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Employease 2000 Media Proposal. Tuesday, April 4, 2000. Overview Parameters Budget Timing Geographic Coverage Target Audience Review Objectives Strategies Tactics Digital 1/0 Media Selection Process Media Evaluation Criteria Schedule Development Process. Recommended Schedule

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Employease 2000 media proposal

Employease 2000 Media Proposal

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Table of contents





Geographic Coverage

Target Audience Review




Digital 1/0 Media Selection Process

Media Evaluation Criteria

Schedule Development Process

Recommended Schedule

Digital 1/0 Rankers

Digital 1/0 Summary

Vehicle Selection



Budget Summary

Value Added Merchandising

Online Program


Closing Dates

Circulation Comparison

Editorial Comparison

Publication Duplication

Syndicated Summary

Table of Contents


  • Purpose of this plan is to launch Employease corporate brand identity and brand positioning to a national target audience

  • Both business and HR audiences will be targeted

  • The plan will seek to build a high level of awareness in an efficient and effective manner


  • Timing: May 2000 through February 2001

  • Budget: $2,500,000

  • Geographic Coverage

    • Domestic U.S.

  • Ad Unit: Spread, 4C, Page 4C, Online units

Target audience review
Target Audience Review

  • Job Titles/Functions

    • Top management and CxO level of companies:

      • Searching for methods of streamlining the efficiencies of their business operations

      • Seeking to achieve a higher level of strategic benefit from their HR departments

    • HR management in need of more effective means of managing their departments and their company’s personnel

      • Those who recognize the value of and the benefits of higher level HR functions


  • Develop a media program that targets those having influence over their company’s business processes and human resource strategies

  • Launch with a heavy-up flight at campaign launch. Sustain with maintenance level

  • Choose media based on their ability to reach the specific target audiences

  • Seek budget-extending, value-add programs capitalizing on trade show and seminar events


  • Deliver flighted brand awareness program to CxO and top management

    • Maximize exposure with weekly business journals

  • Support brand building efforts to HR audiences with longer shelf life media

    • Monthly trade media that reach the individual target audience titles

  • Select media that is editorially suited to those companies that have adopted the value of strategic HR

  • Launch with Spreads. Follow with full pages


  • Support brand online with an Internet program

    • Banners,email newsletters, direct email, content sponsorships and partnerships

    • Build brand and deliver information in addition to increasing web site traffic

  • Develop high frequency levels in-flight across key target segments to achieve objectives

    • With budget in mind, develop a schedule consisting of compressed flights to maximize awareness

      • Launch heavily

      • Follow with maintenance


  • Ensure relevant context for message positioning:

    • Business Methods Business Success

    • Human Resource Issues Human Resource Success

      • Use business focused media for relevant alignment with Employease business benefits

      • Use HR focused media for relevant alignment with Employease Human Resource specific benefits


  • Establish exacting criteria for media evaluation

    • Ensuring cost-efficient and effective reach of all target audience segments

  • Institute specific process for measuring, rating, and selecting media using these criteria

  • Establish Metrics  Evaluate  Score  Select

The digital 1 0 selection process
The Digital 1/0 Selection Process

  • Numerical evaluative process placing strategic selection criteria behind the numbers

  • Establishes and controls the selection process parameters

  • Provides logical rationale for media selection

  • Captures qualitative evaluators and translates to quantitative

The digital1 0 selection process
The Digital1/0 Selection Process

  • Measurement criteria translated into logical (the 1/0) values

    • Setting minimum thresholds for each measurement

      • Example - for business publications, target audience threshold settings are:

        • 30% + of circulation must be Cxo’s

        • 95% of circulation must be qualified within one year

  • Media ranked by cumulative ratings across multiple criteria

    • Detailed ratings and threshold values shown in Appendix

Media evaluation criteria
Media Evaluation Criteria

  • Target audience coverage

    • Percent of circulation that matches target audience definition (job title)

    • Percent of circulation reaching companies in the “mid-market” as defined by revenue and employee size

    • “Plan to buy/involved in purchase of” rankings from syndicated research

      • Involved in acquisition of Accounting/Payroll Software

      • Plan to Acquire Accounting/Payroll Software

Media evaluation criteria1
Media Evaluation Criteria

  • Editorial quality

    • Measured by ratio of ads to editorial content and growth in ad pages

    • Topic Affinity. Does the medium cover the relevant issues?

  • Circulation Vitality/Readership

    • Measured by percent re-qualified within one year

    • Measured by percent direct written request/paid

    • Measured by time spent with publication

  • Cost-efficiency

    • Measured by cost per thousand on total circulation

Schedule development process
Schedule Development Process

  • Front load schedule for effective and fast brand building

  • Using recommended media, maximize impact by determining effective in-flight frequency

    • Establish criteria corresponding to issue frequency:

      • Weeklies: Minimum 2 out of 4 insertions

      • Bi-Weeklies: Minimum 1 out of 2 insertions

Digital 1 0 criteria the numbers
Digital 1/0 Criteria: The Numbers

  • Top Management Ranker

  • Chairman/CEO Ranker

  • Treasurer/CFO Ranker

  • Involved in acquisition of Accounting/Payroll Software

  • Plan to Acquire Accounting/Payroll Software

  • Digital 1/0 Summaries: Business and HR

Digital 1 0 criteria top management ranker
Digital 1/0 Criteria: Top Management Ranker

Source: Intelliquest CIMS v6.0

Digital 1 0 criteria involved in acquisition of accounting payroll
Digital 1/0 Criteria: Involved in acquisition of Accounting/Payroll

