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Journalism 285. Course Info: Patrick Howe Lecturer. Audio Journalism. Paints a picture with sound Captures emotion Draws listeners in to a story More than just interviews and narration We’re all plugged in these days Example (Beep Baseball) Another.

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Journalism 285

Journalism 285

Course Info:

Patrick Howe


Audio journalism
Audio Journalism

  • Paints a picture with sound

  • Captures emotion

  • Draws listeners in to a story

  • More than just interviews and narration

  • We’re all plugged in these days

  • Example(Beep Baseball)

  • Another

Using audio in mmj
Using Audio in MMJ

  • Podcasts

  • Audio slideshows

  • Breaking news. All you need is a cell phone.

  • Radio-type news or feature story

  • While you’re doing something else

Writing for the ear
Writing for the Ear

  • Conversational: write like you talk

  • One idea per sentence. Break long sentences into multiple short ones.

  • Don’t use jargon or assume listener knows what you know.

  • Identify who you interview.

  • Beginning and end of story are most important.

  • Build up to a good ending.

Write like you talk
Write like you talk

  • NOT GOOD: Authorities apprehended the suspect as he was attempting to scale the fence.

  • BETTER: Police grabbed the man while he was climbing over the fence.


Make this conversational:

Pope Benedict XVI joined U.S. President Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II on Friday by launching his much-anticipated YouTube channel, a sign the Vatican is increasingly reaching out to the digital generation.


President Obama has a YouTube channel. So does Queen Elizabeth. Now Pope Benedict has one too. The pope wants to use the new channel to reach out to young people.

What s a better way to say
What’s a Better Way to Say:

  • Youth

  • Officials

  • At large

  • Citizens

  • Physician

5 steps to an audio story
5 Steps to an Audio Story

An audio story is your narrated script with sound bites mixed in

  • Interview your source(s)

  • Log your sound bites

  • Write a script, incorporating the bite(s)

  • Record your script

  • Edit it together with the bite(s)

Getting good sound
Getting Good Sound

  • Gathering Sound(video)

  • Get the microphone close!

  • Watch out for background noise like wind, airplanes and traffic

  • Wear earphones

  • Record your own questions

  • Record natural sound

  • Examples: Kids’ Digital Day,

    Jennifer Sirchuk

Recording yourself
Recording Yourself

  • Speak clearly

  • Confirm pronunciation (especially of names)

  • Slow down

  • Keep it conversational

  • Play it back

  • Do multiple takes

Editing audio options
Editing Audio Options

  • Audacity (free, can use in Mac and Windows, widely used)

  • Garageband (powerful and fairly easy; lots of help online)

There s an app for that free voice recorder apps
There’s an App for ThatFree Voice Recorder Apps


  • QuickVoice (.caf files)

  • VR+ (MP3 with watermark)


  • Hi-Q MP3 Rec (Lite)

Lab practice audio story
LAB: Practice Audio Story

  • Use tutorial to set up Garageband.

  • Interview peer about their beat for at least 3 minutes (record your questions too)

  • Import the audio and edit it down to a one minute piece.

  • Add in some natural sound: Record your own OR download from

  • Include fade-ins and fade-outs.

  • Let me hear it when you’re done