads safer and more reliable

Woman suffragist who was arrested for casting a ballot in 1872 election claiming the 14 and 15 Amend applied to women

Who is Susan B Anthony?

The era from 1865- 1896 that described America as GOLD on outside and POOP on the inside

What was the Guilded Age?

Female Wild West star who shot cigarette from mouth of Kaiser Wilhelm-During WWI she says “I wish I would have missed!”-Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows performer

Who is Annie Oakley

A movement to increase farmers political power and work to make laws in their interest

What is populism?

Decline in the value of money

What is inflation?

First national farm organization

What was The Grange?

Grangers pooled their resources and created these that worked for the benefit of their members

What are COOPS or Cooperatives?

New farmers organization that started in Texas?

What was the Farmers Alliance?

Brilliant speaker who runs for President in 1896-prosecutor in Scopes Monkey Trial

Who is William Jennings Bryan?

Landless farmers who hand over most of profits to owner of land

What is a Sharecropper?

Separation by races-put into practice in late 1800s

What was segregation?

“LAWS” enforcing segregation

What are Jim Crow Laws?

“Separate but equal” court case

What was the 1896 court case Plessy vs. Ferguson?

African American who thought blacks should focus on economic success rather than political

Who is Booker T Washington?

Mckinley’s VP and leader of the Roughriders a Progressive

Who is Teddy Roosevelt?

Executions of blacks with out due process

What are lynchings?

This court case overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson

What was Brown vs. Board of Education?

Era that is sandwiched between the Guilded Age and WWI

What was the Progressive Era?

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