Source: Intelliquest

Recommended media
Recommended Media Software

  • Business 2.0

  • Fast Company

  • Wall Street Journal

  • CFO

  • HR Executive

  • HR Magazine

  • Workforce

Print value added merchandising
Print Value Added Merchandising Software

  • Business 2.0

    • Rate Structure

      • 18x frequency rate, 9% discount off earned rate

      • $14,689 net per page 4C, $37,648 net per spread 4C

    • Merchandising Package

      • Website Hotlink for duration of program

      • Two Advertising Studies

      • Sponsorship of conferences/ seminars

Print value added merchandising1
Print Value Added Merchandising Software

  • Fast Company

    • Rate Structure

      • 10x frequency rate

      • $27,302 net per page 4C, $54,604 net per spread 4C

    • Merchandising Package

      • One Starch advertising study, opportunity to add one question to study

      • Hotlink on website for every month advertised

      • 7,000 Direct Mail names

      • Premium positioning charge waived

Print value added merchandising2
Print Value Added Merchandising Software

  • Wall Street Journal

    • Rate Structure

      • 10,000 line rate contract

      • Mix of half page black & white and fractional pages

      • $101,890 net full page black & white, $39,038 net for fractionals

    • Merchandising Package

      • Cocktail party to be hosted by WSJ in conjunction with a tradeshow (TBD)

      • Inserts into various Airport copies of WSJ

      • Three Starch (advertising studies) Reports

Print value added merchandising3
Print Value Added Merchandising Software

  • CFO

    • Rate Structure

      • 24x frequency rate, 6% discount off 6x earned rate

      • $43,851 net per page 4C, $87,702 net per spread 4C, for each page over 6x (pages 7 & 8) there will be a 50% discount off the page rate

    • Merchandising Package

      • Web banners for 6 months

      • Complimentary exhibitor package at eCFO confernce (Atlanta, September 2000)

Print value added merchandising4
Print Value Added Merchandising Software

  • HR Executive

    • Rate Structure

      • 12x frequency rate, 13% discount off 6x earned rate

      • $9,486 net per page 4C, $17,077 net per spread 4C

      • $7,590 net for one page listing in Resource Guide

    • Merchandising Package

      • Benefit Sales Locator Database Reports

      • Complimentary literature release

      • Web site guide listing

      • Maximum discount on the Resource Guide

Print value added merchandising5
Print Value Added Merchandising Software

  • HR Magazine

    • Rate Structure

      • 18x frequency rate, 6% discount off 12x earned rate

      • $7,100 net per page 4C, $13,600 net per spread 4C

    • Merchandising Package

      • Direct mail lists

      • Ad Reprints

      • Merchandising Letter from the publisher

Print value added merchandising6
Print Value Added Merchandising Software

  • Workforce

    • Rate Structure

      • 24x frequency rate, 19% discount off 6x earned rate

      • $4,023 net per page 4C, $8,046 net per spread 4C

    • Merchandising Package

      • Product information listing

      • Three Workforce Tools online listing to run for a 12 month period

      • Tools HR and Product service directory listing

      • List rental of either the subscriber list or opt-in registered user list

Online program

Online Program Software

Online program objectives
Online Program Objectives Software

  • Support offline efforts to build brand

  • Sites are considered based on @Plan syndicated rankers and site profiles

  • Sites will be chosen based upon ability to effectively and efficiently deliver the target audience

  • Target 10-20,000,000 impressions over flight

    • 50% banner type creative

    • 30% email sponsorship, direct email

    • 20% site content sponsorship/partnership

  • Allocated budget of $250-500,000

  • Flight length of 4-6 months

Online program strategies
Online Program Strategies Software

  • Optimize buy as it progresses

    • Closely monitor site performance and change accordingly

  • Effective tracking

    • Third party ad serving is recommended

    • Pixel dot cookie tracking

Target online site rankings personnel hr training dept
Target Online Site Rankings: Personnel/HR/ Training (Dept.) Software

  • Un-Measured Sites

  • SHRM

  • Workindex.com

  • Workforce.com

Recommended online program
Recommended Online Program Software

  • Recommended Sites (Potential)

  • CFO

  • 24/7 email

  • Postmaster Direct

  • SHRM

  • Workindex.com

  • Workforce.com

  • Individual.com

  • BusinessInsurance.com

  • BenefitsLink.com

Full plan to follow upon budget approval

Increased budget scenario 4 5m
Increased Budget Scenario: $4.5M Software

  • Increase print budget allocation

    • Launch campaign with spreads (all options)

    • Increase reach to a broader business and HR audience

      • Add additional business books (Business Week, Forbes, Fortune)

      • Add Time demographic and geographic editions (some tests)

  • Add national radio

    • National networks

      • ESPN Radio, Dow Jones Money Report, Wall Street Journal Report, CBS News Network, CBS Marketwatch

Increased budget scenario 4 5m1

Mobile billboards Software

Show site billboards

Airport dioramas


Windshield litter


Trade show programs

Pre-trade show issues

NPR radio in trade show market

Local newspaper/business publication placements

Hotel distributions/in-room programs

Physical banners

Sandwich boards

Increased Budget Scenario: $4.5M

  • Identify key industry trade shows

  • Create promotional programs to build awareness of Employease’s presence at the show

    • Both pre and at-show programs:

Next steps
Next Steps Software

  • Reach consensus on recommended schedule

    • Discuss client preferences

  • Provide editorial calendars for recommended issues

  • Provide Schedule Approval Forms

  • Provide Merchandising Schedule

  • Deliver quarterly Positioning Report

Tfa lbtg and employease a winning relationship

TFA/LBTG and Employease: Software A Winning Relationship

Your approval

Your Approval: Software

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Virginia Bart Date


Appendix Software

Pub duplication
Pub Duplication Software