The Learning Center:    Finding Training Mapped To Competencies

The Learning Center: Finding Training Mapped To Competencies PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Learning Center: Finding Training Mapped To Competencies

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1. The Learning Center: Finding Training Mapped To Competencies

2. Your Developmental Needs The Career Review module of bridge HR, and discussions with your manager, help you to understand your competency based developmental needs. The Learning Center matches courses to competencies.

3. Browsing for Courses by Competency Finding courses mapped to competencies in The Learning Center is done from your Home Tab , Overview Page , by simply clicking Competencies on the left side of the screen.

4. Full = A listing of all competencies with courses mapped to them, regardless of the grouping. Grouped = Organized by the following groupings: Cross Functional – General and applying to many functions. Functional – Specific to a function. Leadership – Fundamental and aligned with our vision. The competencies are as they appear in the bridge HR Career Review module. Only competencies with courses mapped to them are displayed. See Global System of Reference for additional details. Choose Which List to View

5. Scroll & Click Now simply scroll the list and click to see courses mapped to the selected competency.

6. Miscellaneous The global competency terms found in bridge HR are used in The Learning Center, beginning with their code. For example: FMA1 Marketing Segmentation and Customer Targeting Levels of proficiency are NOT listed in courses. Completing a course, or courses, will not earn a higher competency rating. Performance on the job, as rated by your manager, is what earns a higher competency rating. If the competency is not found as you click through the lists, there are no Learning Center courses available to you for that particular need. When nothing is identified in TLC: Check with your manager and local HR to identify ways to advance the competency. P Band and above in the US entity, salaried in Canada and Mexico entities, can search in Schneider Electric Instant Learning for development resources. SE Instant Learning can be found at: HR Home Page, Development section of the US Intranet Directly at Specific Knowledge is a competency grouping, like Cross Functional or Leadership, that is not currently utilized by the bridge HR Career Review module. The Learning Center will list courses mapped to Specific Knowledge competencies when they are utilized in the bridge HR Career Review module.

7. Links SE Instant Learning: Build your skills and knowledge for current and future job success in a competency based fashion. bridge Related Competency Master Plan:$file/competencyHome.htm HR:$file/bridgeHRHome.htm Login: The Learning Center A general learning center overview is available in the middle of the log in page.

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