Sea Scouting  in Finland

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Sea Scouting in Finland

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1. Sea Scouting in Finland

2. Different types of Sea Scouting Sailing with smaller or bigger boats Paddling Sea safety activities

6. Sea Scout Committee of the Scouts of Finland 6 people creating sea scout materials supporting the sea scout commissioners in districts (10 districts)? - courses: Skipper in Archipelago, Skipper- & Sea safety course and national sea scout camp Satahanka developing the sea scout program and sea scouting in Finland head of the group 2010: [email protected] (

7. Sea scout commissioners in 10 districts In districts sea scout commissioners and their sea scout groups Supporting local sea scout groups Taking care of things relating to sea scouting in the area Linking local sea scout groups together course organized in districts: Veneenohjaaja Different sea scout events in different districs (ex. competitions, get-together sailing events)?

9. Local Sea Scout groups - 71 Finnish speaking local groups   - 26 Swedish speaking local groups together the local groups have around 120 boats   (Suomen Meripartiokilta, Finlands Sjöscoutgille)? - was founded 16.3.2010 - supporting Sea Scouting and its developing in Finland for elder Sea Scouts wanting to make an effort

10. Sea Scout programme Cubs (7 to 9 years)? - “Water steps”: Paddler, Crew member, Sailing Adventurers (10-12 yrs)? - Taitomerkit: Seaman ship I-IV, Nodu, Sailing small boats, Chef on board, Paddling Trackers (12-15 yrs)? - “North, East, South, West” + extras

12. Sea Scout courses Veneenohjaaja (VOK) – 15 years+, part of the seascout programme of explorers. Organized in districs. Försti “Second on board”– When VOK has been done. Organized by local sea scout group. Skipper in Archipelago – for 17years+. Organized by Scouts of Finland every year.


15. Materials Becoming a Sea Scout Group (Meistäkö meripartiolippukunta?) –guide book for scout groups wanting to start seascouting. NEW, done 2010 The course system in Sea Scouting (Meripartion kurssi- ja pätevyysjärjestelmä)?   The safety rules for scouting on the water (Turvallisuusohjeet partiotoimintaan vesillä)?   Sea scout pages in REPPU-book for scouts.

17. Satahanka Satahanka is the national sea scout camp in Finland. The next Satahanka might be in 2013.   All scouts are welcome to the camp.

19. Project Jolla 2011 Aim: to have more small sailing boats in Finland before the next Satahanka camp. RS Vision was chosen as the sea scout boat. Christian Sandholm is responsible for the project.

20. Photos in the presentation: Scouts of Finland Alex Björkholm (FiSSc) Kai Koskinen (Satahanka)? Satu Raudasoja Christian Sandholm

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