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Making classes happy space places
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Making Classes “Happy Space” Places. October 6, 2007 Wilmington University Professional Development Day by Kae Keister. Say the Title 3 x’s fast. “Happy Space” Place “Happy Space” Place “Happy Space” Place. Use a positive mantra. Your self talk matters

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Making Classes “Happy Space” Places

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Making classes happy space places

Making Classes “Happy Space” Places

October 6, 2007

Wilmington University

Professional Development Day

by Kae Keister

Say the title 3 x s fast

Say the Title 3 x’s fast

  • “Happy Space” Place

  • “Happy Space” Place

  • “Happy Space” Place

Use a positive mantra

Use a positive mantra

  • Your self talk matters

  • How we feel often influences what we project

    “have to” vs. “get to”

Six ways to make your class a happy space place

Six ways to make your class a “happy space” place

  • "There is nothing in the mind except that which has passed through the senses." Aristotle

  • Feelings are the key

Second way

Second way ...

Use open and inviting body language as students come into your class

Third way

Third way...

Whole class to


Math can be fun

Math Can be fun...

Have fun often

Have fun often...

  • Laugh at yourself

  • Laugh out loud

  • Laugh with others

  • Laugh often

Humor is humor

Humor Is Humor

Any humor you use in class is “good”.

It need only be of chuckle quality to be


You know you re from delaware when

You know you're from Delaware when.......

  • You can tell your from DE when you think the smell of marsh mud is greet. “Smell that good ole marsh mud.”

  • You not only know how to eat hard shell crabs, but you also know how and where to catch them and cook them, and you can tell the males from the females; and most importantly, you have a special pot just for cooking them. 

Making classes happy space places

  • You not only eat scrapple, but you know and accept what's in it. 

  • You love the beach, but hate the tourists; and you don’t call it the shore. 

Making classes happy space places

  • The highest point in Southern Delaware is a rise on the golf course. (In New Castle County it's Christiana Mall)  

  • You can tell if another Delawarean is from southern, middle or northern Delaware as soon as they open their mouth.  

Fifth way apply humor to your subject matter through a couple of techniques

Fifth way...Apply humor to your subject matterthrough a couple of techniques

  • Through a “play on words” or

  • Through analogies, similes or metaphors

  • Apply the “antonym” of thought

Making classes happy space places

In his book, Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins (1991) discusses the effects of humor. Cousins purported that humor reduces stress and anxiety while improving mental sharpness; characteristics that can improve learning (Glenn, 2002) and make our class a “happy space” place.

Sixth way

Sixth way ...

Use story telling to communicate your content



  • You can always add cartoons.

  • It’s best if they are about your content, but it’s not a requirement.

  • If you want to hear more about using cartoons, you can attend Bill Lane’s session today.

Have a happy space place in your course

Have a “happy space” place in your course.

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