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UNEP-Live and Eye on Earth A Partnership in the Making - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UNEP-Live and Eye on Earth A Partnership in the Making. A Presentation to the UNEP Governing Council by Mick Wilson, UNEP/DEWA. Title. Title Body text.

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Presentation Transcript

UNEP-Live and Eye on EarthA Partnership in the Making

A Presentation to the UNEP Governing Councilby Mick Wilson, UNEP/DEWA



Body text

UNEP-Live is a web-based platform to promote access to and use of environmental information for keeping the State of Environment under review.

• A P R E S E N T A T I O N T O U N E P G C 2 7 •



Body text

Eye on Earth addresses the crucialimportance of environmental an societal information and networking to decision-making – convene, converge, collaborate.

• A P R E S E N T A T I O N T O U N E P G C 2 7 •

UNEP-Live: What is it?

An open and accessible web platform providing access

to services and products that:

Facilitate stakeholders' access to UNEP assessments and their underlying scientific sources

Support UNEP's and Government Stakeholders’ environmental assessment processes:improve efficiency, increase participation, yield more timely products of greater relevance in policy forums

Enable flexible, customized delivery of assessment products to Member States and UNEP's major stakeholders

Why UNEP-Live?


• UNEP Governing Council decisions 25/2 and 26/2 brought us through the prototyping phase to presenting a costed submission to GC-27 next February

• The Future We Want – para 274 further justifies solutions like UNEP-Live

We . . .

note the relevance of global mapping and recognize the efforts in developing global environmental observing systems, including by the Eye on Earth network and through the Global Earth Observation System of Systems

. . . recognize the need to support developing countries in their efforts to collect environmental data.

What are assessments' information tasks?



Environmental Assessment



Combine content to create knowledge



Capacity Building


Gather content







What is the

current friction?

Assessment processes constrained by:

• Incomplete data (esp. national level)

• Ability or right to access to data and information

• No long-term trend data

• Capacity of experts to access, analyze and interpret

• Analyzing content to aid interpretation and creation of knowledge

• Customizing products to specific audiences

• (more to come)

Where are we?

Progress to date

Prototype athttp://www.uneplive.org

Partnership inUNEP-Live tasks


Globaland RegionalPartners

- Assessment Reports

- Maps

- Data

- Indicators

- Emerging Issues

- SOE Live

- My Country

e.g.AGEDI and Eye on EarthPartnership

Increasingreliance forimplementation


Abu Dhabi Golbal Environmental Data Initiative:

• 2002 post-Johannesburg WSSD type-2 partnership

• On-going project with 30+ deliverables

• One of these was the Eye on Earth Summit 2012

• Another is a national SOE reporting toolkit


State of Environment Reporting – LiveSoftware toolkit implemented in-country for:

• gathering information needed for environmental assessment and reporting

• publishing reports dynamically on-line

• maintaining content archive as basis for future assessments – narrative and data

• enabling continuous update

• same archive provides reference support for other reporting e.g. MEAs, MDGs (and SDGs?)


State of Environment Reporting – Live

• Being developed by UNEP as a deliverable for AGEDI

• To be deployed, managed and maintained in-country

• first deployment in Abu Dhabi 2013

• 4-6 other deployments in Gulf Region through 2014

• available for re-use in other regions

SOER-Live Capacity Development – Global

Future adaptation for re-use in other countries and regions

Potential candidates (and partners)

Carpathians(Secretariat, EEA?)



Latin America



UNEP and partners to mobilize funding support

SOER-Live Benefits to Countries

State of Environment Reporting – Live

• Less duplicate effort-> reduced reporting overhead

• Re-use of data and narrative -> reduced cost for future reports

• Web publication -> better outreach, products tailored to different audiences

• Open standards -> profile through participation in regional/ global showcases e.g. UNEP-Live My Country

National SOER-Liveand UNEP-Live

Access on demand – 'Link, don't load'

Other officialsourcese.g. UN

Other countries'content

Open standards

Selective release - national policy

National SOE archive- narrative- data (raw and processed)- maps and images- etc.

SOER-Live platformoperating innational agency

SOER-Live National Capacity and UNEP-Live My Country

Relationship is yet to be defined

• Consultation starts here today

• Opportunity for new level of relationship UNEP <--> Member States

• Win-win potential

What are your needs?

Thank you