2 nd quarter exam review
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2 nd Quarter Exam Review PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2 nd Quarter Exam Review. Helpful Pages R5-R7. Topics Covered. Geography-pages 2-3 Reconstruction-pages 5-25 Moving West-pages 27-47 Immigration- pages 49-59 City Problems & Inventions-pages 60-71 Big Business-pages 72-81 Progressive Era-pages 82-87 Spanish American War-pages 89-99

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2 nd Quarter Exam Review

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2nd Quarter Exam Review

Helpful Pages R5-R7

Topics Covered

  • Geography-pages 2-3

  • Reconstruction-pages 5-25

  • Moving West-pages 27-47

  • Immigration- pages 49-59

    • City Problems & Inventions-pages 60-71

    • Big Business-pages 72-81

  • Progressive Era-pages 82-87

  • Spanish American War-pages 89-99

  • World War I-pages 100-113B

What are the 4 significant cities of the Northeast Region?

4 significant cities of the Northeast Region

  • New York City* Pittsburgh

  • Boston* Philadelphia

What are the states in the Southwest Region?

Southwest Region


New Mexico



What are the Noncontiguous states?

Noncontiguous Region



What are the 3 significant cities in the Midwest?

What are the 3 significant cities in the Midwest?

  • ChicagoSt. Louis


Thirteenth Amendment


Ended/banned slavery

Fourteenth Amendment


Citizenship to Blacks and full protection under the law (life, liberty & property).

Fifteenth Amendment


Right to vote regardless of race, color or previous condition of servitude.

W.E.B. Du Bois

Segregation should be stoppednow

  • FULL political, civil, and socialrights for African Americans.

Booker T. Washington

Accepted segregation

  • Equality gained through vocational education


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

  • Challenged segregation laws

  • Fought for equal rights for blacks

1 Reconstruction Policy

African Americans could hold political positions

2nd Reconstruction Policy

Union soldiers supervised the South

What were the restrictions that made it difficult for African Americans to vote?

  • Literacy Test

  • Grandfather Clause

  • Poll Tax

How did our view change of the great plains

Change of Perspective



What are the physical features of the great plains?

Flat lands

Low rainfall



Dust storms

What are the reasons for westward expansion?

Why did we move West?






Escape discrimination

New Technologies

What are the new technologies of the great plains


Steel Plow

Wheat Farming


Barbed Wire

Sod Houses


Beef Cattle Ranching

Transcontinental Railroad

  • Moved cattle from East to West

  • Transported iron ore to steel factories

  • Moved products to national markets

Chief Joseph

“I am tired of fighting…from where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.”

Attempted to lead his people into Canada to escape the U.S. government


Native American tribes forced off their own land


The US government’s attempt to change American Indians to fit into US culture

What was the 1st law passed that limited immigration in the US?

Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

What is a primary source?

1st hand account of an event

Example: Diary of a soldier from WWI

What is a quota?


Immigration Processing Centers

Asian immigration station

Angel Island- California

European immigration station

Ellis Island- New York

What was the biggest wave of Immigrants?

South Eastern Europe



PUSH Factors

Why did people leave their country

  • Oppressivegovernments

  • Poverty

  • Overcrowding

  • Crop failures

  • Starvation and disease

  • Limited land

Why did immigration increase?

PULL Factors

Why did people come to America

  • Hope for better opportunities

  • Escape oppressivegovernments

  • Adventure!

  • Religious freedom

  • Jobs (industry – not farming)

Where did people moved to find more and better job opportunities?

Better job opportunities in the city

Moved from rural areas (farms)

to urban areas (cities)

Labor Force

The workers in an industry

Captains of Industry

Leaders that used their business skills to make businesses

Henry Ford

Andrew Carnegie

Specialized Industry


Automobiles (cars)

Specialized Industry



Who invented the light bulb?

Thomas Edison

Who invented the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell

Allowed people to communicate almost instantly

Who founded the Hull House?

Jane Adams

Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony

Fought for women’s suffrage

The right to vote

19th Amendment gave women the right to vote

What organization fought for better working conditions

American Federation of Labor


Political Machine

  • Controls the police and the courts

  • Gained power by assisting immigrants to find housing

What are the causes and results of the Spanish American War?

Causes Results

  • Protection of American Business interest in Cuba

  • America supported Cuban independence from Spain

  • The sinking of the U.S.S. Maine

  • Exaggerated news reports

  • The United States became a world power

  • Cuba gained independence from Spain

  • The United States gained

    • Puerto Rico

    • Guam

    • Philippines

Why did the United States build the Panama Canal?

To protect the newly acquired territories

Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines

What message is the author trying to send?

Theodore Roosevelt is attempting to walk softly, but will use a big stick to accomplish his purpose

What is Imperialism?

Using power to get control of weaker nations

What is militarism?

A policy of glorifying military power

What is Nationalism?

A policy of taking extreme pride in one’s country

What is an Alliance?

Agreements between nations to protect each other

What was the “spark” that started WWI?

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

What is a German submarine?


What is Propaganda?

Ideas or information designed and distributed to influence peoples’ opinion

What is the Zimmermann Telegram?

Telegram from Germany asking Mexico to invade the U.S.

What are the 3 reason for the U.S. becoming involved in WWI?

  • Propaganda portraying Germans as a threat in America

  • Sinking of the Lusitania

  • Economic and political ties to Great Britain

What is an Armistice?

A temporary agreement to stop fighting

What was the FINAL point in Wilson’s 14th point plan?

The League of Nations

What country was NOT represented at the Paris Peace Conference?


Which country never signed the Treaty of Versailles?

The United States

What are Reparations?

A debt a losing nation must pay

Example: Germany

What is Isolationism?

A decision to avoid political or economic involvement with other nations

Example: U.S. after WWI

What is neutrality?

A state of being neutral, on neither side of a fight

especially nonparticipation in war

Name the Central & Allied Powers

Central Powers

Allied Powers




United States

  • Germany

  • Austria-Hungary

  • Bulgaria

  • Ottoman Empire

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