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Funtastic Template review -(MEGA) $23,500 bonus of Funtastic Template - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Funtastic Template – Create an Explainer Video Easily without Any Softwares butPowerPoint

  • Funtastic Template is explainer video template using powerpoint very powerfull, editable, easy customizing, very light not like other video editor program that need huge computerspecification.

  • Funtastic Template Overview

  • Homepage: Funtastic Template OfficialSite

  • Product Name: FuntasticTemplate

  • Type of Product: GraphicMaterials

  • Authors: Maftuch JunaidyMhirda

  • Target niche: Video Marketing, Explainer Video TemplateUsing

  • Powerpoint Very Powerfull, Editable, Easy Customizing, Very Light Not Like Other Video Editor Program That Need Huge Computer Specification.

  • Official Price:$24

  • Special Offer: 25%-Discount Here! (It’s limitedonly!)

  • Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below:

    • GIANT Bonuses Pack1

    • SPECIAL Bonuses Pack2

    • ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack3

    • HUGE Bonuses Pack4

    • MEGA Bonuses Pack5

  • What is FuntasticTemplate?

  • Professional presentation will help you gain your credibility and help you close more deals with yourprospects.

  • A business coach toldme…

  • No matter how good your product or service, it will turn to nothing if you can’t present it properly. And now I think he’sright!

  • I’m sure you too don’t want all your hard work for the product and service worth nothing to your client because your presentations lookpoor!

  • But don’t worry, my friend Mhirda has dicovered a solution to thisproblem.

  • Introducing: FuntasticTemplate

  • Funtastic Template is explainer video template using powerpoint very powerfull, editable, easy customizing, very light not like other video editor program that need huge computerspecification.

  • There are 10 design with different nyche based on the riset another 15 design in the upsell based on the riset what people need tons of other additional product and bonusses to support the mainproduct.

  • 20 engaging Cover product to put on your sales page or on your marketing media, easy to use, editable using onlypowerpoint.

  • 15 Module of attractive character to make your promotion more attractive and represent yourbrand.

  • 10 Funtastic vector Background various to complement your collection, ready in png andAI.

How Does Funtastic TemplateWork?

What Will You Get With FuntasticTemplate?

10 Funtastic Explainer VideoTemplates

10 Funtastic TalkingPerson

20 Funtastic CoverTemplate

14 Module FuntasticCharacter

14 FuntasticBackground

  • Special Features of FuntasticTemplate:

  • Huge Animated and Marketing Graphic Templates done inPowerpoint!

  • Talking character done inpowerpoint!

  • Huge collection 3D Cover product done inpowerpoint!

  • No Design Skill Needed - as easy as point andclick!

  • High Quality character collection ready touse!

  • Step by Step Video TutorialIncluded!

  • How itworks:

  • Step 1: Open the Template You Desire, You only need to edit a PowerpointPresentation

  • Step 2: Edit based on what you need Replace or Edit picture corresponding to your needs. Guaranteed very easy to edit just click andreplace.

  • Step 3: Share it with the world, See the difference using Funtastic Templates, Become more professional andconfident

  • Why should you Get Funtastic TemplateNow?

  • Did you know that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video and over 90% of ads on the Internet contained some form of design orgraphics?

  • That's real proof that your online marketing activity is represented by videos and graphicsdesign.

  • No matter what kind of online business or what product you're promoting, if you're not using pro videos and graphics, you're probably losing up to 85% of your potential income!

  • Attracting your customers is not that easy, most users won't watch the video until the end if we don't have attractive video opening. By making an attractive and unique video, we can get more chances to make the viewers watch until the end of our promotional video.

  • BUT THE PROBLEM is, Creating a video explainer to most people is not as easy as we imagine.

  • "It requires a lot of time to even think about the storyline, while you also have to think about the design and stuff. You certainly won't have enough time to make themquick."

  • "You need complicated and hard to use video editing software to make animated marketing videos that actually convert viewers intosales..."

  • However, Funtastic Template is created to help you solve thisproblem.

  • With Funtastic Template, you can easily create your own animated powerpoint and video animation in just 10 minutes, using nothing butpowerpoint!

How cool isthat!


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So You can Sell it and generate 100% profit for yourown.

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