WWWISIS: A Web-based CDS

WWWISIS: A Web-based CDS

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2. WWWISIS: A Web-based CDS/ISIS Database Server. I.Introduction II.Features of WWWISIS 1.Technical specifications 2.Indexing features 3.Search features 4.Costs, license, registration III.WWWISIS Indexing and search performance IV.Installation . 3. Introducti
WWWISIS: A Web-based CDS

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1. WWWISIS: A Web-based CDS/ISIS Database Server

2. 2 WWWISIS: A Web-based CDS/ISIS Database Server I.Introduction II.Features of WWWISIS 1.Technical specifications 2.Indexing features 3.Search features 4.Costs, license, registration III.WWWISIS Indexing and search performance IV.Installation

3. 3 Introduction WWWISIS is a system specially designed to act as server for ISIS data bases in Internet or Intranet World Wide Web client/server environment. WWWISIS was developed, maintained and distributed by BIREME, the Latin America and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information. BIREME is a center of the Pan Current version: 3.2c

4. 4 Introduction Purpose/target usage: WWWISIS is a program designed to serve as a Web-based CDS/ISIS server. It is a complete C library for CDS/ISIS that performs nearly all CDS/ISIS functions. Availability: The WWWISIS software is freely available for several platforms. http://www.bireme.br/wwwisis2.htm Example usage: http://www.bireme.br/cgi-bin/wsites/WWW_Sites

5. 5 Features of WWWISIS WWWISIS operation is driven by parameters Mandatory parameters are : Database name(db), Search expression(bool) and format specification for display(pft) WWWISIS parameters can be generated dynamically

6. 6 Features of WWWISIS? WWWISIS may be called directly or as command line inside a CGI script CDS/ISIS searching, formating and field updating languages are supported Search specifications can be gathered through forms, passed via CGI to WWWISIS and the results formatted and delivered to the client

7. 7 Features of WWWISIS? WWWISIS: Technical Specifications Server platforms supported Operating system HP-UX 9.04 SunOS 5.4 SunOS 5.5 IBM AIX PC-Linux 1.2.13 PC-DOS PC-SCO Web Server Software Any Web server with CGI-BIN support

8. 8 Features of WWWISIS? Technical support BIREME hosts a discussion list on WWWISIS. To subscribe, access the following URL http://listas.bireme.br/wwwisis-l.htm. Documentation on Web site ftp://ftp.bireme.br/wwwisis/doc

9. 9 Features of WWWISIS? Main program modules: WWWISIS Server for CDS/ISIS database. 'mx' utility for generating master file (.MST), used only on Linux system. 'ifload' utility for generating inverted file, used only on Linux system

10. 10 Features of WWWISIS? WWWISIS: Indexing Interface Multi-record file (e.g. bibliographic records in a file) Supports files in ISO-2709 format Stop words : Yes Field level indexing : Yes Database updation (merging) : Yes Compression support : No

11. 11 Features of WWWISIS? WWISIS: Search Interface Supports Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT) Supports Proximity/Phrase searching Supports Truncation Supports field level searching

12. 12 Features of WWWISIS ? WWWISIS: Costs, license, registration, etc. Completely free Official license may be purchased at a cost of US$ 150.00 and annual Maintenance fee at a cost of US$ 100.00. Acquiring an official license grants licensee a limited online assistance. Registration for download and use is not required

13. 13 WWWISIS Indexing and Search Performance? An existing CDS/ISIS database is used. No need to create any additional file Response time (simple and complex queries) Very good

14. 14 Installation (for Windows 95 OS) No Installation is required. Just need to copy WWWISIS executable file to cgi-bin dir. A Web server software with CGI support should be running as a background process

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