Ceo and hr partnership in the 1 st year of new economy
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CEO and HR partnership – in the 1 st year of New Economy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CEO and HR partnership – in the 1 st year of New Economy. Nikolay Pryanishnikov, President Microsoft Russia Vladimir Khimanych, HR Director Microsoft Russia. Nikolay Pryanishnikov. Jan 2009 - President of Microsoft Russia

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Ceo and hr partnership in the 1 st year of new economy

CEO and HR partnership – in the 1st year of New Economy

Nikolay Pryanishnikov, President Microsoft RussiaVladimir Khimanych, HR Director Microsoft Russia

Nikolay pryanishnikov
Nikolay Pryanishnikov

  • Jan 2009 - President of Microsoft Russia

  • 2008 - VimpelCom, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Russia,.

  • 2004 - Executive Vice President and General Manager for the Russia Regions.

  • 2000 - First Vice President

  • 1999 - Deputy General Director and Commercial Director

  • 1995 - CEO of Mobile Center, a subsidiary of Moscow Cellular Communications

  • A graduate in engineering from the Moscow Automotive and Road Building Institute

  • 1996 post graduated with a master in Economics and Finance from the All-Russian Financial Institute.

  • 1999 - an MBA graduate and PhD in Economics from the Higher School of Economics and Entrepreneurship ,awarding a Research on Strategic Management in Enterprises.

  • In March 2008, Nikolay has been officially nominated “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum among 300 International nominees worldwide.

Vladimir khimanych
Vladimir Khimanych

  • 2006 - HR Director Microsoft Russia

  • Career in HR since 1995

  • Current and previous HR experience includes:

  • Development and Deployment of Business and Organizational strategies

  • Development of High Performing Organization;

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Recruitment and Training systems;

  • Development capabilities of the distributors’ business teams;

  • Employee and Labour relations management

  • M&A

  • Working outside in Russia – in HQ in Singapore and Geneva.

Our strategy
Our strategy

Communications & Productivity




  • Corporate strategy

    • Long-term focus on innovations. Total R&D investments – $9,5B

  • Investment plan for Russia: 10 bln Rubles in 3-year plan for Russia

    • Our contribution to sustainable economic growth in the country in line with Russian Government strategic priorities

Investment $4.2B

Investment $7.2B

Investment $2.2B

Investment $2.7B



& TV

Search & Ads



  • MSN




Investment $1.6B

Investment $2.1B

Investment $2.7B

Investment $1.0B

Our strategy in russia
Our strategy in Russia

  • 6 key strategies in Russia

    • Extending Reach through regional coverage

    • Selling and Delivering Solutions

    • Breaking through in Online

    • Consumer & Retail

    • Marginalizing Piracy

    • Making Microsoft Much more important for Russia

  • Anti-crisis offers

    • Customers and partners support: special offers to small&medium companies, discounts for developers (80%), extended credit lines for partners etc

    • Re-training, support of innovative start-ups, support of Education

  • Focus on people as top priority – during the crisis more then ever



  • Regional coverage

Consumer & Retail

  • Selling and Delivering Solutions

Marginalizing Piracy

  • Breaking through in Online

Increasing our value for Russia


What proved to be effective in 2009
What proved to be effective in 2009

  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

  • Make sure the employees know what is happening with the business what it means:

    • If revenue falls, what are the consequences:

      • HC

      • OPEX spend

      • Investment opportunities

    • If revenue grows, what are the consequences:

      • All opposite

  • Keep All employees engaged, not only Leadership team

  • Do not be afraid to make tough choices, but do them fast. Show strong leadership

  • Assess if you can first do ‘easy wins’

  • Always see real people behind abstract numbers and think what impact your decision will make on their lives – this helps to stay balanced

  • Find balance between what is good for Business and for People

Microsoft russia today
Microsoft Russia today

  • 1994 – start of the Russian subsidiary

  • 800+ employees

  • 34 offices across Russia

  • Mostly Sales, Marketing and Services. Small R&D

  • Prior to crisis – double digit revenue growth (in FY’07 triple digit), doubling HC every 18 months

Choices we made in 2009
Choices we made in 2009

  • Succession planning – think who will drive the business in 3 years perspective

    • Internally. Investment in these people continues

      • Training (e.g. Management development program for all managers continues)

      • Rotation assignment abroad

      • Accelerated development programs for HiPo

    • Externally. Keep market profiling to know top people

  • Overinvest in your HiPo – they are the source of your competitive advantage

  • Focus on Top 50 Roles and 50 People

Choices we made in 2009 cont d
Choices we made in 2009, cont-d

  • Talent Acquisition, Retention and Performance management:

    • Drive performance management, encourage good attrition

    • Find opportunities for GREAT talents that we find on the market

    • Keep pipeline for the key pillars

      • Graduates (11 FTE hires and 30 summer interns)

      • Senior – via market profiling

Choices we made in 2009 cont d1
Choices we made in 2009, cont-d

  • C&B and cost management– focus on productivity is NOT equal to savings on people:

    • Microsoft C&B philosophy is based on (i) performance and (ii) market. It remains unchanged through the crisis.

    • We can identify easy wins, e.g.

      • Optimize training agenda, use web based education

      • OPEX savings, move meetings into virtual mode

    • Stay competitive, yet real, e.g. reward your top performers and outstanding achievements.

Conclusion hr strategy
Conclusion - HR Strategy

  • Heart of our business Model and key component of the 3 years growth plan

  • Driven by all managers, not only HR or CEO