Vietnam nsdi strategic plan
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Vietnam NSDI Strategic Plan PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vietnam NSDI Strategic Plan. Pham Minh Hai, Ph.D Head of Image Surveying and Remote Sensing Department Vietnam Institute of Geodesy and Cartography Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Outlines of the presentation. 1. Country information

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Vietnam NSDI Strategic Plan

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Vietnam NSDI Strategic Plan

Pham Minh Hai, Ph.D

Head of Image Surveying and Remote Sensing Department

Vietnam Institute of Geodesy and Cartography

Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Outlines of the presentation

1. Country information

2. Situation of spatial data in Vietnam

3. NSDI strategic plan

4. Prototype of NSDI components

5. Prototype of promoting system for NSDI

6. NSDI data updating structure

7. Difficulty of NSDI implication in Vietnam

  • Conclusions

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

1. Country Information

  • Land Area: 330.000 km2

  • Population: 88 million people (2010)

  • Urbanization: 30% (2010)

  • Upcoming Plans:

  • - To be industrialized country by 2020

  • - To develop a strategy for NSDI in Vietnamwith the vision to 2020

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

2. Situation of Spatial Data

A large amount of spatial data in various scales is available to access:

  • Geodetic and elevation control points

  • Sea water level

  • DEM

  • Geoid surface

  • Drainage system

  • Transportation system

  • Administrative boundary

  • Satellite images

  • Land use

  • Cadastre

  • Land value

  • Population and economic infrastructure distribution

  • Sea bed topography

Satellite images

3D map

Geodetic network 1st and 2nd order

Coverage: Nationalwide

Land use map

1:50000 to 1:1000

Coverage: Provinces

Cadastral map

1:1000 to 1: 200

Coverage: Cities

Topographic map

Scale: 1:250000 to 1:10000

Coverage: Nationalwide

2. Situation of Spatial Data


  • Duplication on Data production

  • Poor of data sharing

  • Data standard

  • Lack of management skills

  • Individual cannot get spatial data.

  • Policy on the development of spatial data is unclear

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

In order to utilize spatial data efficiently…

National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

3. NSDI Strategic Plan

Name: National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)

Temporal scope: ~2020 year

Purpose: To establish a concise plan to drive State’s activities toward the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure


To eliminate redundant spatial data

To encourage data sharing

To have decision making through spatial analysis

To make spatial data widespread in the society

To reduce cost and budgets

Promoted Progress















Data Collection

Data Collection

Data Review

Data Review

First Draft of NSDI Master Plan

First Draft of NSDI Master Plan

Preparing for NSDI Committee

Preparing for NSDI Committee

Approve NSDI Mater Plan

Approve NSDI Mater Plan

Law on NSDI

Law on NSDI

Applying NSDI to e-Government

Applying NSDI to e-Government

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

Governing organization for NSDI development

Department of Survey and Mapping Vietnam, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is responsible to prepare for a National Committee and a Master Plan of NSDI.

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

4. Prototype of NSDI components

There are 7 components were proposed for National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

Seven components of NSDI

  • Framework Spatial data

  • Standards

  • Access to data

  • Technology

  • Policy – Legislation

  • Organization – Institution

  • Partnership

Framework spatial data includes 7 layers, same as layers from 1:10000 scale topographic map.

1. Vegetation

2. Administrative border

3. Topography

4. Hydrology

5. Transportation

6. Population distribution

7. Satellite images.

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

Standard of spatial data contents, data exchange, meta- data and data services

  • Surveying and Mapping activities in Vietnam are following these standards:

  • National Mapping Standard (2005)

  • National Database Standard(2005).

  • Geographic Data Standard (2009)

  • Cadastral Data Standard (2010).

  • Land registration standards

  • Law of Survey and Mapping (doing)


Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

Data discovery, data access and data process

Only State’s Institution and companies can access spatial data. It is necessary to overcome information monopoly data center by issuing legal regulations, policies to facilitate access to spatial data.

Data Access

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

Hardware and Software Equipment, Data Communication Network.

Technologies from Intergraph and ESRI are mainly used to make and edit spatial data.

Surveying and mapping technology has been completely changed into digital.

Technologies for data securities and automatic updating spatial data in a huge database are getting very important.


Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

Mechanism, Policy and Legislation regulated by the State

National Assembly and Government have paid much attention to legal frame and policy on ICT application and e-Government.

NSDI development strategy is expected to be approved by Prime Minster in 2014, and also Law on NSDI is approved by National Assembly adopts in 2017.


Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development

Ministry of Construction

Government Office

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Industry & Commerce

NSDI Commitee

Ministry of Transportation

Ministry of Science & Technology

Relationship between Organizations


Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

Investment Funding, Human Resources Development, Public Awareness Raising, Scientific Research and International Cooperation.


State budget spends about USD 100 million/year for encouraging communities to participate in NSDI

Generalize SDI subject in universities, where are teaching survey-mapping, land administration and other related subjects.

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

Prime Minister/

Vice Prime Minister


(Located in MONRE)

Framework Data Sub-Committee

Standardization Sub-Committee

Data AccessSub-Committee


Policy- LegislationSub-Committee

Organization- InstituteSub-Committee

Partnership Sub-Committee

5. Prototype of promoting system for NSDI

Foreign Expert

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

6. NSDI data updating structure

Data production from State’s companies will be transferred to those fromthe local and privates companies. Spatial data will be update from the local to those of government center.














Asia Geospatial Forum 2013






At present, State budget is investing about:

USD 40 million/ year for cadastral works。

USD 74 million / year for production and upgrade of spatial data.

USD 1 million / year for spatial data network construction.

USD 2 million / year for spatial data production technology.

Budget for promoting NSDI

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

7. Difficulty of NSDI implication in VietNam

Vietnam does not have an official guidelines for the development of NSDI yet. Local enterprise scares to do business with spatial information. Lack of investment to spatial data.


Still long way to go…

Thank you very much

Asia Geospatial Forum 2013

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