healthy relationships 9 th g rade h ealth
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Healthy Relationships 9 th G rade H ealth

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Healthy Relationships 9 th G rade H ealth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthy Relationships 9 th G rade H ealth. By: Amirah Muneer. Relationships. H ealthy relationships are an essential part of health. Increase life span. Relationships can help relieve stress. Healthy body functioning. Being alone can pose health risks. Types of Relationships. Family

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Healthy relationships are an essential part of health.

Increase life span.

Relationships can help relieve stress.

Healthy body functioning.

Being alone can pose health risks

types of relationships
Types of Relationships





characteristics of h ealthy relationships
Characteristics of healthy relationships

Mutual respect



Shared responsibility


Non Threatening behavior

Good communication

signs of a healthy relationship
Signs of a healthy relationship

Take care of yourself.

Respect for each others individuality.

Maintain relationships with friends/family

Activities apart from each other.

Freedom to express yourself.

Feeling secure and comfortable.

characteristics of unhealthy relationships
Characteristics of unhealthy relationships

Using intimidation.

Using emotional abuse.

Harmful behavior.

Compatibility problems.



signs of an unhealthy relationship
Signs of an unhealthy relationship

Pressure to change who you are.

Pressure to quit usual activities.

Justifying your action

Lack of privacy.

Physical violence

Controlling each other.

beginning stages
Beginning Stages

There are 3 steps to take in developing healthy relationship patterns




expectations in relationships
Expectations in relationships

Respect changes.

Accept differences.

Express wants and needs.

Respect your partners rights.

Be prepared to “fight fair.”

Maintain the relationship.

outside pressures
Outside pressures

Differences in background.

Time together and apart.

Your partners family.


when problems arise
When problems arise….

Understand each others family patterns.

Timing counts.

Establish an atmosphere of emotional support.

Agree to disagree and move on.

Separate wants from needs.

Clarify your messages.

dominant patterns
Dominant Patterns

Survival relationships

Feeling of dependence on partner.

“I am nothing without you.”

Abusive relationship.

Limited sense of personal boundaries.

“Relationship junkies.”


Validation Relationships

Validation of physical attractiveness etc.


Diminishing self esteem.

Partners may drift apart.


Scripted Relationships

“The perfect pair.”

Career oriented couple.

Partners become “invisible.”

Stuck in old patters


Acceptance Relationships

Ideal relationship.

Trust, support, and enjoyment.

Set limits.


Individuation- Assertion Relationships

Based on wants and needs.

Partners are encouraging.

Appreciation of differences.


collateral patterns
Collateral Patterns

Healing Relationships

Experiencing loss, struggle, deprivation, mourning.

Partners reflect on their past.

Provide support and comfort.

Multiple healing relationships.


Experimental relationships

“Trying it out” relationship.

Transitional relationships

Cross between old and new


Avoidance relationship

Avoid deep intimacy with others.

Pastime relationship

A summer romance

is your relationship healthy
Is your relationship healthy?

What do you like about your partner?

Is your partner accepting of your friends?

Is your partner happy about your ambitions?

Does your partner respect your opinions?

Does he/she listen to you?

Can he/she discuss his/her feelings?

ending quote
Ending quote

Trust is the glue of life. It\'s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It\'s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. ~ Stephen R. Covey