Color reproduction on high density printing
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Color Reproduction on High Density Printing. Doosan Chung, DaimuYasuhira, Nippon Heihan Kizai Takei, IGU Kinoshita 2007-02-07. 1、 Introduction Web Offset Test IPCC (Intergovermental Panel Climate Change) Sustainability. 1、 Yellow Ink (Red Shift) 2、 Magenta, Cyan 3、 RI Tester

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Color reproduction on high density printing

Color Reproduction on High Density Printing

Doosan Chung,


Nippon Heihan Kizai Takei,

IGU Kinoshita


2007-2-7 IGU

Introduction web offset test climate change sustainability
1、IntroductionWeb Offset TestIPCC(Intergovermental Panel Climate Change)Sustainability

1、Yellow Ink (Red Shift)

2、Magenta, Cyan

3、RI Tester

4、Ink Transfer Model


6、Korea Color vs. Japan Color

7、High Density Printing (Nova Space,

Wide Color)

2007-2-7 IGU

Preliminary experimental photo1
2、Preliminary Experimental(Photo1)

RI Tester (Akira Manufacturing Co.)

2007-2-7 IGU

Calibration by x rite s photo2
3、Calibration by X-Rite530S(Photo2)





Size=24×5 cm


※ Ink : 韓國特殊INK工業  ;両面ArtPaper

2007-2-7 IGU

Results ink transfer mg from paper weight
4、ResultsInk Transfer (mg) from paper weight

2007-2-7 IGU

Ink transfer quantity
Ink Transfer Quantity

2007-2-7 IGU

Fig 1 yellow ink transfer modified quantity
Fig.1 Yellow Ink Transfer modified Quantity

2007-2-7 IGU

Table1 yellow ink l a b density
Table1 Yellow Ink L*,a*,b* & Density

2007-2-7 IGU

Yellow ink density
Yellow Ink Density

2007-2-7 IGU

Fig 1 2 variation of yellow density
Fig.1-2 Variation of Yellow Density

2007-2-7 IGU

Yellow chromaticity magnified
Yellow Chromaticity magnified




2007-2-7 IGU

Yellow chromaticity
Yellow Chromaticity



1 =1.44

2007-2-7 IGU

Yellow density hue angle
YellowDensity & Hue Angle

2007-2-7 IGU

Fig 2 yellow density
Fig.2 YellowDensity & c*

2007-2-7 IGU

Magenta no 5 sample
Magenta No.5 Sample

2007-2-7 IGU

Fig 3 magenta density hue angle
Fig.3 Magenta Density & Hue Angle

2007-2-7 IGU

Magenta density c
Magenta Density & c*

2007-2-7 IGU

Cyan no5 density
Cyan No5 Density

2007-2-7 IGU

Fig 4 cyan density hue angle
Fig.4 Cyan Density & Hue Angle

2007-2-7 IGU

Cyan density
Cyan Density & c*

2007-2-7 IGU

Table 2 correlation l c for density and ha
Table 2CorrelationL* & c* for DensityandHA

2007-2-7 IGU

Fig 5 ri tester no 5 jcp2001
Fig.5 RI Tester No.5 & JCP2001

2007-2-7 IGU

Ri tester no 1 no 5 novaspace
RI Tester No.1,No.5 & NovaSpace

2007-2-7 IGU

Fig 6 nova space wide color ri tester no 3
Fig.6Nova space, Wide Color & RITester No.3

2007-2-7 IGU

Photo3 comparison with wide color a1 175 line a2 printed image
Photo3Comparison with Wide Color(A1) & 175 Line(A2) Printed Image

2007-2-7 IGU

A1 a2 c ha difference
A1-A2 c*& HA Difference

2007-2-7 IGU

Table4 comparison with ns and wide color
Table4 Comparison with NS and Wide Color

2007-2-7 IGU

Table3 ri tester no 5 cmy jcp2001
Table3RI Tester No.5 CMY & JCP2001

2007-2-7 IGU

Yellow magnified color diagram j k nova space wide color jcp2001 doosan ri tester
YellowMagnified Color Diagram(J,K)Nova Space, Wide Color,JCP2001,Doosan, RI Tester

2007-2-7 IGU

Red magnified color diagram j k nova space wide color jcp2001 doosan
RedMagnified Color Diagram(J,K)Nova Space, Wide Color,JCP2001,Doosan

2007-2-7 IGU

Y m c equations from graph polynomial expression approximate curve d ha
Y,M,C EquationsFrom Graph Polynomial expression approximate curve (D-HA)

y C= 22.735x2 - 62.019x + 283.33

R2 =0.9575

yM = 22.763x2 - 53.929x + 31.311

R2 = 0.9706

y Y= -7.5322x2 + 9.6369x + 89.284

R2 = 0.9887

2007-2-7 IGU

C l diagram
c*-L* Diagram

2007-2-7 IGU


1、Correlation for Density Value of Yellow ink (Y) is high for c* and reverse for L*& HA.

2、Increasing Y Ink trend to reddish.

3、These correlations between Ink density & chroma on Y,M,C are order of Y>M>C.

4、The a* minus values of chromaticity Y are under Density=1.

5、The 2nd~4th sheets of each ink are stable in ink transfer.

6、The 2nd Experiment of low density is necessary.

2007-2-7 IGU