Scanlan stingray s haiku poems
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Scanlan Stingray’s Haiku Poems PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scanlan Stingray’s Haiku Poems. 2013-2014. Venasaur. It ’ s strong and leafy It ’ s gentle, kind, and bulky, It likes to eat plants. By Paul Blome. Chocolate Yum Yum!. Oh how good it is! Hershey ’ s, Wonka, oh so good! It is so good bro! By Drew Longley. Cars. A car goes beep beep

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Scanlan Stingray’s Haiku Poems

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Scanlan Stingray’sHaiku Poems



It’s strong and leafy

It’s gentle, kind, and bulky,

It likes to eat plants.

By Paul Blome

Chocolate Yum Yum!

Oh how good it is!

Hershey’s, Wonka, oh so good!

It is so good bro!

By Drew Longley


A car goes beep beep

Vroom, vroom, it zooms very fast

My car is awesome!

By Tucker Spencer


Getting your first goal

Shooting and blocking the balls

Wait! We won the game!

By Christian Ulloa

Squeak, Squeak!

“Squeak, Squeak!” said the mouse.

“Squeak, Squeak!” Then he looked at me.

“Hunh?” What did he say?

By Mary “Tate” Philpott


Tigers and Zebras

Dogs and Cats! Giraffes, oh my!

So cute when they run!

By Olivia Mates


Cat, Kitty, Cat, MEOW!!

Kitten, Kitty, Grown up Cat!

Cat, Kitty, Purr, Purr!!

By Sarah Hoke


Lollipops to lick

Gun is good and chewy soft!

Sweet, rich chocolate!

By Ruby Miller


It relaxes me

This weekend I will compete

Dancing is my life!!

By Avery Dickerson



Larger than ten elephants

Fast and so scary!

By Emma Haviland


Chocolate is awesome

It tastes so good in my mouth

Chocolate is delish!

By Quin Hamilton


Time to spend with kin

Fun and games with family

Give or gain presents

By Hayden “Carter” White


Winter is so cold….

Best time of the year is now

Snowflakes falling down

By John Benavides


Don’t know what to do….

My ideas are so cool

My thoughts just now came!

By Jacob Lopez


Math is counting….math

Math is fun….math is numbers

Math is done….GOODBYE!

By Joshua Sanchez

Summer’s Coming

The summer breeze cools

School is ending soon…no school

Summer is the best!

By Julia Morrison



Branchesswaying in the breeze

Brown trunk, nice and tall

By Ian Wahl


Animals are born

A field of bluebonnets

The sun is shining!

By Abigail Wile

Cat and Dog

A dog and a cat

A cat you can cuddle with

A dog is so cute!!

By Jill Hightower


They are so pretty

They bloom daily in the spring

Flowers are so nice

By Max Collins


Orange, yellow, red, brown

Leaves dance as wind blows strongly

They fall to the ground….

By Enzo Rosso

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